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A bathroom remodel is one of the most common home renovations. Homeowners love transforming their space into a place of quiet retreat. There you can wash away the stress of the day and relax

While customizing your bathroom can be expensive, it doesn’t have to be. Create the perfect balance between necessary amenities and a personal spa with Paragon Remodeling.

Paragon Remodeling has serviced homeowners in their quest to transform their space. From generic bathrooms to premium suites – it can become the kind of room you dream of using at the end of a long day. If you’re looking to have a bath remodel, our award-winning bathroom contractors are a call away.

Ready for a bath remodel but worried whether your budget could sustain such a large project? Talk to bathroom contractors today for a free quote. All bathroom improvements begin with a plan, with both parties giving their input to ensure your bathroom matches your vision.

Reasons Why You Should Get A Bathroom Remodel

Find yourself undecided about our bathroom remodeling contractors? Consider some of these unique benefits of redoing the bathrooms in your home:

Maximizing Existing Space for Increased Storage

A bathroom remodel isn’t just about updating fixtures. Besides installing shiny sinks and stylish accessories, you can increase storage. If you have a small bathroom, smart storage solutions can make a big difference in your everyday life. Toiletries, make-up, and other bathroom essentials can have a proper place. A professional renovation allows you to optimize the space you already have.

Brighten Your Home with a Bathroom Update

New bathroom features and decor can change the feel of the space. Tile, paint, and other accents can make your space less clinical and more relaxing, warm, and inviting. From granite countertops to hardwood vanity cabinets, create a luxurious bathroom. No matter what you dream up, our professional remodelers can make it happen.

Accommodate a Growing Family with Bathroom Remodeling

Not enough bathrooms for a growing family? It’s incredibly easy to add another full or half bath to eliminate those long bathroom lines in the morning.

Besides dealing with the morning traffic, you can improve the layout design and features for other family members. Expand your bathroom and include handlebars for better accessibility. Allow senior members and those with disabilities to move with independence.

Saving Energy Costs

A bathroom remodel can save you a small fortune in water and energy bills. Our bathroom remodelers can install shower and plumbing water-saving fixtures. When you live in an area with water shortages – this can be an essential feature.

We can also install energy-efficient light fixtures and ventilation. In the long-run, they can save you from spending your hard-earned dollars. Take the step in creating a more eco-friendly home!

A Great Investment for Resale Value

Can a bathroom remodeling project really boost property value? Our team says absolutely! For your average custom bathroom, homeowners spend $20,000 and recoup 67.2% of costs. For upscale bath remodeling, $65,000 was the average cost with a recoup of 60.2%. When remodeling a bathroom, we can provide you with the right vanity upgrades and fixtures, which we highly recommend maximizing ROI.

Your New Custom Bathroom is Just a Few Steps Away

We make sure your project gets completed on time. So our remodeling company maintains a stringent process from start to finish, delivering the bathroom of your dreams.

Here is our process when remodeling your bathroom:

1. Receive a Project Consultation

Before any work begins to start your design, our company contractors will request to visit your home to assess your current space. We’ll also need to discuss your initial goals, and budget before the renovation begins. Our bathroom remodeling contractors are as thorough as possible. We make sure not to miss anything so we can create an accurate estimate for your new bathroom. Contact us today for your consultation.

2. Custom Bathroom Designs

After the inspection and talks are finished, we can get to the bath remodel design. We provide all the necessary details from materials chosen to our bathroom layout, ensuring our clients are 100% onboard. Every design considers your budget, sticking to our original price estimate once the job is done.

3. The Bathroom Build Out

Once you are completely satisfied with the design, our construction team can get to work. Our team members will inform you throughout every stage of the construction plan. Some of our work includes preparing the space for potential tear-outs to suggested vanity upgrades to installing shower fixtures.

All work done is guaranteed as our members are highly experienced, bonded, and insured. Planning to start a bathroom renovation project? Contact our team at Paragon Remodeling for a job well done.

4. Communicate with Our Team at Any Time

Our bathroom remodeling service is big on communication, making work flow as seamless as possible. During our bathroom design and construction process, in addition to giving our normal updates, we want to hear your concerns. Not happy with the shower, or want to include a last-minute special request? Not a problem, as we want to hear from you.

5. Enjoy Your New Bathroom Remodel

When we are done with the construction, we won’t stay any longer than necessary. We clean up after ourselves and leave without the usual construction mess. So you can enjoy your new bathroom remodel!

As a bathroom remodeling company, we’re not satisfied until you are. If you feel like something was missing in the design, we’ll get on it right away.

The Right Materials for Your Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is a frequently used part of the home. Good design and high-quality materials are essential in creating your ideal bathroom. Ceramic, stone, or composite floors? Granite, marble, or driftwood countertops? We’ll help you choose the best materials for your bathroom remodeling project.

No matter what bathroom design you have in mind, our materials are sure to withstand everyday wear. They should have no problem with your environmental conditions (heat and moisture) and can last years into the future.

Bathroom Remodeling and Renovation FAQs (click to expand)

Free estimates are part of every service, from exterior jobs to interior kitchen and bathroom remodels. We do everything we can to ensure you can make an informed decision. Contact us today to receive yours!

We love being part of the design process and helping homeowners choose the right combination of materials. With that said, if you know what you want, then we can implement it in our bathroom design. Afterward, it’s a simple case of acquiring and building your bathroom around your specific requests.

Having a vision for what you want is always beneficial. However, we’ve helped many homeowners who began with little more than a desire to “do something more” with their bathrooms. Not sure what you want? We can help guide you. Contact us to discuss your wanted design.

Maybe with some installers. Thankfully, as a general contractor, we can manage the entire bathroom remodel for your location, including plumbing, tile, paint, electrical, and all the finishing touches from trim to hardware. We’ve got you covered.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured, standing behind every service offered. We offer all of our clients materials that are locally sourced and of high quality. Depending on the materials and their source, certain elements of your bathroom remodel may have warranties through manufacturers and suppliers.

The time for a bathroom renovation can vary a great deal. Cosmetic remodels are often much faster, taking little more than a few days to a week. Larger projects such as bathroom installation (the addition of an extra bathroom) or gutting and remodeling an entire bathroom can take anywhere from two to four weeks when you factor in the tear-out, wiring, plumbing, material components, hardware, lighting, and more. We guarantee that all work is done to our strict schedule, as delivering on time is paramount.

For small bathroom remodels, the cost will range between $1,500 up to $15,000, with $6,500 spent on average. For DIY homeowners, expect to pay $70 per square foot for cheaper fixtures. If you hire a professional in your location to install high-end fixtures, costs will go as high as $250 per square foot.

Bathroom installation costs will be determined on what materials are used and whether it’s a half or full bath. On average, expect an installation cost to range between $4,500 and $12,400, with the average being $7,600.

Yes, it absolutely is possible, if you’re able to save costs on demolition costs and materials chosen. Other ways to reduce expenditure would be to buy fixtures and additions from your stores in your area instead of having them custom-built.

If your budget is limited, there are numerous ways to save money when remodeling your own bathroom. These include opting for slab countertops instead of granite, repainting, updating or buying second-hand fixtures, and so much more.

About Paragon Bathroom Remodeling

Here at Paragon Remodeling Inc, we strive to provide the best design and home remodeling services in your area. Our professional team has received national recognition, being acknowledged as a top remodeling contractor by Qualified Remodeler Magazine. From building small luxurious bathrooms to bathrooms fit for a tight budget, our contractors can do it all! Choose Paragon Remodeling today.