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A Fully-Pledged Roofing Company for Your Home

With so many home remodeling companies on the market, it’s easy to find someone who can slap a roof on your house. It’s harder to find a company that ticks all the boxes, especially when looking for decades of experience, access to quality materials, and excellent work ethics.

If you are looking for the best roofing services, look no further than Paragon Remodeling. No matter the scale of your roof repair or replacement, our team is ready to go all-in.

Our top roofing contractors can cater to all your needs, from shingle replacements to installing flat roofs with slate. We specialize in exceptional service – delivering reliable and long-lasting roof installations.

If you are looking for durable roofs that can update and revitalize your home’s exterior, contact our installers. Our residential roofers can help you choose the best roof design and material. Contact us for a free quote!

Why We Are the Right Choice for Your Roofing Installation and Repair Needs

When having any type of roof installed, there are several factors to consider. Here’s why you should work with our experts to help you make the right choice for your roof renovation:

Receive a Mandatory Roof Inspection

Our roofing professionals will first visit to give a thorough inspection. We’re there to see your setup and identify any issues. So what do we keep an eye out for?

We’ll look for signs of uncommon wear and tear, leaks, and damage from wind-blown debris. We’ll also check for any plant growth that can loosen granules, which can cause potential issues for shingle installations.

Our Business only Uses the Best Materials for Your Property

Although roof framing and proper installation are essential, materials are just as important. They can transform your exterior into something more updated and stylish. Selecting the right roofing materials can be tricky. So we need to be able to answer the following questions, matching them with your current setup:

  1. What is it’s material weight?
  2. Does it need special framing?
  3. Do they meet the fire codes in your area?
  4. What is it’s material performance against weather conditions?
  5. Are there warranties from the supplier?

With Paragon Remodeling, it’s ok to be unsure as we can grant you our expertise. You’ll have access to quality materials that ensure a long-lasting roof over your head. Our roof contractor can also assist in choosing the right products and materials. With our help, you don’t have to pick between your structural needs or design wants.

Experienced in National Roofing

Smooth roofing construction all boils down to the right contractor. For the best results, you should only work with crews that have the right know-how and experience for the job. A seasoned roofer will provide superior service, whether it’d be repairs and installations. Paragon Remodeling’s workforce has had over a decade’s experience working in the industry. Rest assured, there is nothing our roofing experts haven’t seen when it comes to your roofing site.

Raise Property Value

A beautifully finished roof, completed on time, can add significant value to your home. On average, American homeowners can recover 62.9% of their roof project cost. Your home’s resale value will also increase, averaging nationally at $12,000. For free quotes, contact our remodeling company today!

Let Our Roofers Create the Best Exterior for Your Home

We take pride in our hassle-free approach to replacement roofing that will protect your family for decades to come. Below is our company process for all our happy customers:

1. Free Consultation with Our Roofing People

Once you decide to hire us, our professional roofers will make a quick appearance in your home. We’ll have a friendly chat with the owner, discussing their specific needs and budget for their home improvement project. Part of the initial consult is an inspection to determine the critical needs that need to be addressed with your new roof. Call us right now to start yours.

2. Starting the Plan

After our roof inspection and estimate out the way, we can begin with your specialized plan. Regardless of budget constraints, we’re still able to recommend great material choices. We provide low-maintenance options that perform well against storms, hailstones, and other forms of harsh weather. Our experts will have an entire list of variables that can help determine the best course of action, from roof design to your house’s structural needs.

3. Let the Roofing Work Begin

Once all preparations are complete, we can finally get to business in restoring or replacing your roof. From fixing siding gutters to quick installations, our professional roofing services can help realize your vision. Our goal is to complete your roof promptly to avoid disruptions, all without sacrificing quality. For all home improvement services, contact Paragon Remodeling for a free price.

4. We’re All Ears During Your Roofing Construction

Feel like we’re missing something or want to add in a special request? Part of our customer service is listening to all client concerns or ideas and taking them onboard. Just because a design plan already exists doesn’t mean it’s set in stone for any mid-way or last-minute changes. So if you have a special request for your project, let our professionals know. We’ll gladly put the extra hours in.

5. Enjoying Your New Roof

We know that a new roofing construction can take its toll on homeowners, and that’s why we promise to be out before you know it. We also ensure to keep the place looking immaculate before we leave, removing all left-over debris. So you can enjoy your new roof without the inconvenience of cleaning up our mess.

Here at Paragon Remodeling we put client satisfaction above everything else. So we’re not finished with your roof until we know you’re happy with the work.

Choose the Right Roofing Services For Your Home

There’s nothing that says you have to stick with traditional shingles. You have a variety of material options during the design phase of your new roof. Here are some of the most popular designs among our residential clients. Contact us today so we can get started on your roofing contract.

Roofing Installation and Repair FAQs (click to expand)

The great news is that your estimate for roof repair and replacement is free. We prioritize customer service. You can get the roof you want without worrying about upfront costs just to speak with someone.

Traditional shingles and wood shakes have a life ranging from 15 to 30 years. Its life span depends on factors like sun exposure, quality of original materials, and weather conditions. If you don’t know the age of your home/roof, you can use these signs to judge:

1. Curling shingles
2. Bald spots
3. Evidence of leaks
4. Decaying shingles
5. Cracks and other visible damage

When you have one or more, it is time to get a roof replacement.

Generally speaking, we recommend metal roofing, slate roofing, and tile roofing. But, there’s really no ‘best’ choice. It is really a question about the budget you have for a new roof installation and what you want/desire aesthetically for your home. We can help you decide the best material during our free consultation. After we see your set up, we can help you choose the most appropriate roofing materials to match your needs.

From installing a flat roof to repairing asphalt shingles, your work is guaranteed. All crew members have insurance and are licensed and bonded. All project materials are sourced from first-rate, local manufacturers. In some cases, materials are guaranteed and warrantied for the duration of the roof.

Some factors can delay the installation of a new roof. You have to consider things like weather and the extent of previous roof removal. Remember multi-layer roofs take longer. With that said, our expert crews have roof installation down to a science. They can often complete a new install in around three to four days.

Roofs require considerable work, so roofing contractors offer a wide variety of services. However, depending on the company contractor, they may specialize in either residential roofing, commercial roofing, or both. Below is the list of services offered by residential roofing contractors:

1. Roof Inspection: We assess different roofs and provide residents with a damage report.
2. Roof Repairs: We do general roofing repairs like dealing with cracked shingles.
3. Emergency Repair: We are on call if there is sudden and substantial damage. Our roofing professionals will get on the job immediately.
4. Installing and Repairing Other Roof Features: We also take care of repairings or installing additional features like roof gutters, downspouts, and soffit border.
5. Roof Installations: We also offer full roof replacements once the existing one has exceeded its lifespan.

We highly advise that you do. In doing so, your roof contractor can bill the correct amount to your insurance company, preventing potential fraudulent charges. Your contractor can also aid your insurance claim to get additional things beyond what your earlier insurance claim.

About Paragon Remodeling

Paragon Remodeling’s team of roofing experts has the experience and credentials for a job well-done, every time. Being recognized by Qualified Remodeler Magazine as one of the best remodeling services, we strive to maintain our reputation by keeping our customers satisfied.

Have you waited too long to replace the roof of your home? Call Paragon Remodeling now to get started. Your roof is our responsibility for a lifetime, protecting you for the years to come.