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Professional Residential Painting Service Contractors

Many homeowners have tried their hand at house painting. After all, it does appear to be among the more DIY-friendly projects, so why not?

Unfortunately, most don’t realize how challenging this overlooked skill can be. Anyone can splash on a bit of paint, but not everyone can give the job the same attention to detail like our house painters team can.

Since 2006, Paragon Remodeling has worked to save residents from the torture of DIY painting before it spirals out of control. If you want to save time and money on a beautiful new paint finish, then discover the possibilities of working with our painting services.

Want to update colors throughout your home but unsure where to begin? Our contractors will happily give you all the necessary information and advice to get your project off the ground.

Why Choose Our House Painting Services

Do you find yourself having second thoughts on repainting your home’s interior and exterior walls? Consider the benefits of having professional painting contractors before you make your decision. Interior and exterior painting can be a great investment as it provides a ton of benefits. Here’s how:

Get an Updated Finish

A well-done painting project is a fantastic way to give outdated homes a complete makeover. Get rid of the dull and dirty with trendy colors or classic neutrals. You can also take it a step further by painting your ceiling, cabinets, doors, baseboards, trim, and built-ins.

No matter what it is, from exterior walls to interior rooms, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders in upgrading your living space.

Besides being able to pick what to paint, you can decide how to paint it. You have your choice of color, finish, and material. For example, switching to washable paint can be great for growing families. It is easy to clean and maintain.

With our painting projects offered, you can update your home catered to your preferences.

Increase the Value of Your Property

A coat of fresh paint, especially one done by a professional painting service, increases your property resale value. It makes a good first impression for your potential buyers. It’s also the cheapest investment you can make with a 107% return on investment. Our painting services cover all aspects of your home, from the living room to your exterior walls.

Protect Your Home with a Residential Paint Job

Paint is not only a superficial addition. It can help you protect your walls by restoring minor defects and preventing dust build-up. A high-quality paint job can also seal moisture. It protects surfaces from mold and mildew, isolating the problem. Expect your home to be looking sharp by the time our painting service is done.

A Painting Project is an Affordable Way to Revitalize Your Home Immediately

Residential painting is one of the most affordable and doable renovations. It is a popular choice for quick flips. While it may seem simple, not every painting experience goes as planned. People often underestimate the prep work that goes behind a smooth finish. It can be exhausting work.

By consulting with our professionals, you can get a hassle-free paint project. Perhaps most importantly they avoid time-consuming mistakes that most DIYers generally make.

If you want an indoor paint project, work with Paragon Remodeling. From the quality of paint to its application of use, you can see the difference between a professional job and an amateur one.

Let Our Professional Painters Give Your Home a Fresh Look

We cut to the chase in our approach to prepping walls and home interiors, getting you the fastest renovation to match your vision. Here is our 5-step process:

1. Free Consultations with Our Residential Painting Company

Before we can determine anything, it’s essential to visit your home for a quick evaluation. For all painting services provided, we want to hear your wants and needs. Knowing this will determine what paint colors are best to match your home’s intended theme. We’ll also provide a free quote for your project.

2. Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Home

We offer comprehensive house painting services. Our experts start by creating a budget-friendly plan. We are careful to make realistic deadlines for your painting project and actively cut down on possible interruptions. We’ll also work closely with you to choose the right paint colors and finishes. During this stage, feel free to discuss any special requests or designs you want to integrate.

3. Our Professional Painters are Ready to Go

With all the details hammered down, our painters are itching to start. Our experienced and insured team will arrive at your home, tools in hand. They get to work prepping your space to guarantee a flawless paint job. We also ensure area space is protected from unexpected paint spillage and get to work. At the end of the job, experience a brand new transformed space.

4. Going the Extra Mile for Our Customers

For a painting job or any other renovation project to be completed on-time, continual communication is necessary. So beyond regular reports, we’re always free to talk from our first coat of paint to the last. Plus, we love seeing customers admire the paint’s quality while we work – it gives our crews a nice ego boost and lets us know you’re happy with the work.

5. Residential Painting Done Right

There’s nothing like a freshly painted home – that’s why we intend to leave as quickly as when we first arrived. As experienced painters, we do what’s necessary to prevent mess and sufficiently clean up if we do. So you can enjoy the new dazzling colors of your home interior.

Customer satisfaction will always be our primary goal. In addition to completing your interior house painting job to a high standard, we also provide unmatched customer service. Check our customer reviews to find out more!

Choosing the Right House Painting Services

Half of the residential painting challenge is deciding on the right choices. What kind of paint? What color? What kind of finish? Not to mention figuring out what tools to utilize for different paint application techniques. Overall, it’s a lot to take in.

However, we have the tools, experience, and knowledge to get you through the whole process with ease. Want to make sure your preferred colors compliment your room or home? Contact us to book a consultation with our painting contractors.

Residential Painting FAQs (click to expand)

Yes, we do offer free estimates for all house painting services – interior and exterior. Our estimate includes the breakdown of the cost and the suitable types of paint for the project. We also cover the pros and cons of each formula so you can make the best decision.

People are often happier with the project’s result when they contribute in creative decision-making. When they choose the color, paint finish, and design – their preferences are at the forefront.

With that said, our contractors are more than happy to guide you through the process and help with color and material choices.

Some property owners choose to do the room prep before hiring painting contractors. If that’s not your thing, then our team is happy to come in and prep all the walls and room before a single brush stroke. We can do paint stripping and wall repair to remove layers of wallpaper safely. Call us today!

Our business thrives on providing high-quality renovations. To ensure this, all personnel are licensed, bonded, and insured. If something isn’t right with the application, we’ll make sure to correct it. If there’s a fault with the paint products used, we can handle replacements from the distributor/manufacturer. We’ll also work with you to correct any failures in the finished rooms.

Still not convinced we’re right for the job? Check out our customer reviews!

The time to complete a residential paint project can vary greatly depending on the number of rooms, prep time, and the surface area required. We can complete small, single room paint jobs in a day or two. Larger jobs such as exterior painting can take upwards of two weeks or more. Your estimate will include an accurate timeline from start to finish.

Labor costs for a 10×12 room typically range from $400 to $500. However, this does not take into account trim, ceilings, and paint cost. Room square footage, therefore, is the most accurate way to get a price estimate.

Expect a painting service to cost between $1 to $1.80 per square foot. A house that measures 1,500 square feet will typically cost $1,500 to $2,500. For a larger 3,000 square foot house, customers will generally have to pay anywhere from $3,500 to $4,500.

The price to hire a residential painter will depend on how much painting is required. Smaller interior painting jobs will cost anywhere from $200 to $2,000. A larger project, like a house’s exterior painting, will range from $1,000 to $2,000. To find the most accurate estimate, calculate costs according to square feet.

Expect a residential painter to charge anywhere from $400 to $950 for a 12×12 room.

All painters sent by a painters company will bring their own paint and other essentials for their service. Once painters have access to a free room, they can start setting up shop. Here they can store their belongings such as ladders, plastic sheets, and paint.

About Paragon Remodeling’s Painting Company Services

Paragon Remodeling, Inc. has been recognized as being one of the top remodelers by Qualified Remodeler Magazine. Aside from servicing homeowners for nearly two decades, we continue to operate to a high standard because we listen and take on board what you say.

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