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What Are We Known For?

From 2006-2018, Paragon Remodeling, Inc. received national recognition as a Top Remodeler by Qualified Remodeler Magazine for their outstanding home remodeling and construction services in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC.

Real Estate Reviews

  • Paragon's premier agent was super knowledgable about the DC metro area and helped me hone in on my dream home in no time. I've already referred them to 3 of my colleagues with great feedback. A+

    Stacey W. Washington DC
  • Listing my home was super streamlined. I was able to get my house in listing condition, find a buyer, and resolve all home inspection issues under one roof.

    Jay V. Fairfax Va

Design Reviews

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Additions Reviews

  • My family and I had the good fortune of spotting Paragon Remodeling in an American Express spot online. The story about the company giving back really helped us decide to just run with them when we needed an addition built on our home. Knowing that the company uses reward points to help others in need, and that our project would contribute to that, made it a simple choice to call Paragon. Ahmed, Steve and his work team didn't hesitate to tackle what I considered a huge addition to an already complicated house. Their open and honest approach was refreshing and we knew and could see exactly where every dollar was going for this remodel. The guidance through a complicated process was honest and very tactfully handled. Their knowledge and expertise made the whole experience seem smooth, and this is without a working kitchen for almost 5 months! Totally worth it though because the final results went above and beyond my expectations. Our new addition blended perfectly and seamlessly into our existing home and after this experience I wouldn't even consider ever working with another company for work on my house.

    Jay L. Burke Virginia
  • We had our home built several years ago so we would have the perfect home to raise our three kids but my husband and I didn't expect a little surprise addition to our family this year. We were already at our limit for space. My husband works from home and we couldn't sacrifice anymore space or pack the kids tighter together than they already were. We knew we needed one more bedroom at the very least for our growing family but we were absolutely against selling and moving because we loved our house. We weren't sure how to go about an addition since our ranch home didn't really seem to allow for any growth like that. My husband called a few contractors to discuss options and they each had some different (and sometimes radical) recommendations. We liked Paragon the most because instead of radically changing the layout of our home they showed as that adding a second floor to our home would give us plenty of space depending on how we designed it. After a LOT of design discussions, Mike from Paragon showed us a design concept that would give us a loft-like upstairs that would be a master bedroom us and work area for my husband. That would leave the downstairs bedrooms for all the kids and it was perfect. Adding a second floor seemed a little drastic at first since we basically had to rip the roof off but it wasn't as drastic as I expected and above everything else it meant we wouldn't have to move and could stay in the neighborhood we've come to really love. Mike was really thorough in explaining the entire process to us, walking through each step of creating the second floor addition and what we could expect, how it would create an interruption in our day to day activities for a little while, etc. We took some time to work out the details and discuss it together and with our kids so everyone was ok with what would happen . We agreed to move forward and called Mike back to move forward and set the date. During the process we stayed local with some family and Mike invited us regularly to come by and see progress or provide updates on the phone. When I came by or when my husband went, the crew and Mike were always very pleasant and never seemed grumpy or stressed. They were always hard at work and always said things like "sir" and "maam" - it was such a great experience. It was weird a little strange seeing our house get bigger but the end result when it was all finally finished. The guys at Paragon covered everything right down to the heating and cooling to make sure the addition was like it had been there from the beginning. It really is seamless now and Im like "how did we not do this when we designed the house?!" Hopefully we don't have any more surprises that make our family grow! Even if we do, I know who to turn to to help us get make room 🙂

    Stina C. Washington DC
  • Paragon Remodeling hit a home run for us with our new home addition. It was a huge pleasure working with Mady and his team. We found our dream home years ago but a growing family pushed us to a point of either moving to a bigger home or remodeling. We spoke with several contractors to get bids but no one seemed to be able to grasp what we really needed. The entire process was turning into a stressful experience and we were close to giving up on finding someone to help us build an addition onto our home. I spoke with a real estate agent and wound up telling her about our issues and why we needed to sell. She could tell we really didn't want to list our home but we didn't have much choice since my wife was in her second trimester with our 3rd child and we had absolutely no more space in our home. She steered us away from listing and referred us to Paragon. She insisted we speak to Mady before we decide to list, and our first meeting with them told us that we found the right folks to help us remodel our home. Each step along the way we were confident in decisions and totally reassured when we got design recommendations from Mady. The design was perfect and he really understood what we wanted to see in our home once the addition was completed. It was obvious to my wife and I that a lot of careful thought and planning went into our design. The execution was even a pleasurable experience with far less disruption in our day to day than we were told to expect. Thanks to Mady we were able to keep our dream home in the school district where we wanted to raise out children. - the same place my wife and I went to school! The addition to our home gave us extra storage, expanded our dining and kitchen area, and added a whole new bedroom on the ground floor. We've heard so many nightmare stories from people trying to remodel older homes to make space but I'm so glad we walked away from selling our home and stuck it out to find the right contractor.

    Peter S. Great Falls VA
  • We live in a pretty tight neighborhood with not a lot of room to grow. We wanted to get more living space out of our home but didn't have many options due to the layout and small lot size. I had no interest in building up so we came at Paragon with a little bit of a challenge. How do you get more space when there's no more space to be gotten? We talked to three different contractors that told us that we really didn't have any options, and two of the three recommended we should sell and relocate if we needed more space. Jake from Paragon Remodeling was the first one to look at our empty garage, the cars in the driveway, and tell us "that's more space right there." We've got a two car attached garage that we pretty much never use other than to store some things, mainly toys, bikes, another fridge and freezer. That's about it. More often than not it's where I stand outside to smoke when it's raining. We never thought renovating it for more living space. Jake stood in the garage with us and talked about some different ideas based on what we wanted more space for, pointing out that it could be a couple small rooms or one larger room, even a big dining area so we could remove the dining room from the kitchen which would open our kitchen up (the entrance to the garage joined the kitchen and dining area). After talking over a few options we went with the one larger room since that could easily be converted to virtually any room as our family grew, and a hobby style room or office once the kids move on. Jake got back to us pretty fast with some plans and told us how it would all go down. He even double checked local ordinances to make sure the garage wasn't required, and that it could be remodeled for living space. With all green lights across the board we went ahead with the project. Some flooring, extra windows, walls, and a little electrical work it didn't take long before we had a really nice extra room that was super spacious. It's a play area right now but we're trying for another bundle of joy so it might just have to turn into our master bedroom soon! Thanks for helping us find the space to grow and add on to our home when no one else could, you guys at Paragon Remodeling are the best.

