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Top Kitchen Remodeling and Renovation

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where most families spend their time prepping meals and socializing. While chopping onions and frying chicken may not be the most glamourous activity – it allows people to bond and connect. The kitchen is a functional space that should be warm and inviting as well.

When you’re ready to tear out your old kitchen, let our remodelers do the work. They can revitalize your home with a new countertop, cabinets, and decorative finishes. They can also make additions like a new island or wet bar. With our 15 years of experience, we are sure to deliver an exceptional kitchen remodel.

If you are due for a kitchen tune-up, we can help you create and execute the perfect design. Tell us about your kitchen remodeling ideas and send an inquiry today!

Why Choose Paragon for Your Kitchen Remodeling and Renovation Needs?

Kitchen remodels not only increase your quality of life but also bring a slew of extra benefits many homeowners don’t consider. Find yourself on the fence? Here are some of the benefits of getting a new kitchen design:

Improved Functionality with More Storage and Workspace

Do you find yourself struggling to prepare family meals? Perhaps your countertops are too small, or your cabinets are inaccessible? There are quick solutions for that!

By including an island in the center of the space or changing the cabinet position, you significantly increase your kitchen’s efficiency. In fact, modern kitchen remodels often utilize an open floor plan to increase the space in an otherwise small home. Just by knocking down a wall and combining the kitchen and dining room – you can see a massive difference.

Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchen upgrades can transform your outdated room into a modernized kitchen your family can fully utilize. There are several updates you can make:

  1. You can integrate tech with smart appliances.
  2. You can improve your energy consumption with better insulation and eco-friendly tech.

You can definitely make a green impact with these changes. Upgraded kitchens are more eco-friendly. From the way appliances operate to the use of ‘green’ harvesting of resources and materials, your kitchen can mark an era of efficiency on all fronts.

Improved Safety

You’ll improve the safety of your family home. Old kitchens mean outdated everything. Our kitchen contractors will upgrade old wiring and outlets. They can also repair water-damaged flooring and replace loose or missing cabinets. Ultimately, you can say hello to a safe and sleek set up.

A Great Long-Term Investment

A beautifully remodeled kitchen can substantially boost the value of your home. Swapping out your sink, faucet, changing your backsplash, and updating kitchen cabinets are all cost-effective ways to do so. A larger project, i.e., a hardwood floor installation, can also add interest and increase property value.

Your Kitchen Remodel from Start to Finish

We take pride in our hassle-free approach to building the perfect kitchen remodel that fits your wants and needs. Check out our process:

1. Paragon Remodeling Consultations

We’ll visit you to tour your kitchen while we record your wants and desires, review your budget, concerns, material desires, and more. We’re as thorough as possible, asking the right questions to get your kitchen project right the first time. Contact us today for your free consultation.

2. Your Kitchen Remodel Design

Once we’ve gathered all your information, we’ll provide you with our best kitchen designs. Design ideas given by our kitchen remodeling contractor are top-notch. From granite countertops to beautiful lighting fixtures, expect a brand new kitchen makeover. Clients can also inspect a 3D render, seeing their dream kitchen design before the construction project begins.

3. A Kitchen Tuneup Done the Right Way

Once the right kitchen design has been finalized, we can start your project. After gutting and removing your old kitchen, we can move on to install your new features. From changing small kitchen cabinetry to a complete kitchen overhaul, no job is too big or small for our remodelers.

4. We Want to Hear from You

During your kitchen reconstruction project, we encourage residents to consistently check on us – which will be easy to do with our team in your kitchen! Beyond our standard progress updates, we want to hear your questions and concerns. Customer service is our priority, so feel free to call us at any time.

5. The Kitchen Remodel Your Home Deserves

A kitchen remodeling project can be a tiring period for everyone involved, even for a small kitchen. So that’s why we minimize our stay, treating your home space as if it were our own. Replacing cabinets or installing a kitchen floor can be messy – we leave it clean and ensure that every element fits to a ‘T’ before we say our goodbyes.

