Your basement living space will not only play host to countless social gatherings but will also serve as your haven and private space whenever you want to relax all by yourself. Setting up a bar in your basement renovation provides a focal point for these events. However, choosing the bar design that suits your basement and fitting the elements into your overall floor plan can be difficult and tedious tasks. Here, we listed some basement remodel ideas that you can integrate into your next basement renovation project.

What is a basement bar?

A basement bar is a pleasing addition to renovated spaces as it provides an excellent area for relaxation or entertaining guests. 

Should I put a bar in my basement?

Yes. A basement bar is becoming an essential part of both contemporary and modern houses due to the plethora of benefits it provides to homeowners. When you commit to putting a bar in your basement, here are some of the advantages you’ll enjoy with your transformed space:  

  • A finished basement can expand your living space. With the addition of a basement bar to your house, you will have more venues for recreation and spending quality time together with your loved ones. A basement bar also lets you be present and part of the engagements whenever you have guests because you no longer have to spend time running upstairs to grab drinks or stuff you might have forgotten to bring to keep your guests entertained.
  • The majority of home buyers nowadays prefer having a finished basement in their properties. Hence, putting a bar in your basement increases your house’s sellability. Moreover, basement remodel increases your property’s value. Whether you choose to sell your home right after or in the distant future, you’re almost guaranteed to have a higher selling price.

How to build a DIY basement bar?

Plan your bar’s elements. 

Everything starts with a good plan. Begin by asking yourself what purpose you want your basement bar to serve. Is it a place where you can store or refill beverages? Do you want to install a TV on your bar to give it a movie theater vibe? Is it the new entertainment hub of your house where you will welcome your guests? Is it a sanctuary for your relaxation? All of these will influence the final look of your basement bar. That is why it is essential to know why you want to have a basement bar in the first place.

Survey the space.

It is crucial to consider the available space in your basement and the places where you can install new plumbing hookups, ventilation systems, and electrical outlets when building your basement bar. These will significantly help reduce your basement bar project cost by helping you avoid redoing these things once the project is already complete just because there are misaligned pipes or lots of wires everywhere. 

Consider your budget. 

An unfinished basement is worse than not having a basement bar at all. That is why it is essential to know how much you are willing to spend on your basement bar and adjust your design and plans accordingly. You will also do excellent service when you survey the cost of the materials required and the professionals’ rates if ever you need help. 

Tips on building DIY basement bars

Factor in your surroundings.

Consider your new basement living space’s feel and estimate the space available for a custom bar. These two elements of your basement renovation have the most significant influence on bar design. For instance, you don’t want to install a traditional bar with dark stained wood in a bright, modern basement living space.  A tiny corner bar may get lost in a vast space, and a large home bar design could become overwhelming in a smaller area. You also do not want to execute your home theater ideas without having enough space for the elements needed.

Choose a good spot. 

Location remains a critical aspect to consider. Home bars often include plumbing, and placing your new bar near the bathroom or laundry allows for efficient plumbing design. If applicable, a water supply and water line to your fridge should also be present. If you wish to add a spare bathroom in your basement, it is advisable to have drop ceilings to hide the pipes and wires that can be eyesores. 

Think about where your family and friends will gather and place the bar accordingly. You don’t need to stick the bar in a far-off corner either. Why not put it in the middle of your room and leave space for the crowd on both sides? Get creative and have fun with the location.

Light it up. 

Lighting plays a vital role in any living space, but the proper lighting design can make or break your home bar. Remember to illuminate the area with fixtures designed for functionality and mood. Nothing too bright, but ensure the bulbs provide enough coverage for the prep and seating areas. Consider the ceiling height, as well.

Choose lighting that accents the shape of your home bar and complements the balance of your basement. This may be the ideal place for a bold, stand-out fixture, or perhaps you’ll choose lighting that blends in well and let your bar be the star. Work with the room’s feel and décor, but remember to invest in functional, top-quality lighting.

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Pay attention to your feet. 

Flooring around a home bar should be durable, comfortable, and easily cleaned. Spills happen, and you’ll be tired of washing the carpet within a short period. Popular options for flooring in this area include:

  • Tiling – ceramic, porcelain, or natural stonework well
  • Engineered Wood – good quality products designed for below-grade installation create a beautiful setting for your bar
  • Laminate – be sure to look for attractive patterns with this inexpensive option.

Include plenty of storage. 

Allow for a fully stocked bar by including storage in a big way. Wall cabinets and under-counter drawers, and cabinetry provide closed storage for many different items. Simultaneously, open shelving above or behind the bar offers a good space for bottles and other attractive bar items. Think about other creative ways to create storage for your style and stock.

A well-designed home bar completes your basement renovation. Think about the size and shape, location, lighting, flooring, and storage options to ensure your custom bar suits your lifestyle.

How much does it cost to build a basement bar?

The cost of building a basement bar varies depending on the design you want, the elements you want to install, and the types of materials you will use. However, the average basement remodels cost is within the range of $6,500 to $18,500. If you do not want to spend so much on building a basement bar, you may opt to resort to modern minimalist remodels. 

DIY Basement Design Ideas from Paragon Remodeling

Kitchen with Peninsula

kitchen with peninsula

This multi-functional kitchen peninsula gives you an extra working space and can serve as an informal dining area whenever you are on the go. 

Small Kitchen with Peninsula

Small Kitchen with Peninsula

The peninsula kitchen is the perfect option if you want to make every inch count from your small basement space. 

L shaped kitchen with Peninsula

An L-shaped kitchen with a peninsula contributes to your house’s aesthetic value. It also gives you enough space to make working in the kitchen breathable and a lot easier.

U-Shaped Kitchen with Peninsula

U-Shaped Kitchen with Peninsula

A U-shaped kitchen with a peninsula makes your kitchen work more efficient because it shortens the distance among the various working spaces located in your kitchen. 

When to hire a basement remodeling contractor?

You should hire a basement remodeling contractor if you want to ensure that your basement bar project is done safely without compromising the unique design experience that it provides. A basement bar project should be carried out with the utmost care and attention because it involves working with structures and electricity. Professional basement remodeling contractors have the relevant experience and necessary tools and equipment to carry out your basement bar project safely. They also have expert knowledge regarding various design styles that serve both style and functionality. 

If you are looking for a professional remodeling contractor, you are already in the right place. Paragon Remodeling has been providing top-notch basement remodeling services in the Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland areas for over 15 years. We ensure that our basement remodels ideas and services will make your investment worth it. The projects we work on are not just renovation projects for us. We want to provide you with the comfort, warmth, and safety you deserve.