    Shelly D. Fairfax City VA
  • I ran the project at our house over the last year as I was doing a complete gut job, adding an addition, working from the studs with new elec, plumbing, lighting, bathrooms, and of course the addition that would add a lot more living space to the home. Most of the sub contractors we worked with were pretty good but we consistently had trouble with the carpenter/framer crews. We seriously went through FOUR different crews over the course of all the work - two of which were complete jerks that did terrible work. We needed to button down the framing on the addition before the weather turned and I just didn't have the time to tackle it or screw with any of these crews. Reluctantly I went in search of yet another contractor. After speaking with Steve at Paragon Remodeling I got a good impression from the beginning and that only improved as we went along. Not only did they have someone out the next day to start working the job, but the crew they brought in was probably some of the nicest, hard working guys I've ever met. There's usually at least 1 flake in every crew. Not so with these guys. We have a child that just a few months old and they listened to everything we had demand-wise for dust and cleaning. By the end of the project I was really impressed with how they completed the remaining work in the addition and brought everything together. It took creativity and talent to do what I was looking for and I was genuinely happy that they were able to work so quickly and so well. I work in the financial industry locally and I get a lot of requests for contractor recommendations. I typically tell people no when they ask because I don't want to recommend less than stellar people. From now on I know I provide a solid recommendation for anyone that needs work done on their home. I recommend Paragon Remodeling completely, and I don't make recommendations like this lightly! Thank you for the fantastic work guys.

    Tori E Chantilly VA

Flooring Reviews

  • Paragon Remodeling did an awesome job in beautifying my home. Brandon and the crew installed gunstock oak hardwood floors in my kitchen, foyer and hallway which completely transformed the flooring of my 70 year old home. Not only do my floors look fantastic — but there was NO DUST. I couldn’t believe it! Brandon and his entire crew were punctual, did great work and were very reasonably priced. Brandon also took extra time with me to help me understand how to best protect and take care of the floor over the years to make sure the oak stays healthy and attractive. You just don't find this level of service every day and it was refreshing. Great product, great service, great everything.

    Carl S. Arlington Virginia
  • Getting the flooring done in our home was a big part of our remodel. Although there were many changes involved in turning our a very basic, cheap post-war home into a welcoming and gracious space the flooring was the biggest piece of the puzzle and for us was our favorite part. I found your people a delight to work with in terms of knowledge and customer service. I love the floor and look forward to it growing and aging with us. It is almost TOO scratch resistant but I know once our family has been making rounds, rough housing and basically living on it, it will get character with time. We're thrilled with the results and are so appreciative of everything Paragon Remodeling did.

    Mary W. Leesburg VA
  • I want to express my deepest thanks and appreciation to you all at Paragon Remodeling. I was blown away by everyone’s kindness and hardwork and just the overall level of service we received when we had our carpet redone. The carpet just makes our house!!!!! I will be recommending Paragon Remodeling to anyone and everyone I know that is looking to have their floors redone. Thank you again for your kindness and giving my husband and I such a great deal on replacing all the carpet. Without you all we could not have made our house into a home.

    Jim and Joe T. Washington DC
  • I don’t know why wood floors are a "thing" but we went through home after home buying our first house and all of them had wood floors. I walked away from one after another but when we found the perfect house that had everything we wanted I was so upset over the fact that it had these old, ugly wood floors throughout the entire place and the kitchen had terrible fake vinyl. My wife and I agreed to buy it but only if I could get the wood floors covered immediately with something much better and much more comfortable. We've got two huskies and anyone who owns a husky knows that husky fur runs rampant in a house if you have wood floors and just blows EVERYWHERE. Its like tumbleweeds. Carpet was the obvious choice so we talked to a few contractors. The prices were all over the place and I knew better than to just take the cheapest bid. There were only two contractors that came prepared in my opinion. What I liked about Paragon was that they didn’t just say "ok carpet, done here's your estimate". Adam took the time to make recommendations on different flooring. The estimate they provided was for real tile in the kitchen, nice carpet in each of the rooms, big ceramic tiles in the bathroom and then a nice tile surrounded by river stones for our entry way. It sounded perfect to me and my wife loved the idea of the tiled entry and smooth riverstones. They weren't the cheapest bid but Adam definitely understood us our personal style. The whole install took only a few days and seemed to be done in the blink of an eye. Paragon even helped us coordinate moving our furniture and belongings. When it was finished Adam went over the place room by room with us and was patient while we inspected the carpets and tile. My wife danced in the entry way all over that tile and just fell in love with it. We let the dogs come in with us and they ran all over the place rolling around the carpet and chasing each other in circles. We loved what they did with our flooring and the final result has received the stump of husky approval. From my wife and I, Mishka and Tala, we really appreciate the work you did to help us make our dream home really perfect. Thanks for everything to Adam and his crew at Paragon.

    Dimitri A. Haymarket lol
  • I hate wood floors. I hate hate hate them. It seems every house we looked at when we were thinking about buying hard wood floors, and I really don't understand why people love them so much. We needed carpet for the house we bought and I just had one bad experience after another trying to work with the local hardware stores to pick carpet and see about having them install it. I finally gave up and just talked to a few different companies to get estimates. Brian from Paragon Remodeling was the first to come out the very same day and talk to me about carpet options. He did a measurement room by room and talked to us about some different pricing possibilities based on the top of carpet we had in mind. He spent a good while talking to my wife and I about each type of carpet. It felt like he understood us and seemed to get our sense of style and the type of carpet we would likely enjoy the most. That sold us and we called the other companies to cancel the estimate appointments. I signed on the dotted line to get them out. We called a moving company the next day to get all our furniture and goods into storage, we took a little vacation and left Brian to do his thing. I called a couple times to check on the progress and asked him if he wouldn't mind sending me some pictures so I could see how it was going. Brian took a couple shots on his camera phone and texted them to me right away and I was shocked at how quickly they were getting everything. When we got back from our trip Brian came out that afternoon to walk the house with us. We pointed out a couple small things and nitpicked a little but Brian was patient and made notes, the biggest issue being that one of the corners felt a little loose. He got his tools and fixed it right there on the spot so we didn't even have to wait for another appointment. Very professional, very responsive. Overall we couldn't be happier with the carpet in our home. Most importantly NO MORE WOOD! Thanks so much to Brian and his crew for the beautiful new carpet and for taking care of our home while we were gone.

