Homes with basements will still have basement problems to contend with. Basement problems still seem to occur when you use your home’s lower level as a storage area or as the most populated area. Some issues can range from minor irritation to a significant problem. There is, thankfully, a way to repair them and it would be easier with a guide of a basement remodeler.

Most Common Basement Problems People Encounter

Here are the most common basement problems we encounter. You might not have noticed, but you might have these problems already.

Low Beams

Basement living areas are usually darker. As a result, it aids in raising the ceiling height. Low beams, on the other hand, will make it difficult. You might rework the layout and use a higher, more robust material to replace the low beams. Besides, if your basement has a lot of ductwork, you may want to suggest a drop ceiling. Finally, if you have a broad working budget, underpinning can be an option. The entire floor area is lowered to provide more headroom. You can also rearrange the whole floor area if necessary.

Low Beams

Basement Mold

Leaks around the basement and damp walls are the sources of mold in the basement. Molds are a severe matter that can bring up health issues. An expert is needed to deal with this problem.

Basement Molds

Various Sources of Water Damage and Leaks

Water entry in the basement can take several types, including a minor leak or a massive puddle. It may be due to a plumbing problem, a foundation break, basement cracks, or heavy rainfall. The presence of water can give the foundation walls high moisture levels. Working with a professional basement restoration contractor will help you address this problem effectively and efficiently.

Foul Basement Odors

The common issue of basements is caused by damp, and a foul smell is an indicator of moisture problems. If you notice a strong, musty odor on basement products, you have a moisture problem. It aids in determining the cause of the problem and deciding the appropriate approach. When closing off basement walls, ensure you fix this problem.

Possible Causes of Different Basement Issues

Wrong Posts Location

Awkward post positioning often detracts from the basement’s overall appearance. Since posts are such an essential part of the support system, it is advantageous to employ a reputable basement renovation contractor. There are foundation repair solutions like a double beam or specially built beam that can be used instead of posts to improve your basement’s aesthetics without losing its structural integrity.

Messy Storage

While not as severe as the other issues, a cluttered basement often conceals the existence of other serious problems. This is why having a clean basement with well-organized belongings is beneficial. Investing in a few shelves to keep a neat room can depend on the nature and amount of storage objects.

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Messy Storage

Basement Cracks

Usually, basement cracks can cause a wet and damp basement. You can quickly get water intrusion from basement cracks. The small cracks can let water enter and cause leaks. It is vital to keep checking for possible basement cracks and leaks so that moisture would not enter and cause problems. Ensure water is drained from your foundation, especially when there are cracks.

Difficult Challenges When Remodeling Basements

Understanding the top four basement remodeling challenges will help you plan for reality and manage the renovation process successfully. 

Prepare to take on this home renovation and emerge with a fantastic, cozy, and valuable basement living room. 


Your below-grade living space will be both inviting and usable with the proper basement lighting. However, the basement’s structural design can restrict the position of your preferred light fixtures and the size and type.

Recessed lighting offers adequate illumination without taking up precious ceiling space. Wall sconces project light up a smooth wall and into play, and many of the fixtures are almost flush with the wall, making them suitable for hallways and stairwells. 

This area benefits from new and more oversized basement windows, increasing natural light. Discuss the possibility of installing windows or enlarging the current window frames with your renovation contractor. 

Choose bulbs and fixtures that provide excellent coverage with the least amount of effort. A showpiece or a chandelier is out of place here. Concentrate on long-lasting, low-profile lighting with long-lasting bulbs.  If you think the room requires it, add a floor lamp or table lamp for visual appeal and charisma. 

Air Quality

Moisture and mold in your basement cause significant basement problems and lower your house’s air quality, affecting your family’s health. Before you begin your basement remodeling ideas, make sure there are no moisture issues. 

Get your home tested for mold and check it both inside and out for moisture issues. While repairs and waterproofing solutions will increase your home improvement project’s cost, it is better to come prepared than have future damage expenses.

Another critical consideration in your basement renovation is ventilation. Consult a heating and cooling professional to learn how to maintain sufficient airflow throughout the year. Although some people choose alternative heating options such as a gas fireplace or wood stove to keep the basement warm in the winter, all heating and cooling systems should include the basement. Consider everything as one will affect your room’s overall air quality. 

Energy Efficiency

Because of the additional lighting, outlets, and area, adding living space in the basement would increase your electrical and utility bills. However, by considering a few factors during the planning stages, you can ensure that these basements remodel costs are minimal to make the home more energy-efficient. 

Protect the basement from heat loss by insulating it. Inquire about the various forms of insulation available from your contractor and consider your room’s structural elements when choosing which to use. Blow-in items are ideal for attics, but they can be messy in the basement. Insulation that meets the necessary R-value for residential living spaces is used in some prefabricated basement panels. Learn about all of your choices and choose the one that offers the most efficiency and dependability. It will pay off more quickly than the alternative with the lowest initial cost.


Your basement renovation plan may include a second entrance to your home. Burglars may be enticed by costly entertainment systems and computer equipment installed in the basement. Invest in high-quality window treatments to keep your valuables out of plain sight and keep your home safe. 

Install commercial-grade locks on any patio or entrance doors, and consider adding woodblocks to the windows for added protection. Treat your basement as if it were an extension of your house, and take the required precautions to keep it secure. 

When preparing for your basement remodeling project, be prepared to face numerous obstacles. Ensuring that your new living space turns out well covers all the specifics and depends on your contractor’s professional advice.

Fix your basement problems by getting help from a basement remodeling contractor

Hiring a professional basement contractor can help you achieve a finished basement with no basement problems. You will not have a hard time dealing with wet basement walls and basement flooring, and basement means odors, unstable foundations, or cracks in the basement. 

It is essential that when you see a basement problem, minor or not, consult right away from a basement contractor like Paragon Remodeling.