Enlarging basement windows are prevalent among basement remodeling projects. It does not only increase the value of your home but also provides additional safety to your home. We will walk you through the benefits, guidelines, and tips on enlarging your basement windows.

What Basement Windows Are For

Basement windows are designed for security and safety. These are placed in case of any emergencies that may arise and may be used as substitute access if the central passage is not passable. They have guidelines that allow it to fulfill its function and are an excellent feature to incorporate if your basement does not escape routes.

Basement windows will raise the value of your house by installing square footage. Though they are not cheap, expanding your home’s dimensions helps you recoup your investment if you do sell your home.

Adding and Installing Basement Windows

Basement windows must be significant to bring a substantial amount of natural light to a typically dim and dreary basement. This opportunity is beautiful if you want to have a bedroom in your basement.

According to the International Code Council, all finished basements with habitable areas such as bedrooms need to have a basement window that is large enough for safety purposes.

Enlarging basement windows will also improve the appearance of your home from the outside. Depending on your budget, you can buy construction materials that complement the design of your home.

Adding and installing basement windows on your own could be too risky. Make sure to seek guidance from a professional to avoid any damages. If you are unsure of the procedures, it is better to hire a professional basement remodeler to do it for you.

How to Enlarge a Basement Window 2021

Enlarging basement windows takes a lot of skill. If you do not have the tools or the skills, it is highly advisable to hire a professional contractor to do the job for you. Enlarging your basement windows can be dangerous if the project is big and risky.

Get the dimensions of the window

Make sure to measure the dimensions needed for the window. Mark the wall to layout where you would want to extend your basement window. Make sure to have enough space for your window frames.

Cut the wall

Cut the wall that you have marked off. Use a drill or a concrete cutter. This requires the use of safety gears as it is not common for everyone to use a cement cutter. You can drill a pilot hole first if the concrete wall is thick to help cut the wall.

Frame the wall

Once you have cut the wall, you have to frame it. You can use a steel or wooden frame depending on your basement window’s material. The most common is a wooden frame. Use an exterior grade silicone caulk to the joint between the window framing and the concrete. This will help prevent water from entering.

Install the window

Place in your window with concrete or nail it to the frame. You can use expanding insulating spray foam to seal between the window and the frame. 

How much does it cost to enlarge a basement window?

Installing an egress window in your basement will cost anything between $100 and $250 per window, not including materials. This range assumes the room has an established well and an available opening of the correct size. The cost of a window replacement well ranges from $500 to $2,000.

Tips to Remember in Enlarging Basement Windows 

Adding an egress window to your basement adds value to your home, adds natural light, and expands your living room below grade. Enlarging a basement window, on the other hand, necessitates meticulous preparation and the expertise of a professional contractor. Learn about the progress of this project and the importance and effort that goes into it.

Foundation Concerns

Basement windows are built into the base of your home. To ensure overall building stability, enlarging such differences necessitates a recalculation. The standard foundation must be followed to avoid collapses. 

Consider this: the first, second, and probably even third floors all pass load to the base. The amount of concrete foundation needed to support the load is reduced when a portion of the wall is removed.

Additional support may be added, and window position is crucial in certain instances. Your basement contractor will inspect the area, determine the work that needs to be done, and complete any required calculations. A construction permit application guarantees that all work is carried out following the local building code.

Drainage Concerns

When it comes to enlarging basement windows, the first thing to think about is the building’s stability, but drainage is still a problem. A wider window stretches down the wall in most homes; this project necessitates excavation.

Your contractor may need to dig down below the new window to have adequate drainage. The barrier of a deeper well is formed by a typical window well or retaining wall blocks, which carry water away from your window opening. This often includes drainage, usually provided by a French drain or drainage piping.

Window Concerns

Consider upgrading the glass and your current window style when replacing it with a larger one to improve performance. Heat loss through windows leads to higher energy bills and can make your basement feel cool. Now is the time to add cutting-edge concept windows.

Do you have hopper windows in the basement of your house? This simple design comes in single or double panes and has a hinged bottom that opens inward. Slider windows allow less air to pass in, but they usually have a more solid design and higher levels of protection.

Awning windows are the most expensive, but they can be used in the rain or snow. They have a hinged top and open from the bottom up. Awning windows are functional and safe, but they come in a limited number of types and sizes. To take advantage of a high-quality egress pane, choose a sliding style.

Look for the NFRC certification sticker on windows. This demonstrates that the manufacturer follows NFRC guidelines and that the window’s efficiency meets minimum requirements. Additional ratings give you more detail on how the unique window performs in the environment.

The addition of more oversized windows to your basement adds natural ventilation and visually enhances your living room. Basement windows also allow for more flexibility in basement construction, allowing for the inclusion of bedrooms and other amenities. Consult an experienced basement contractor on how to complete this project on a budget, on time, and reap the benefits of a wider window.

Ask a basement remodeling contractor to install and enlarge basement windows.

Enlarging basement windows is a great way to enhance your basement and increase the value of your home. If you have any plans on enlarging your basement windows and you are not familiar with how to do it, call a basement remodeling contractor

If you currently have basement remodeling ideas consider enlarging your basement windows to give your basement a better and safer space. Phone a basement contractor to make your basement remodeling ideas come to life.