Designing your new basement presents plenty of opportunities for expanding storage. From specially designed closets to built-in shelving and off-season storage, your basement remodeling project can improve your living space and bring order to chaos.

However, before installing shelves in your basement, there are a few things you should first consider, such as storage design, moisture, and security. Careful planning allows you to effectively manage unsightly clutter and realize the most significant value for your renovation dollar. Here, we listed some basement storage ideas that can be useful in your basement remodeling project.

Best Basement Storage Ideas in 2021

Basement Storage Idea - Baskets


Baskets are now becoming popular storage solutions due to their relatively lower price and greater flexibility. You can use lidded baskets to store miscellaneous items that can make your basement look untidy. Some of the things you can keep inside baskets include books, blankets, games, toys, and many more. Basement baskets can also function as designs if you used a combination of baskets with pleasing designs. 

Basement Storage Idea - Basement Bar

Basement Bar

A basement bar will not only play host to countless social gatherings but will all also provide you with plenty of storage due to its built-in storage units. Basement bars also usually come with a small fridge and cupboards where you can store liquor and other drinking items.

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Basement Storage Idea - Bookself


If you have a good amount of book collection, setting up bookshelves in your home is the most practical thing to do. Books can become mountains of clutter and take a lot of space, which may not be ideal for basements that already have limited space. Bookshelves solve this problem. Bookshelves also function not just as storage but also acts as display space for your basement’s accessories. However, if you want more discreet storage for your books, you can hang a curtain over shelves to keep the storage areas hidden. 

Basement Storage Ideas - Cabinets


Cabinets are pieces of furniture or built-in fixtures that are not at full height. Built-in cabinetry has now become the benchmark for a basement storage solution because of the ample storage it offers. Moreover, cabinets have proven themselves to be the most versatile and functional storage for your basement. Thoughtful cabinetry will help you define zones in your basement, which is crucial in helping your crawlspace look organized. Built-in cabinets can store a lot of stuff and add aesthetic value to your room. Cabinet systems on wheels can facilitate the easy movement of things if you want to rearrange your basement. You can use larger cabinets to store large items such as lawn equipment.  Wall-mounted cabinets can store items that you will not need for a while, such as surplus goods or bulky recreational gear. 

Basement Storage Ideas - Closets


A closet is a full-height storage space that you can use as extra storage space in your basement. Whether your basement includes a bedroom, bathroom, or just a huge rec room, you can incorporate closets for efficient storage. Closets hold everything from clothing to toys, linens, and storage chests. Neater than open shelving, closets also allow for greater security with door locks.

Basement Storage Ideas - Pegboard Tools

Pegboards for Tools

Pegboard for tools is a valuable storage space in your basement. The grid of predrilled holes on a pegboard also allows it to hold several hooks where you can hang metal tools, gardening tools, crafts, and other items used frequently. A pegboard tool storage will also keep harmful things away from children’s reach. 

Basement Storage Ideas - Racks


Racks come as a framework with bars used as a corner shelving unit. Racks are known for saving a lot of space in your basement without compromising their ability to store a good number of items. They are also pretty convenient to use and significantly improve the accessibility of the things you often need. 

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Mistakes to avoid when organizing your basement’s space

Making buying bins or other storage items the top priority

Once you start organizing your basement’s area, it is always tempting to head to the nearest local store to purchase plastic storage bins, heavy-duty storage containers, or a dedicated storage closet. However, this often results in having a lot of storage pieces you will not need.

It is crucial to survey all the items in your basement first, discard unnecessary pieces, and sort the remaining ones into clusters. Once you are done with these processes, you can begin planning and buying proper storage bins and other storage items for your basement’s needs.

Keeping a lot of things

Homeowners often think that their basement can hold all the items they throw in there and still expect an organized space. However, the term storage does now mean that way. The first step to keeping your basement from being a catch-all space is only to store functional and valuable items.

Storing items randomly

Haphazardly throwing stuff in your basement will not only make your crawlspace messy but also make it extremely difficult to find the things you need. Going through all the storage items you have is such a laborious and painful task. Therefore, it is crucial to categorize items in your storage spaces accordingly and designate zones for every category. With these, looking for things you need will be much easier.

Ignoring vertical storage

Vertical storage allows you to maximize the limited space in your basement. You can install standard pallets vertically and use them as storage for bulky recreational gears and other large equipment that might no longer fit when you try to squeeze them on the floor.

Not considering moisture

A damp basement can damage organic materials (like books, paper, and certain clothing types) and result in mold. Therefore, any sensitive or susceptible items should be stored in leak-proof bags or plastic totes and not in cardboard boxes. Electronics should also be placed on shelves to avoid damage during minor flooding. To facilitate proper airflow and prevent any musty smell, you should also install windows and fresh air vents in the closets. 

Incorporating your basement storage ideas into your remodeling plans

Finishing the basement expands your living space and also provides more storage. Incorporating your basement storage ideas into your remodeling plans will allow you to have a more organized and pleasing home. With the help of a professional contractor, your basement remodeling project will help improve the value of your home and make day-to-day living more enjoyable. If you are looking for a professional remodeling contractor, you are already in the right place. Paragon Remodeling has provided top-notch basement remodeling services in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland areas for over 15 years. We ensure that our services will make your investment worth it. The projects we work on are not just renovation projects for us. We want to provide you with the comfort, warmth, and safety you deserve.