    Jay Stanley Fairfax Virginia
  • We had a pretty simple project and needed some flooring done. We have a set of stairs and part of the basement that we wanted to change over from carpet to a hard wood but we were pretty stuck on the materials. We had already done the kitchen floor by ourselves and my back was pretty much completely against doing any more flooring. I called Paragon Remodeling and Steve came out the same day to look at our home and get me a quote. He pointed out all the gotchas that the team would run into while working on the flooring and talked to me a bit about materials and such. We weren't looking for anything flashy. I was just more concerned with durability and he knew exactly which products would be perfect for us. Added bonus to the whole process was that his price estimate was significantly less than another company I talked to. When we shook on it and moved forward the job went pretty much smoothly. It took a little longer than we expected in the estimate because the materials we wanted ended up on a backorder. Steve let us know that it happens sometimes and sometimes the wait isn't as long as we're given. He was totally right. We were able to get the stock well before the original backorder and there were no other headaches or issues. The work was done during the day, so we weren't home but I had a builder friend of mine stop in a couple times just for the sake of my sanity. He told me the guys were awesome and friendly to him and were working their butts off. They even did a good job transitioning in the old hardwood into the new stuff we chose. My only complaint at this point is now I have a lot of trim work and painting left to be done because I don't have any more budget for it. They couldn't get the extra work into my budget so I'm left doing that by hand but I wasn't going to try to negotiate them down considering the quality of work they do. A+ contractor in my book.

    Walter L. Fairfax VA

Painting Reviews

  • After trying to save a buck hiring a cheap guy off his truck went south, I called some professional to clean up and finish strong. To be honest, their pricing was in line with the other guy. Not all painters are created equal. I really appreciate the attention to detail Paragon gave to make my place look and feel new.

  • Steve and the rest of the paragon crew painted my entire home. The process was smooth, work zone was clean, and they even kept in mind the fact that I work from home (and accommodated accordingly). Now my wife and I are tempted to do a new deck and patio with them.


Basements Reviews

  • Simply put, our basement was something out of a nightmare because it's long and pretty narrow. We called some contractors to help us do something with the space and Mike from Paragon Remodeling pretty much nailed it from go. Mike's design capability is outmatched only by his dedication to making sure the finished product is what was envisioned - with him it's usually better. This was the biggest undertaking for us in terms of remodeling so we were nervous. His communication skill in letting you know where the project stands is outstanding. If he says he will be at your site at 8:00, he will be there or he will call and make you aware of a schedule change. He cleans up after himself as well, and from my standpoint that is HUGE. I cannot recommend him and his team highly enough.

    Mary B. Clifton VA
  • We got kind of a bum ride when we bought our house because it turned out the area where they built the new subdivision was a fairly wet area. Since moving in a few years ago we had our basement flood 3 times. The first two times weren't much and we were able to dry it out without it damaged the finished walls and floor down there but the last flood was bad enough that we had to gut everything because of water damage. I absolutely didn't want an empty basement but my wife refused to put any money into refinishing the basement if it was going to keep flooding. I called Paragon to find out the cost of refinishing the downstairs and to see what we could do about preventing the flooding from damaging it again. Brian came out and talked to me and I showed him where you could see water stains and where the water comes up when it floods. We had already gutted the basement on our own and it was a pretty bleak space. My biggest concern was stopping the flooding but I wasn’t sure how to do that because it happens to everyone in our subdivision. Brian talked about a few different options but we settled on a drain stop system that allows water to drain down but if water comes up from the drain then it lifts a seal that keeps the water from backing up into the basement. That sounded perfect to me and he assured us that they could take care of that while finishing the basement. I liked the design we had before and didn't really want to change it and after telling him how we had it laid out he assured me that Paragon could do the same thing for us. He recommended some other improvements which was nice but I didn't want to change what we had. He didn't push me and I respected that. I also respected that he took the time to explain it all to my wife so she understood that the flooding shouldn't be a problem anymore. We decided to move forward and that's when the wow factor came in for me. Brian stuck with our original design but recommended some materials that were in our budget but would make it even better than we had it before. We were able to get nicer carpet and much better lighting than we had which really made the space feel nice and comfortable. We've had a couple big rains this season that would have flooded us out before but since we had it all done our basement has stayed bone dry. I gave Brian's number to everyone we know in the neighborhood, so you should be hearing for our friends soon! I have a dry house now and got my basement back thanks to you guys.

    Steve P. South Riding VA
  • Had a half finished basement that I never got around to taking care of and was really tired of the unfinished look. I called Paragon to finish the job which included putting the bathroom in (plumbing, electrical, and all that) and building out the utility room so laundry could be folded and sorted down there as opposed to everything just sitting in hampers. Price was good, work was done well and was pretty seamless from where I had left off. They did a great job, would hire them again for other projects down the road.

    Rich L. Oakton VA
  • I have had wiring issues in my basement for a couple months now and hated the placement of our switches. Also didn't seem to have enough outlets down there but everything was finished and I'm not one for tools or any kind of handy work. I called back the company that had finished the basement for us but they gave me attitude about coming out to do more work like I was inconveniencing them or was asking for something for free. I was willing to pay but they clearly didn't want my money so I found Paragon Remodeling online and gave them a call. Joe walked the basement with me and I pointed out the issues I had. He said it wouldn't be a problem to make the modifications. I figured it would be a lot more labor intensive but he told me that they wouldn't have to do any serious tear outs - a lot of it was a matter of running some more electrical and anything they did pull out could be easily replaced and we wouldn't even notice. He was right. The wall sections they worked on were pretty much seamless. I got more outlets, they fixed up the light switches and the flow of everything down there just makes a lot more sense. At least I don't have to shuffle furniture around anymore in order to get to an outlet, vacuum, etc. Great experience. This is why I go with professionals because it's amazing work that I just could not tackle on my own.

    Brian C Clarke Sterling VA
  • This one is a little dated, it's been a long time coming and I've been meaning to write this up for like a year now. Mike did nothing short of an amazing job doing a full basement remodel in our home. We had a crazy and funky compilation of DIY stuff going on downstairs. IT was just this hodge pdge mess that had been built over the years. My family has owned this house for a long time and it's gone through some transformation as it was passed to my parents and then to me. In addition to the full gutting of the basement to get rid of the maze of terribly built rooms they reinforced the walls and fixed a lot of the small cracks that were starting to form. It was such a choppy mess but while we had it gutted they worked with me to go in and run new cable and speaker wire along the ceiling to connect across the rooms both downstairs and up, along with Ethernet cable to wire the entire house upstairs and down. I did a lot of that work with some help and tools the guys had. They were really cool to let me in and let me work on it with them (without charging me extra!). I actually based my finished basement design on one of the basements they had in their portfolio so of course I wasn't shocked when it came out perfect. I was certainly impressed with how it looked in person vs the photo. It felt like a completely different space, like I wasn't even in my home anymore. Their skill and the things they did with the trim down in the basement were just amazing. All I can say at this point is that I'm sorry it took so long to get this review written but if anyone is thinking about getting work done on their home then they need to call Paragon. My apologies again to the crew and to Mike because they deserved this great review from me a long time ago.

