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Trust the Realtors Who Know and Built Your Community

When you’re buying or selling a home, you want to know that the real estate agent you select has your best interests in mind – not a realtor that’s just out for the commission. We take pride in connecting new homeowners, and first-time home buyers, with the homes that closely match what they’re looking for.

No real estate agent in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland knows houses or the local neighborhoods and communities like we do, and our agent representatives delivers the same service and satisfaction that has Paragon Remodeling ranked in the top in the nation by Qualified Remodeling Magazine since 2006.

Interested in buying your first home, or finally putting yours up for sale, but don’t know where to start? Contact us today and a buyer’s agent will walk you through everything you need to know to take the stress out of such a major lifetime event.

The Benefits of Buying and Selling with a Local Real Estate Professional

While you can search for that perfect home on your own, it’s a smart choice to use a buyer’s agent who knows the Virginia, D.C. and Maryland areas – especially since we’ve spent the last fifteen years building within many of our local communities. Here’s what an experienced real estate agent can do for you:

Buying? We can help with…

  • Efficient search and filtering of homes to help you find the best home that meets your needs.
  • Expert negotiation and competitive bidding to help you get the best purchase price on your dream home.
  • Effortless navigation of the closing process to help finalize all the details so nothing is missed in the contracts.
  • Zero cost to you – all our buyer agent fees come from the seller and listing agent. Our services cost you nothing.
  • Market knowledge – because no one knows these communities like the company and people who built them.

Or maybe you’re selling. We’ve got you covered there as well…

  • We’ll get your home listed at the right price to match with market demand, your home and its value, the neighborhood and more to greatly reduce the price slashing that happens to improperly priced homes
  • We know how to present and stage homes when it comes time to show a buyer how to transform the house into a home
  • We understand construction so when it comes time for inspections you can leverage our knowledge in negotiation
  • We know the area, so we know how to market homes to stand out – that means more buyer exposure and a shorter window to get offers and close on the sale

A Real Estate Agent You Can Trust

Buying or selling a home is a big decision, and sometimes homes can have problems hiding beneath the surface. A realtor can crunch numbers with you while touring listings for hours and days on end, but many offer little info on the homes other than what’s included in a listing.

With such a large investment you want to know you’re making a purchase on a home that’s sound before signing any contracts.

For those who need help selling a home, we’re absolutely dedicated to get you the visibility and exposure that gets your home sold – because we know how to find the buyer’s most likely to match up to the features and benefits of the home you’re listing.

We have extensive experience working in home remodeling and renovation in the greater Virginia and D.C. metropolitan areas. For over 15 years our teams have worked in virtually every community and on every facet of home construction and renovation.

Trust in a real estate agent who can navigate the local market while also having an eye for the finer details of proper home construction.

Because after all, no one knows your community better than the ones who built it.

Frequently Asked Questions (click to expand)

Working with a lender and getting pre-approved for a mortgage is a smart first step. Knowing how much home you can afford, and having a target loan amount to work with, not only makes it easier find a home in your budget it also gives us leverage when negotiating once you find a home you love.

In pretty much every case there’s no out of pocket cost for buyers working with a real estate agent. Generally speaking, the seller of the home pays all associated realtor and agent fees.

Simply put; experience. A home priced too high will languish forever and not sell through price drop after price drop. We aim to get it right the first time. Thanks to our knowledge and experience building and renovating homes in the area, we know what homes are worth. No one knows the local market better than we do.

Not at all, especially for a first-time buyer. While the processing for purchasing homes such as those on a short sale can be a little different it can actually be a smoother transaction than buying a traditionally listed house. There’s also a chance you’ll find a great home below market value.

We develop a detailed plan that we review with every seller. This will identify where and how we’ll market your home including things like organic social media post and paid social ads, open houses, events, traditional advertising, and more. Our plan can vary based on your budget and the approach you’d like to take to marketing – but even without spending an additional large investment on marketing we still develop a plan that we’ll execute to ensure your home gets traffic, eyeballs, and offers.

This question comes up a lot, but don’t trust any advice warning you away from putting an offer on the first home you find if it fits what you’re looking for and you love it. There’s no specific number of homes you should look at – just focus on the goal of finding the home that’s right for you and we can help you locate it.

This can vary a bit depending on the nature of the home and listing, the market, and the seller. Once you find a home you love and put in a purchase offer, the seller has a window to respond that’s considered the ‘life’ of the offer – which we help you set – and which can range from the same day to several days. Once an offer is accepted and an earnest deposit made the time to close on a home purchase is typically stipulated within the contract. Closings involving financing can take between 30 and 60 days. Cash transactions are often shorter. Short sales can sometimes take longer, up to several months.

When we meet with you for an initial inspection we’ll provide you with a list of recommendations. In most cases they’re small cosmetic updates but depending on the age and condition of your home the sale prep could involve new carpet/floors, fresh paint, and similar cosmetic updates to improve the offers.

About Paragon Remodeling

From 2006-2018, Paragon Remodeling, Inc. received national recognition as a Top Remodeler by Qualified Remodeler Magazine for their outstanding home remodeling and construction services in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. We specialize in deck construction, patio building, window replacement, roofing, siding replacement, sunrooms, painting, kitchen remodeling, bathrooms, basement remodeling, additions, and even full-on construction.

Ready to buy a new home in the area? Get an expert buyer agent on your side with Paragon Remodeling today.