The basement is one part of the house that often has practical purposes such as doing the laundry, working on small random projects, or just a space for dumping and storing stuff. Little do we know that the basement can be enhanced to so much more. Basement remodeling is one of the new trends. We can do minimalist remodels or do whatever you may want, such as a basement bar, a cozy office, or a family lounge. There are endless opportunities for redoing basements. A professional remodeling contractor will make your remodeling ideas come to life.

Best Basement Remodeling Design Ideas in 2021

Hobby Room

With the basement’s dark setup, one basement remodeling idea is that you can get a movie theater vibe if you love watching movies. If you are into photography, you can remodel it into a dark room. You can optimize the space for your hobbies like a gaming setup or a billiard table. 

Lounge Room

The living room is a nice place to hang out when you have guests. However, if you prefer to have your privacy or want to relax, redoing your basement into a lounge room or a music room is the best thing. Soundproofing can be done to isolate any noise from the basement. 

Fitness Room

If you are a fitness junky, another basement design idea is to create a gym room or space wherein you can even personalize the basement flooring finish to your desired outcome. You may turn it into a weights room, or if you are more into cardio, maybe a setup to perform circuit workouts.

How do I redesign my basement?

There are three principles when redesigning your basement — basement lighting, color, and accessories. A basement is a dark place where natural light is limited or none at all. Adding the appropriate lights will help improve the ambiance of the basement design idea. The next thing is color. Finding a suitable color scheme will make the basement more inviting. Ideally, it is better to go with a bright color scheme since the basement is dark. Lastly, accessorize your basement setup. It is better to have the right furniture or art display to make the basement room idea come to life. Adding a mini library, gaming setup, or a basement bar will level up the basement room.

You can also redesign your basement by using architectural details to further enhance or upscale the current basement setup. The basic elements to consider are crown molding and ceiling details, beadboard and paneling, and baseboards. Architectural details create sophistication and make a big impression on your basement redo. 

How to Plan Designing Your Basement Remodel

Inspect the existing structure

Check the steadiness of the current framing and design. Checking also for pockets of decay or rot, watching for bug harm, and making certain to check for delicate ones, such as windows walls and established creases, is very important.

Test for moisture issues

It is of utmost importance to check for moisture issues in humid environments. A small plastic sheet is cut and taped to various walls and floors. If moisture forms beneath the plastic sheet, there could be a potential foundation leak.

Schedule a professional inspection of the HVAC system

Recruit a professional to investigate your warming framework and ventilation work. Financially plan for any suggested fixes you feel essential and rest simpler, realizing that carbon monoxide releases and other risky HVAC issues won’t be an issue.

Measure for ceiling height

Headroom in any basement is one of the most critical steps. Checking with the local authority office for local building code requirements, but most importantly, a minimum ceiling height of 7 feet. Drop ceilings are a nice feature, but we are sure the ceiling height is enough.

Tackle foundation cracks and waterproofing projects

Keeping an eye out for water problems is very important because homeowners can handle some small cracks and waterproofing. Other extensive cracks require the attention of a professional contractor, however.

Invest in a second sump pump

After investing thousands of dollars in a finished basement, it would be wise to invest in a battery-operated backup sump pump to avoid basement flooding.

Layout space

Consider the natural lighting and spot your principal gathering zone close by. Make sure that rooms on this level have an appropriately estimated window. Furniture should be arranged away from the main traffic stream.

Research industry innovations to combat common basement issues

New products on the market that help solve basement issues such as molds and mildew are available from time to time. Make time to review and research before investing in order to save money and time.

Create a budget and pad it

We desire a perfect basement remodeling output. However, it is wise to create a budget as there might be additional costs along the way when renovating. Set a budget, add about 15% for incidental costs, and pad it.

Get ready for an adventure

A basement upgrade will definitely set your foot on a new adventure. This remodeled basement will provide you a new space and comfort at your home. 

What is the usual budget of renovating a basement?

Basement remodel cost can go from $5,000 to $70,000. It would heavily depend on the current finish of your basement. There are many things to consider when redoing a basement. It does not solely depend on the design but also the plumbing, HVAC system, permits, and many more. The new basement idea may also be costly if the idea is too detailed or sophisticated. 

What is a cheap way to finish a basement?

Basement remodeling ideas can go wild, especially with grand designs. A cheap way to finish a basement is by minimizing costs on raw materials such as wall fabrics, flooring, and paint. It can help you save up when you choose good enough materials for the basement design idea. 

Another cheap way to finish a basement is by recycling materials you already have. You don’t have to purchase new accessories or fancy items to design your basement. Reuse displays or equipment from the upper floor to save up remodeling your basement.

Tips when Planning and Designing for Basement Renovations

When redesigning your basement, it is always good to consider these 3 things:

Envision your basement idea

Visualize what you want your basement to look like. You must know what you want and need. It is fun to get creative and have a basement makeover. Start by looking at pegs online or think of what you would best need the space for. It can be a small gym, a mini-theater, or even a library. It all depends on what you envision your basement setup to be.

Evaluate your current setup

Note that remodeling your basement will depend on your basement’s current structure. You might have to consider the spacing, materials used, or the features of the existing basement. It is essential to evaluate the current condition as the basement remodeling will heavily depend on it. We might have to check if the flooring, plumbing, and finishing are still intact. 

Remember HVAC and Plumbing

Plumbing and ventilation are essential when remodeling your basement. These are hidden within the walls and might not be something you would consider when designing your basement. However, these will be a huge factor if you install a basement bathroom or a sink. The HVAC system will help process clean, dry, and fresh air to ensure that your basement is well ventilated in any season.

This job, however, needs to be done by a licensed professional as installing these requires safety. A licensed professional will help achieve your desired basement setting and keep your basement safe from any possible leaks or fires.

Post Renovation

Don’t celebrate just yet. Your renovation isn’t done yet. For starters, you have to do a thorough inspection of your basement to see if there are still any cracks, loose wiring, and unpainted sections. It’s important that you inspect everything so you can make a complaint before your contractors leave.

After that, you’ll want to enlist the help of professional cleaning services to make sure your place is spotless. Renovations will always be messy — dirt and debris accumulates as your contractors work around your basement so you want it clean before bringing any stuff back in. This is where a house cleaning service can be incredibly helpful, ensuring that your newly remodeled basement is pristine and ready for use.

Need help bringing your basement ideas to life?

Redesigning your basement will not simply satisfy your creativity if you don’t bring it to life. This is a considerable investment that also has a more significant return. Basement remodeling increases the value of your property and will be more enticing to future buyers if any. 

DIY basement remodeling is complex, especially when you have no background in plumbing, HVAC systems, or flooring. There are safety measures to be followed when dealing with extensive remodeling. It may cause more damage than good if you do not know how to deal with internal fixes. The best thing to do is hire a professional to make everything come to life. In this way, your basement design ideas will have no basement issues in the future. 

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