    Marcus G. Warrenton

Bathrooms Reviews

  • We had a wonderful experience with Paragon Remodeling. From the beginning of the job clear through to the end, each of the crew members involved was great. The crew was on time each day, very friendly, kept things clean and organized. The job itself was completed without any interruption to our daily routine. We looked forward to the end of each work day to see our vision come to be. Overall it was a great experience. The one thing that impressed me the most was when Matt contacted us to come see the finished projects and thank us in person. It did take a little longer than we expected due to a delay on some materials being available as well as incorrect cuts on some of the tile that had to be redone but we understand that mistakes happen. A short delay and some easy fixes certainly didn't take away from the experience. Great job Paragon Remodeling.

    Diane D. Alexandria Virginia
  • Reaffirmed my faith that some contractors really can live up to their promises. From the beginning meeting with Adam to the final walk through once all of the work was completed, you are the ultimate professional in the construction business. We appreciate your thoroughness and it was a true pleasure to work with your company. We couldn't be more satisfied with the new bathrooms both upstairs and downstairs. I never thought a simple half bath could be so comfortable and attractive, it's the perfect powder room for my wife and her friends and she's just giddy about it. Thanks again.

    Mike and Jan M. Manassas VA
  • I have 6 daughters that go from the age of 7 to 22, and then there's also my wife. You can imagine I get absolutely zero time in the one bathroom we had. If I did manage to get in there I pretty much didn’t have enough hot water to %$#, shower and shave the way I like to. God forbid I go first and take too long, so another bathroom was a must and probably something I should have done years ago. We didn't have a lot of space to work with so I was worried we wouldn't be able to manage another bathroom anywhere but in the basement - which was already finished and not really any room down there to add it and I didn’t want to have to shower down there anyhow. When I met with Jake from Paragon Remodeling he instantly knew my pain because he had kids as well and before he had remodeled his home for the same thing he was forced to do his bathroom duties at night). I took a solid liking to him and let him look through our place to see where they could help. We had a big master bedroom and he showed us how we could remodel the space to give us a separate small bathroom of the bedroom that would be kind of like a half bath space, and told me we should probably upgrade our water heater when we're doing the plumbing to make sure everyone had enough hot water since that was a problem. We went ahead and moved things around so they could work and it didn't take long at all for them to add the bathroom space. The plumbing was probably the biggest headache since my basement was finished but they made it work without having to do a bunch of tearing out of stuff down there. The finished bathroom wasn't big but it was comfortable with a nice pedestal sink, toilet and stand up shower with good ceramic tile and glass doors. It was just enough space for me and my wife to take care of our toilet and shower needs and that was perfect. They even helped us choose a new hot water system and we got rid of the tank system to put one of those heating systems that just heats the water in the pipes as it goes. No more running out of hot water, ever. After they were finished and shook hands with Jake I took the longest hot shower I've taken in years and no one bothered me the entire time. I've done a lot in my life but that was probably one of the most satisfying things ever. No Im not outnumbered like the Spartans trying to take over my bathroom and I can do what I need to do in peace. Cant thank Paragon enough for helping us find a solution and save my sanity.

    Larry S. Haymarket VA
  • My husband and I bought our first house in January of this year at a foreclosure auction. The house turned out to be beautiful but the previous owners completed trashed the finished basement and stripped out all the plumbing! I was so heartbroken when we saw the torn up walls. They ripped up the doorjams, slashed the carpet and completely destroyed the wet bar. They even shattered the glass that was on the cabinets and the smoked glass blocks. My brother in law used Paragon Remodeling to redo his bathroom last year and highly recommended them so we gave them a call. I think the gentleman that came out to do the estimate was more shocked than we were at the condition! We had a good budget for the basement since we saved on the auction, and they did some amazing work transforming the mess into an amazing space. My husband wanted his a "man cave space" that would be separate from our kids activities and family area. We got so much more than we expected. Paragon remodeling completely transformed our basement, providing us with a finished space that had a family room and game center, a finished laundry and utility area (with gorgeous tile!), an exercise space for my yoga and a little craft and play area just for my girls. Mady’s team rebuilt the bar area for my husbands mancave area and you would never know what kind of destruction happened. He even coordinated the contract work to replace all the missing copper pipe that was stripped from the basement. I just can't say enough how happy we are with the finished basement. Paragon Remodeling really delivered for us and we've already made plans for next summer to have them come back and replace our windows.

    Laura D. Vienna Virginia
  • There's nothing quite like tackling a DIY bathroom remodel project on your own only to realize that you went about everything completely wrong. We have a home that's about 40 years old, and we purchased it about 10 years after it was built so we're the second owners. Over the years the wall board around the tub and shower soaked up water to the point that it was rotting out. I decided to handle this on my own and thought that putting up a large tub and shower enclosure over the rotting wall would be sufficient. Nope. It didn't take long for things to separate and for the rot to spread, as well as leave a constant odor in the bathroom. I had no choice but to have it done right just a few months after I had done my DIY fix so I talked to a few different contracts. Most of the guys were alright and the prices weren't bad but I just didn't have the right feeling about any of them. When I met with Jake from Paragon Remodeling we spent a lot time in the bathroom going over what I had done and listening to his recommendations. What sold me was how personable Jake was. He told me about some of his DIY projects that went awry when he tried to do things outside of his personal area of expertise. Sharing faults like that made me respect him a bit more so I went ahead with having Paragon do the bathroom fix. My wife had some ideas about other things she wanted in the bathroom including a nicer vanity and more storage space for us. We have a decent master bathroom but shy on storage so Jake came up with a couple different ideas that we really liked. We decided that if we're gonna do this we might as well do it all right the first time. The crew was great and worked quickly to tear out my old work and get the new bathroom finished up. It felt like it was just a couple days and we were back to living like normal. In the end we had a new toilet with efficient flushing, a bigger tub and shower with gorgeous tile (no more rot!), new tile floors and of course my wife was happy with all the extra storage including the new pantry they added right in the bathroom for keeping towels and toilet paper handy. A1 stuff, very happy with the end result and would recommend them for similar jobs.

