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There’s nothing quite like a beautiful outdoor space where you can relax with your drink of choice – regardless of the weather conditions. A custom sunroom lets you take in the outdoors without having to worry about cleaning patio furniture or dealing with insects.

Whatever shape all weather sunroom you desire, we can help you build it. For more than 15 years we’ve helped residents around Maryland, D.C. and Northern Virginia develop personalized outdoor spaces like sunrooms and we’d love to do the same for you.

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For those who love nature, a sunroom provides you with the best of both worlds, merging comfort with functionality. Although committing to a project of this scale can be daunting, the benefits are certainly worth the time and money invested.

Here are the leading benefits a new sunroom can provide:

Prosper Financially with Increased Property Value and Living Space

A four-season sunroom can boost your property value considerably. However, while building a new glass room addition can give added-value, installing new sunscreens may not.

Adding Beauty to Your Home for Any Time of The Year

A sunroom enclosure can increase the aesthetic appeal of your home. You can take your pick from the various styles and configurations available today.

With our professional help, you can blend these designs with the existing structure and create a beautiful space.

Use your Backyard Sunroom as a Greenhouse or Home Gym

Enjoy the versatility the sunroom has to offer! If you enjoy growing plants, your sunroom can become a greenhouse. By adding fans, vents, shelves, and benches, you can create a space that will grow plants all-year-round.

Alternatively, your sunroom can become a home gym. Develop a sweat in this warm area while you do your at-home workouts. Your backyard sunroom has more to offer than you think!

Added Openness and Visibility

Custom sunrooms allow homeowners to enjoy their gardens from the comfort of their own home. The correct windows also allow sunlight to help warm the place up during the coldest times of the year.

Sunroom Costs are Cheaper than Other Additions

Many property owners build outdoor sunrooms as it’s a cost-effective interior living space. Sunrooms are also cheaper to construct than other building rooms, i.e., a new bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom.

Enhance your Living Space with our Local Sunroom Contractors

While the service we provide is distinct to your needs, our crew uses a uniform process to ensure high work standards are being consistently met. We make sure you’re 100% satisfied, from start to finish.

1. Have a Free Consultation with our Sunroom Company

Once you have decided to request a consultation, we’ll travel to your home to evaluate your current existing space. Our sunroom contractors are here to understand your needs, goals, and what you envision for your four-season sunroom.

2. A Sunroom Design that Provides Style with Substance

Once we have agreed on an estimate and finalized the inspection, our sunroom builder will create a tentative plan. We make sure we offer you budget-friendly builds and a very realistic timeline. We also consider the materials for your sunroom addition and ensure that it suits the project.

3. Letting our Contractors Start

Once your design is finalized, our sunroom company can officially begin construction. Every service we provide is guaranteed, as our team is licensed, bonded, and insured.

Each crew member works around your schedule, minimizing interruptions to all residents.

4. Communicate with Us at Any Time

We believe effective communication is imperative when remodeling or constructing a new room. No matter how simple or complex your project may be, let us know any concerns you may have.

5. A Custom Sunroom You can be Proud Of

Building a four seasons sunroom can be messy and unpleasant, affecting the everyday lives of residents. Our efficient work process enables us to start and finish on-time. As soon as we finish the build, we won’t stay long. Our sunroom company will be gone before you know it. We also make sure to leave the place as clean as when we first arrived.

We’re all about customer satisfaction at Paragon Remodeling – if you’re not happy, we won’t rest until you are. So get started on building your sunroom! Be able to fully enjoy your outdoor living room, from summer evenings to the cold winter days.

Premium Materials are Essential to a Comfortable Backyard Sunroom

There are some tough hardware and materials choices to make with something as tricky as a glass room addition. If you need advice on what options to consider when matching your vision and budget, we’re here to help. Remember, there is no ‘one size fits all’ design. It wouldn’t be a custom sunroom if that were the case, so feel free to give us your input.

Sunroom Additions FAQs (click to expand)

Yes, the estimates for your home sunroom are free. We want you to make an informed decision, so we try to give you all of the relevant details. Give us a call and receive your free estimate today!

Any home project you embark on will require a permit, regardless of the room. But that’s not on you, as we take it upon ourselves to acquire all permits before starting any project.

Rarely do price changes occur, as we deem it extremely important to stick to initial estimates. However, if you choose a different material or design, we will make the necessary adjustments to your original calculation.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and we stand behind all of our services. We also use only the highest quality materials that are locally sourced.

Rest assured, our team will clean up for any mess left behind in your home for all services provided.

Typically, it takes 1-2 weeks to complete the build. The tasks include home prep, construction, and finishing touches. However, this is just a rough estimate. The complete will depend mainly on the room’s design and size.

Costs will vary substantially, depending on the sunroom type, labor costs, and materials utilized. The national average for building a new sunroom is $45,000, or anywhere from $35,000 to $55,000. For uninsulated spaces, expect to pay $25 to $300 per square foot.

Homeowners recoup 47% on average when reselling their property. Adding a sunroom does bring in value – but it doesn’t pay back the full amount of the entire project’s cost.

A sunroom is a good long-term investment and for several reasons:2

1. It can recoup an ROI of almost half its cost.
2. It can improve the quality of life in your home.
3. It can be the wow factor you need if you are selling your home.

A four-season sunroom can be built in one of two ways:

1. If built on-site, a foundation slab is required, which is poured with post and beam construction.
2. Have the structure being built off-site in a climate-controlled facility – which will then be transported to your home.

Yes, provided it passes the following criteria. For a sunroom to be qualified as a living space, it has to be heated and cooled by your home’s system instead of a separate unit. Secondly, the room should be well integrated to the rest of the house.

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