Remember, customer project satisfaction is what matters. We’re not happy or finished until you’re happy with the final touches on your kitchen renovation.

Choosing the Right Materials for Your Kitchen

From taking care of your family to entertaining guests, your kitchen is the main focal point. It means that everything you do has to be durable, sturdy, and easy on the eyes. For the best results, you have to take it to the root of it all – your kitchen remodeling materials. They have to be able to withstand wear and tear while being visually pleasing. After all, it is your dream kitchen we are talking about!

Depending on the size and type of space we are working with, our kitchen remodel designers can make the necessary changes. Our experts know the best materials for the build, from your kitchen floor to your countertops and cabinets. Everything will be fitted for your daily-use in mind.

Kitchen Remodeling and Renovation FAQs (click to expand)

We love meeting with homeowners to discuss their visions and kitchen remodel ideas. We don’t charge a single cent to visit your home, examine your kitchen, and get a real feel and understanding of the living space you want to create in its place.

Clients are free to choose all the materials, countertops, hardware, etc., and we’ll be happy to install them. We recommend consulting with our kitchen remodel designer to ensure longevity, quality, and proper measurements so that you’re pleased with the result.

Don’t sweat the choices! We’ll go over the options ranging from various floor tiles, wood, vinyl, laminate, and more to help you find the perfect balance between cost, function, and durability for maximum value. We are open to all kitchen remodeling ideas.

Our work practices are licensed, bonded, and insured so that you can expect the absolute best. We consistently use locally-sourced materials that are of exceptional quality to fit your kitchen remodeling needs.

Often, materials come with their own guarantees, exclusive to the manufacturer.

Kitchen designs & renovations typically last a couple of weeks though this can vary widely. Customized additions like material availability, semi-custom cabinet manufacturing, and cutting stone countertops for a custom fit can add more time to the project. More general factors include prep and tear out, installation, painting, and flooring.

Thankfully, you’ll get a very accurate estimate early on. We detail the approximate length of time to complete the installation and will update you with any changes.

Making significant changes to outdated kitchens offer a variety of benefits. Homeowners have increased work and storage space, comfortability, added value to their property while enjoying a brand new look to their kitchen. Contact our kitchen remodeling service to start today.

A recent survey announced kitchens were among the top three most important rooms for 80% of homebuyers. And an updated kitchen is sure to increase your home’s value. Buyers are willing to pay more for kitchens that have high-end finishes and/or tech integration.

Kitchens experience considerable foot traffic, with most residents entering two to three times daily. Due to wear and tear, we recommend renovating your kitchen every 10-15 years. To start yours, call us today.

Without a doubt, yes. However, your kitchen remodel cost will depend on many variables. The good news is, most buyers place heavy emphasis on the kitchen, deeming it extremely important to the home-buying decision. Homeowners can recoup 54% of their upscale kitchen remodel cost when reselling their property.

If you only plan to stay at home temporarily, we’d suggest using basic cabinets that do the job. You can restrain or paint over your existing ones. It will save on costs but still deliver a fresh, new look.

However, if you intend to stay for the long-haul, investing in high-quality cabinets is the way to go. You can create custom cabinet constructions from scratch with your preferred style. It creates that personalized touch that can really make the kitchen yours.

About Paragon Remodeling

From 2006-2020, Paragon Remodeling, Inc. has maintained it’s high remodeling standards, being recognized nationally as ‘Top Remodeler’ by Qualified Remodeler Magazine. If you need a kitchen remodeling contractor who’s highly skilled and experienced, contact us today.

Let our kitchen remodel designer and installer build a beautiful kitchen space for your family, enhancing both your room and the entire home. Kitchen services cover all aspects – from making the necessary tear-outs to custom-fitting new countertops and pendant lights.

When your vision for the perfect kitchen needs to become a reality, choose Paragon Remodeling.