    Robert T Lake Ridge VA
  • We have just completed a lengthy remodel with Ahmed and the guys at Paragon Remodeling and without a doubt we are going to use them for anything that comes up in the future. We've put a lot of work into our house over the years and have worked with a number of contractors. From those previous jobs we have found that honesty and communication are probably the two biggest items. This is our home and our investment so we doing what you say you're going to do when you say you're going to do it is huge with us. Ahmed and his team went above and beyond ensuring that we were informed along the way and that we understood where the project was heading. That was important to us because not only were we renovating the existing bathroom were also adding in another bathroom. It was a couple of long, dusty months but from day 1 it was obvious that these guys cared about us, our home and the project. They were very respectful and cleaned up after themselves all day, every day. We've had people tell us that it's a nightmare living in a home while renovations are being done and we've experienced a little of that with previous renovation projects but not this time. Not only was the work really quality, but the price was honest and for considering the level of attention and detail that went into everything. There was no sneaking, or surprising going on with our bathroom work. No additional costs. We had a budget and they stuck to it. Next up on our list, and the last major item we're planning, is a kitchen remodel. I guarantee Ahmed and his guys at Paragon Remodeling already have our business for that project. This was just an absolute pleasure and I'm kind of gonna miss having the guys around the place. No regrets. Looking forward to future renovations!

    Jenny G. Merrifield Virginia

Kitchens Reviews

  • I continue to be in awe every time I walk into my kitchen by the beauty and elegance of my home. It really shows the quality and level of craftsmanship that Paragon Remodeling puts into their projects. Darren, the lead carpenter brought to this project his skill, experience, design sense, insight (he seemed to share my dream), and professionalism. There's so much more that needs to be done in my home but we started with the kitchen and I can tell I'll be working with them again to restore this old home to its original grandeur. A job well done to say the least with a beautiful new, yet traditionally designed kitchen to honor this old Victorian home.

    Bill B. Woodbridge VA
  • Just a short note to thank you for the terrific job you did on our kitchen / family room remodeling. The quality of your workmanship was excellent, and we wound up with a much more attractive space. Even though it ended up being a bigger job than I had anticipated, the end result was worth the added expense. The two rooms work so well together now and the awkward layout has been corrected to just make everything much more open and comfortable. You have our deepest thanks for doing this right the first time around without any problems or hiccups. You've got a very happy customer here and we will be calling back when we have more opportunities to update our home.

    C. Haven McLean Virginia
  • My husband and I want to thank you for the fabulous kitchen renovation. It's such a joy to live and cook in! We know that without your planning and vision, the whole project would never have happened. We appreciated the competent attention to the whole process and we are just so very grateful for the reassuring presence of Steve when we were feeling doubtful. It all took a little longer than we expected and a couple issues with materials were enough to make us really start to worry but Steve explained everything very well and was consistently reassuring us that he would have everything handled and we would be satisfied when the project was completed. He was right! We couldn't be happier and our new kitchen is just amazing. Thank you so much!

    Jean G. Springfield VA
  • Adam at Paragon Remodeling has remodeled our kitchen of our house. We chose them because they are a "one stop shop". They handled the design and everything else that went unto transforming our old kitchen into something wonderful. The designs do speak for themselves. They were designed to our liking and have made our living space more usable than it ever was before. With our kitchen designs we ran into some issues that we did not anticipate, but we were not surprised since the house is older and previous remodels were not done to code. The guys worked to make sure everything got up to code. One of the most annoying issues that came up was the island in our kitchen that we wanted remodeled. The original electrical pipe wasn't the right size so we couldn't pull the old wires through along with the new wires. They had to install a new pipe but that was a quick fix to get the rest of the kitchen done. One other minor issue that came up was with the vent that was installed in the kitchen. There was a mechanical issue with it that wound up being a defective part. Adam got back to us immediately and promptly fixed the issue, replacing the vent for us at no additional charge. We were so happy with the finished kitchen because it was great looking, we had more storage and a lot more natural light. Our old kitchen also had a strange design that made you move all over the place while cooking. Adam helped us come up with a few new designs and presented his recommendation to improve the flow in and through the kitchen. That meant completely moving our sink and stove so that was a bit of an adjustment after living a certain way for years but once we got used to it and stopped spinning place trying to remember where our silverwear was we were so happy! Almost everything is within reach now and we don't have to ziggy zag all over the kitchen trying to make dinner. We really do spend a lot of time in here because our family loves to cook, so Adam transformed our island into a little bar area where we can be more comfortable and that was just perfect. Now I visit with my grandbabies and we gather around the island on their little stools while we bake and they are not underfoot anymore and that is just perfect for us. I even have this nice new custom spice storage pantry so I don't have to go dig through my cupboards anymore. Its all just so wonderful I never would have dreamed.

    Susan T. Bristow Virginia

Roofing Reviews

  • I have a couple rental properties and have used Paragon before when I purchase a new home to get it up to par before I go and rent it out. They came recommended to me from a property management company I work with and I'm always up for good referrals. They always did good work on my other homes so when I found a problem with the roof on one of my older rentals that had sat empty for a while I knew I had to call them. When Mark came out to inspect the roof and the spots on the ceiling, he got into the attic and clearly wasn't afraid to get dirty. When he went over everything it turned out some raccoons had gotten into the attic space and had been living up there. Not only had they managed to tear up the aging roof in order to get in, but they were bedding down among the insulation. We had all manner of trash dragged up there and of course they were urinating and defecating in the attic. It wasn't just water spots, but urine that had seeped through to the ceiling and was staining everything. The downside of it was the roof job turned into having to tear out the ceiling, replacing a lot of insulation and then fixing the roof on top of that. Mark gave me a great estimate that included everything and as always he detailed exactly what they would do and the timeframe to get it all done. I needed it done quickly because I had a showing for the house coming up in order to rent it out. Mark assured me he could get it done on time and his crew scheduled me in to get to work. What I appreciated most about Mark's thuroughness was that he recommended a couple updates that would improve the overall energy efficiency of the home including new foil insulation in the attic. I went ahead with it because I knew saving my tenants money on utilities would be a great selling point. The place kind of looked like a warzone when they got into tearing everything out but new roofing material, new insulation and fresh paint throughout gave me a feeling of confidence that I had made a good investment in buying the house and that I was making another good investment working with Paragon yet again. As always Mark finished up on time and took me around on a final walkthrough, also providing me with pictures up in the attic to show me everything that he had done, complete with the before and after for my insurance records. I couldn't be happier with the work they did and I regularly refer these guys to associates of mine in the area who invest in real estate. They do solid work, they're reliable, the price is always right and I've never had an issue with any of the work they've done for me in the past. Tenants are always happy. Kudos to you guys for everything you do, you keep me in business!

