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What was once a perfect spacious home can easily start to feel small and cramped. And that is normal! Whether it’d be the introduction of new family members, a home business, or growing collections – your indoor space has gradually lessened over the years.

Whether your home addition was in the original plan or not, at some point, you may need one. Why squeeze in all of your belongings? Is it worth taking the drastic step to move to a new house? Adding an addition to your house solves most of these issues for you. There is no reason why your old dream house can’t stay that way. Start your addition project and see the difference!

When you have a room addition plan, there is no better partner than Paragon Remodeling. We’ve been in the business for over 15 years! In that time frame, we’ve successfully upgraded the homes of people across the U.S! See what Paragon Remodeling can do for you by signing up for a free consultation.

Benefits of a New Custom Home Addition

All types of renovations can be a challenge. If you’re struggling on whether to get a home addition or not – weigh the pros and cons. The outcome can be surprisingly enlightening.

For most people, the cons are glaringly obvious, skewing their final decision to get one. So here are some of the benefits of getting a new addition:

Increase Your Square Footage

At its most basic definition – a home addition means more space. You can make your room addition expand outwards or upwards. You have complete control.

With your home addition, you don’t have to split hairs with how you use your existing rooms. The bedroom doesn’t have to double as an office, and the children certainly don’t have to share a room! You can increase your square living space and properly set boundaries between them. You won’t believe how many fights and arguments stem from a lack of space.

Integrate More Storage Solutions

Besides the extra breathing room, your addition can offer you viable storage solutions. As the number of family members in your house grow, your belongings quickly follow. Think about all the old clothes, furniture, memorabilia, and sentimental items you have. You can create a proper place for them in your additional room.

Add Customized Touches

Investing in customization is a fantastic way to increase proper value. Selling your home takes a lot of your time and energy. Even with all the effort, it will still be challenging to find a place that ticks off everything on your list. Renovating is the easiest way to get exactly what you want.

You can add all kinds of new features. They can be integrated for their function, fashion, or a mixture of both. Enjoy the best of both worlds with your home extension.

How Our Room Addition Contractors Build Your Extension

No matter how simple or complicated your home addition plans are, we are more than ready to do the work. We take pride in hassle-free, quality builds. When you work with us, you are one step closer to your dream home.

So how do we do it? We have five proven steps that guarantee your custom home extension:

1. Free Consultation for Room Additions Plans

We begin every job with a free consultation. Our team visits your home for an extensive discussion about your renovation plans. There are three main takeaways we get from this meeting:

  1. Property Dimensions and Specs.
  2. Design Drafts.
  3. Tentative Budget and Schedule. 

Determined to be on the same page, we will cover as much ground as we can during this free consultation. We want to create the perfect house addition plan for you.

2. Creating Your Home Addition Design

Our designers will take your room addition ideas and translate them into a workable design. They will not only consider your vision but your budget and time constraints as well. You can see this come to life with our 3D render of your new addition. All major reworks of the design happen here.

3. Home Addition Contractors On-Site

As soon as we have your go-ahead – we are in business. Our home addition contractors will be on-site and start your build. Our team is licensed, bonded, and insured – they are experts who are willing to see the job from start to finish.

4. Constant Communication with Design Team and Crew

To keep you in the loop, we regularly relay all updates, questions, and concerns. We also encourage you to visit the construction site. See our home addition contractors at work and stay involved during the whole process!

5. Enjoy Your New Addition

We understand how exciting this home addition can be for the family, so we won’t overstay our welcome. As soon as the extension is finished, our crew will get to work and clean up the debris and construction. We aim to leave the area better than we first found it! And with that, you have a brand new addition!

Here at Paragon Remodeling – your satisfaction is important to us. The work doesn’t stop until you are 100% happy with your build.

We’ve Got Your House Addition Needs Covered

There’s a lot that goes into expanding your living space. As a licensed general contractor, we’ve got you covered on all the fine details to get your project completed and up to code.

Home Additions FAQs (click to expand)

Many factors affect how long it will take to complete your custom home addition. You have to consider the size, complexity, and budget of the project. If you have an outward addition, you can expect the project to last 3 to 4 months at the very least. With a second story addition, it may take at least 5 months. Regardless of your project, it would be safe to set aside 6 months in case of any setbacks or constraints.

It is difficult to put a cap on how expensive a custom home addition can be. It depends on the scale, materials, and design. Price will range anywhere from $18,000 to $75,000, but can be substantially more expensive.

There are several ways you can expand your home. You can make an outward extension or an upward one. Both have their pros and cons. With additions, you can have a larger kitchen, spare bathroom, or a new master suite. You have complete control over what you want to do with your space.

Generally speaking, it is cheaper to build upwards than outwards. When you build outwards, it is like building a home from scratch. You have to lay the foundation, which takes extra materials and manual labor, with a new story this is no longer a problem.

Remember nothing is ever cut and dried. Your plans strongly dictate how much you need to spend on your extension. And it is always best to select the plans that consider your needs.

Yes, home additions are always worth it, especially when they are done right. You are adding value every time you add to your living and storage space. Adding a room to your house can increase your property value by 15%. Including other major additions can increase the likelihood of you getting a better selling price.

Besides adding to the value on paper, you increase the utility of your home. With the extra space, you can set boundaries. For example, the study room can be used for work, while the living room for play. You can focus on your tasks without any disruptions. Ultimately, a new room is worth it, no matter where it is.

About Paragon Remodeling

Paragon Remodeling received national recognition by the Qualified Remodeler Magazine. Considered as Top Remodelers, we continue to do outstanding work for our clients, providing home renovations.

When you are ready to invest in a home addition, look no further than Paragon Remodeling! Our addition contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured. So you can expect a professional team who is ready to take on your custom design.

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