    Charlie D. Prince William County
  • I wasn't at all thrilled about finding out that I had to completely replace the roof on a foreclosure I purchased last month. I hadn't expected the expense and was looking for someone that could do the job at an affordable price. Price shopping isn't the best way to do remodel work but it couldn't be helped in this situation because I had a lot of other fixes before the place could even be livable for my family. I got 3 different estimates including one from Paragon. After meeting with all the contractors and thinking on it for days I wound up choosing Paragon for a couple reasons. First off, let me say that they didn't have the lowest price. I almost passed on them because the other contractors came in lower but the first reason I decided they were my top pick was when I checked some references and looked into other people that had work done. I was impressed and past customers spoke pretty highly of them. I saw a few of their roofing jobs around town and they were clean. Good work. The other thing was how much attention the guy, Mike, took when he came out to look at the home and inspect the roof. The other guys eyeballed it from the outside and stuck their head up into the attic and gave me an estimate. Mike though got up on the roof, walked around and looked at every angle. He also spent a good amount of time going over the attic space from end to end, stuck a ladder up on the side of the house to inspect everything. Way more time spent than anyone else. That pretty much told me his estimate was higher because he actually saw what was really needed. A lot of his recommendations were in line with the problems the inspector originally found as well after we bought the place at auction. It was hard to pay the extra money but I knew the guys at Paragon Remodeling were honest, and if they put as much work into replacing the roof as they did inspecting everything then it would be money well spent. The roof went in quick and they were done in just a few days. It was beautifully done, great work, great effort, and clearly skilled guys that know what they're doing. I wish I had more money to spend on the rest of the updates because I would call Mike and his guys back to help with some other projects.

    Mike Kline Oak Hill Virginia

Siding Trim Reviews

  • We couldn't be happier with the quality of our siding and the service we received from the guys at Paragon Remodeling. We did a lot of research before we decided on vinyl siding for our home and we are so glad we chose it after speaking with Steve from Paragon Remodeling. Now that everything is finished we have received numerous compliments on how good the siding and our home looks and have referred several people to Paragon Remodeling as well. They're one of those rare first rate company that are hard to come by.

    Amy F. Reston VA
  • Finally a company I actually want to brag about. These guys know how to take care of customers. I've been in contact with 6 different contractors to get the siding done on my home but everyone seemed to not want to touch it because it’s a modular. Paragon Remodeling was the first contractor to just treat my and my home like I was any other customer. The price was great, they had the work done quickly and the home looks like new from the curb again. This is hands down one of the best experiences I've ever had working with a contractor and I put my money on recommended them to anyone.

    B. Fizmenski Falls Church VA
  • My neice and I live in the city and we needed to have some siding done, originally we wanted to get a lot of brick work done on the home to replace the aging bricks but the more we thought about it and looked at the home we realized that it would probably take a lot more to update the look of the home on the outside. A lot of the other homes on my block were designed the same way and had exterior brick but had updated to siding over the years so it seemed like eventually we would be the only place on the block that wouldn't match. My girlfriend across the street told us that when she got siding installed a few years ago it was so much easier to maintain. With my age and my neice working all the time it was getting harder to keep up on the house so that made sense to me. We talked to three contractors and all of them were nice but when we talked with Jim at Paragon we realized that they were the smarter choice. Not only had they already worked on a few of the homes in our area but he was really courteous when he spoke to me and my niece. He seemed to really understand the products he presented and I really liked his approach to selling it to us. He didn't use big words or talk circles around me with their lingo. He made it so I could understand everything we were getting. We walked around the home and he showed me how they would upgrade the house to siding and would also do our detached garage so that it all matched. My biggest concern was with the siding being damaged with storms or the guys from the landscaping company working up against the home. He talked me through my concerns and product warranties and such so we were really satisfied and felt like it was the smart choice to make to go ahead and do it. He gave us a lot of information and explained the whole process very well and we had the entire houses sided and even had a new door put in. The work took less than three days and we were just thrilled with that, and the house looks so pretty and new now. If anyone needs siding work done on their home then Paragon Remodeling is the place to go.

    Daniel R. Sterling Virginia

Replacement Windows Reviews

  • I just wanted you know how impressed I am with the crew's hard work and attention to detail while they were installing my new windows. They obviously take a lot of pride in their job and have gone above and beyond my expectations in making sure I am happy with the final product from room to room. They are excellent installers and seem to represent Paragon Remodeling well -- in communication skills, work ethic, and professionalism. Thank you for the excellent service and for helping me select the perfect windows for my home, the new windows look beautiful.

    Jason F. Bethesda MD
  • I have absolutely hated the windows in my house for my entire adult life. I've lived in the same home I grew up in and when I inherited the house after the passing of my parents one of the first things I wanted to do was fix the lighting problem. The windows were small and just didn't seem well placed because we had really poor natural light in all the room save for one bedroom. The bathroom didn't even have a window in it! There always seemed to be a musty smell like the ventilation sucked and the lack of light not only cost more to keep the house lit comfortably but it made everything feel cramped. My cousin recommended Paragon so I met with them to discuss my issues. Mike came out to the house and had his hand to his forehead as he walked around. I'm llike "I know right!?". He agreed that we needed way more windows but he let me know that remodeling for bigger windows and changing the placement of windows wasn't a small task. I expected a high price tag but asked him to provide us with his recommendation and estimate since he came highly recommended from my cousin I trusted them. When Mike came back later with the estimate he walked through eveyr aspect of it with me, from room to room, and showed how they planned to change the window placement and increase the size of some of the windows. I really liked the ideas, especially removing the backdoor in the kitchen/dining area that opened inward and replacing it with this beautiful exterior glass wall and sliding door. And even a window in the bathroom! He also addressed the ventilation issue and showed me how the older windows were leaking and trapping moisture. What really surprised me was that the estimate wasn't even as high as I was expecting, so I was all for getting the issue fixed quickly. I wound up staying elsewhere during the process because they had to make a lot of changes to the walls and structure of the home but I stopped by every day after work and sometimes on lunch to check up. It didn't matter when I came by, Mike and his guys were on the ball working like crazy. It didn't take long to get the whole thing finished and the windows mike selected to match the architecture of the home were really gorgeous. Before you felt like you were in a basement inside the house with how dark it was, even during the day. We walked in to tour it after it was done and it was SO BRIGHT in the house. The smell was gone, every room was bright and the bathroom was just way more comfortable and open. You don't need all the lights on during the day anymore which is really going to cut our energy costs and I owe it all to the guys at Paragon. Fast work, really professional and super detail oriented. Its like a new house inside - thank you so much.

    Andrew F. Herndon Virginia
  • I rarely take the time to write recommendations, but I was so impressed with the level of service and how Mady from Paragon helped me I felt it was necessary. I highly recommend Paragon Remodeling for anyone in need of new windows for their home. I know absolutely nothing about windows so I had no idea what to choose. Mady was very helpful and took time to go over all the options. In fact everyone that I interacted with at Paragon Remodeling was simply great include the installation guys that came out. I can't say enough about how well the whole process was. Just a really nice bunch of people too. Very happy I found them when I needed new windows installed.

    Ryan P. Arlington Virginia
  • Big money decisions are the hardest, especially when they require strange men to show up and measure your window size. However, Steve, the front end sales guy, and the crew that did the installing were fabulous. I bought a foreclosure, and along with it came what had to be the worse windows on the face of the planet. I figured since I was going to have to replace them, why not do it right and install the energy saving windows that were rated for higher efficiency. I knew it would cost me more upfront (Steve confirmed that) but would come back to me by lowering my utilities (I hoped). I got estimates from a few place. Not surprisingly I wound up with one guy who tried to hit me hard on price. Another completely refused to measure or give me a straight answer. There was even a contractor who wouldn't even talk the estimate with me unless my boyfriend was involved - a boyfriend who doesn't even have ownership of the home! I hit my limit at that point and was getting really fed up with the entire process. Then restoring all faith in humanity, Steve came into my life! He measured, gave me the straight story, gave me pricing, and politely (not all pushy like) followed up in a few days to see if I had other questions. His callback sold me and I went ahead with replacing all of the windows in my condo. Less than two weeks later my house was noticeably warmer and the road noise from the nearby highway was null and void. I was sleeping like a baby! All the guys that came out were very polite, super efficient and very courteous to me - no eyeballs or awkward stares. I can't imagine any kind of work on my home could be any more painless than this, and be cheaper than some of the other quotes I got from guys. I hate to think how bad this would have been and the amount of money I would have wasted if I'd not taken the time to carefully pick a contractor for this. It scares me to think how close I was to being in the middle of a nightmare home remodel project like on one of those tv shows! Overall I love the work they did and very happy I went with Paragon.

    Marty A. Washington DC

Sunrooms Reviews

  • We had an old and very leaky sunroom on our home. It was terribly drafty and cold in the winter and I wasn't dealing with it for one more winter season so we called around for a contractor. We had a few estimates that all seemed to be fairly close to one another and eventually chose Paragon Remodel. The crew had to tear out the old sunroom, put in a new slav (we wanted it stamped) and add replace all the glass windows and frame work on the outside of the house. We were in the middle of refinancing the home to cover the costs and I appreciate how patient Dennis was at Paragon about us getting the money. As soon as our refi was completed they scheduled us in and went right to work. We had some issues with the permits mainly that they were more expensive than we expected but Dennis was able to negotiate with the city and the fee was reduced. Not sure how they did that but my wife and I thought that was great. We wanted the slab stamped and colored to match the pavers we have on the patio and they were able to get it almost perfect which I'm content with. Once the cement was done and was cured, their teams came back in to do the installation on all the framing and get the glass installed. We upgraded for better energy efficiency as well as protecting everything from moisture since I will be putting a hot tub into this room later. They ran new electrical and set us up with really beautiful Led lighting. They even matched the shingles of our roof perfectly so that the roof of the sunroom was completely seamless with the rest of the house. They got the sunroom done perfectly - a beautiful outdoor room that's going to be perfectly comfortable this winter, and just in time for the cold weather that's hitting. If you want a new sunroom then these are the guys to call. They pay attention to detail and really listen to what you want in a space. The only other downside is now I need to go buy new furniture for this space since we're gonna be using it so much more.

    Gil W. Chantilly Va
  • Our sunroom not only brightened our home - it gave us the long needed extra space our family needed. The kids and dogs love the new space. Paragon made the process painless from design to construction. A+


Patios Reviews

  • Paragon took all the needed steps to not only create a functional outdoor space for my home but also took grading and draining into account so we can enjoy our project for years to come.

  • We love our flagstone patio with the built in grill. It makes us even more anxious for Spring every year. Paragon handled every step, including the HOA approval process and they were on par with their projected timeline.

  • We recently had our home raised due to some issues with water in the basement and as a result had our deck torn out. Instead of rebuilding the same one we went with a slightly smaller deck but also wanted a lot of patio space on the ground. The kids have moved on at this point and I just wanted less grass to have to deal with. I shared my idea with Bill at Paragon and he walked the backyard with me. My wife fancies gardening and I wanted a nice clean path that went back to my pool and spa area. Bill went over some ideas and talked products with me like the paver stones and told me the best product to use to avoid having to do a lot of maintenance. I'm glad he did because I was just thinking about concrete but his recommendations were spot on with what I read later on about paver stones. Bill got back to me with an estimate and we went ahead. He was thoughtful about sitting with us to work out the patio and walkway designs, and he worked with my wife to help her plan where her beds would go and where the pavers would go down. When we finalized how we wanted it to go, he got to work the next day. Before we knew it we had a beautiful new deck and a red paver patio that looked like it had always been there. It was a lot better than I expected and was really solid. I loved how Bill took the extra time to teach us how to take care of the pavers. He gave us all the product information so if one over cracks or breaks then we know the type and exact color to get it replaced. Its too bad they don't gardening, or I would have let them install our new bushes and flowers that my wife is ordering now. Thanks bill and team. You were great.

    Mark V. Lorton VA
  • I was really impressed with the craftsmanship and work ethic the Paragon team exhibited. And by team, I mean Mike the salesmen, Tracy their designer, and the five-person crew working on the project. It's important to note that there's a ton of people that claim to build patios. I was happy to do this right the first time. My husband and I are now chatting with Paragon about our kitchen project. Super excited!


Screened Porches Reviews

  • We've had our home for about a year now and have hired a handful of different contractors for various projects. Wanted to get a new screened porch built after we tore out the old one and couldn't be happier with the job that Paragon Remodeling did. Paragon Remodeling is the only contractor we didn't have some kind of problem with and it was refreshing to have something get done on time, the way it was explained, without issues or questions. Adam and his team were very responsive, considerate and the level of quality service went straight to their home office when we dealt with the folks answering phones. I highly recommend them for getting a screened porch built, it was really a pleasant experience.

    Sherman P. Arlington Virginia
  • The installers finished our screened porch and stairs and we couldn't be happier. We loved Victor and his crewman. They were professional, efficient and the quality of their work was beautiful. Victor was great at communicating all the details with us. It was a real pleasure doing business with him and the rest of the Paragon Remodeling crew. Thank you for the great work you all do. We definitely want give thanks to the crew who were efficient and demonstrated considerable courtesy to us and our neighbors while doing the porch. Every worker was fully dressed. No cussing or stupidly loudly music, and no litter was found from lunches, snacks, water, or materials. Very clean, responsive and hard working crews!

    Frank G. Takoma Park Maryland
  • We're really enjoying our retirement outdoors now thanks to you! The special effort you put into the design is appreciated. Everyone admires it. We will definitely recommend your company to our friends and neighbors. Your installers and follow up are outstanding. You performed as promised and my husband loved that you took the time to follow up with us months later to see if we were still happy. WE ARE! Very much so! All of the boys on your crews were so friendly, courteous, and worked so hard to make us the perfect outdoor space. At first we were overwhelmed with the options and had no idea what to choose. Mady, you were so patient helping us choose the right screened porch and that was very very nice. Keep up the good work! My husband and I would like to thank your employees for making our experience a pleasant one. Our screened porch still looks great, and we are enjoying it very much. Our two corgis, sugar and Beezus, soak up that sunshine. They spend all day out there! Oh and we are free at last of bugs oh free at last! We all absolutely love sitting outside during rainstorms and just listening to the rain and feeling the cool breeze without getting wet. I couldn't ask for anything better.

    Debbie W. Annandale Virginia
  • I have been a homeowner for the better part of thirty years, so in that span of time you can bet that I've worked with my fair share of contractors. There have been plenty of sloppy jobs that required retouching and only a small number of really good contractors that I would say are worth their salt. Malcolm and his team at Paragon were A+. Here's what I liked the most about what they did.

    • Timely and clear communication from phone calls to emails so I was never left in the dark.
    • They were punctual and dependable, showing up on time each day and working long hours to make sure everything was done. There were no disappearing acts half way through the day
    • Cant say enough about the price. Our new porch was a lot more affordable than some of the other quotes I got
    • Design was great. I had an idea of what I wanted but Malcolm showed me that my idea was small potatoes. The designs he showed me took my idea to the next level and I'm quite happy with that
    And above all else Malcolm was very patient with me. I had a lot of questions along the way and he took the time to answer them all. They were also patient with their work, and it was obvious there was no cutting corners. A job well done and would highly recommend this company for home projects.

    Charlie J. Centreville Virginia

Custom Decks Reviews

  • Our deck is around 200sq ft' so it's not a huge space but certainly cozy. It was built a number of years ago and I decided I wanted to make some changes to update it. I explained my issues to the guys at Paragon Remodeling and Steve came out to take a look at the property. My biggest concern was that I was tired of the cheap Walmart furniture and wanted something that would last. I thought about custom benches and Steve and I talked it out that we could do custom benches and a table, kind of like a picnic table area on the deck. That sounded perfect to me and it looked nice in the designs I was shown. It was a nice quick job and I couldn't be happier with the custom benches on my deck. Great work, great communication, super contractor in my book.

    David K. Fairfax County VA
  • This is the first of many improvements that we need to make on the home we purchased a few years ago. While some of the other remodels are necessary to update the home, we really wanted to start off with something that would make our home more comfortable as well as being functional. I went to several construction companies with my list of remodel "to do's", the big honey-do list my wife put together with me. We immediately eliminated most of the builders because they weren't willing to sit down with us to help us choose the one we would start off with. Most of them told us to basically figure it out first and then give them a call when we were ready. Steve from Paragon was the first one that came out, sat down with my wife and I and went over the list as he walked around our place looking at the home and talking over our ideas with us. I was really impressed with how much time he spent with the initial consultation and even recommended some other changes to our ideas that were really great. After some talking, we went with their recommendation to get the deck done first, mainly because it would add more exterior comfort and a place to get away when we worked on other interior projects later, and also because it was the perfect season to do an outside project - nice and warm. We had another local company sit down with us that made the same recommendation so we got bids from both. The bids came in at about the same but I really enjoyed the professionalism of Paragon so we took their bid. They got started right away with gathering all the permits and handling the paperwork aspect of it. Steve took time to go over materials with us and give us recommendations based on local weather, how we would use the deck, maintenance issues and how time would effect the deck overall. He also provided us with a number of design options and showed us examples from decks they built in the past. I kind of expected the process to be a bit of a headache but Steve really made it fun the way he involved us and honestly cared about making sure we got the deck we wanted. When the crews arrived to get everything started you could see they had a great rapport and liked working together. They were very respectful and the whole team treated our landscaping with care. Not like when my neighbors had a deck installed and the crew tore up the grass around their driveway and the backyard. Once the install was completed we had this gorgeous deck that looked like it was meant to be there, and you couldn't even tell a construction crew had been at our house. The grass was great, they cleaned up perfectly and Steve even walked us around the deck and spent time with us to tell us how to best maintain it to keep it looking new. What an awesome experience. If you plan on getting a deck installed you won't be disappointed with the guys at Paragon Remodeling.

    Catie B. Loudoun County VA
  • We didn't have a very big project as we had done a lot of the deck installation on our own. The only left to tackle was a curved stair railing and step project that I just didn't feel comfortable doing. After working with Paragon Remodeling we were very pleased. Our curved stair railing project was manufactured and finished beautifully and installed on schedule, and with no hiccups or surprised. We had to do a little landscaping tear out to get it in which I wasn't happy about since I had just had the landscaping done around the deck but it's a small price to pay to get the job done right. I pleaded a little with Steve at Paragon to find some way to build out the stairs without damaging the landscaping but he said he couldn't do it, and refused to do anything to cut corners. I can respect that. OVerall It was a great experience to work with Steve and the guys he brought out. We will definately hire Paragon again if we have other projects, especially knowing that they won't take shortcuts and will do it right the first time.

    Andrew H. Falls Church Virginia
  • Didn't know what to expect when we decided to build a new deck out for our home. Short and simple, Brian is the man. If you want a deck installed then ask for him at Paragon Remodeling. Was so pleased the minute i spoke to him. He went over the plans with me in detail. Made sure I was on board with what he was doing.Kept me in the loop the whole time. It was all good quality, and looked beautiful in the end and took just days to get it all built. Brian really took his time and made sure i was pleased. The deck came out perfect. I couldn't be happier.

    Frank L. Washington DC
  • Scott and Mike were responsible for our deck cover project and were skilled, polite, and completed the work on time. I appreciated their work ethic and attention to detail. They explained the process thoroughly. Thanks so much. Our first contact was with Scott. He came to our home and explained their products and processes. He was not only friendly and professional; he gave our dogs treats! The whole family was satisfied by the time he left our home. Scotts estimate stood out over all the other estimates we received not only in price but in the overall character and how we felt about them. Our deck has a beautiful covered area now that blends seamlessly. We will def call Paragon Remodeling again if need more work in the future.

    Mikey F. Great Falls VA
  • Mike did a great job replacing my ugly fence rail around my deck and a particularly tricky and very large gate with an end-product that looked so much nicer and more professional. The main part of the deck was in good shape but the wood we used for the railing years ago just wasn't holding up. I only wish I would have called him sooner because the price was great and they got the job done fast. Very professional, competitive pricing. I would use again.

    Dale S. Rockville Maryland


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