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Tuckpointing is the process of repairing mortar between the bricks or stones in a structure. It is necessary to tuckpoint regularly, as the mortar between bricks and stones can wear away over time, which can cause structural damage. A professional should do tuckpointing to ensure that it is done correctly.

If you’re looking for a professional tuckpointing contractor in Washington, DC, Paragon Remodeling is your best bet. We have extensive experience with this type of work, and our team is equipped with the tools and expertise necessary to get the job done right. Contact us today for a free estimate, and let us help you restore your home’s exterior!

Benefits of Getting Tuckpointing For Your Washington, DC Property

Make it look brand new

If you have noticed that some of the mortar between your home’s bricks is missing, it may be time for a tuckpointing job. Tuckpointing can restore the appearance of your home by filling in these spaces and making the brick look new again. Tuckpointing is a great way to improve your home’s appearance and extend its life. 

Stop moisture from seeping into your home

Mortar is responsible for holding the bricks together and protecting them from moisture damage. If water seeps through the mortar and into the bricks, it can cause all sorts of problems, from mildew and mold to structural damage. That’s why it’s essential to have your tuckpointing inspected regularly and repaired as needed.

Save money

Tuckpointing is one of the most effective ways to preserve a home’s structure and prevent costly damage in the future. By repairing the mortar between the bricks, homeowners can safeguard their investment and avoid more expensive repairs down the road. While it may seem like a minor task, tuckpointing can make a big difference in the overall health of a home.

Increase your house’s overall value

Although it is often forgotten, a home’s exterior is a crucial part of what sells it. Making sure that your house looks its best from the street can be the deciding factor for many buyers. One important way to improve your home’s exterior look is by tuckpointing.

What Our Washington, DC Tuckpointing Contractors Offer

Chimney and Fireplace Tuckpointing

If you have a chimney or fireplace in your home, it’s important to ensure that the mortar is in good condition and doesn’t need repairs. Paragon Remodeling offers chimney and fireplace tuckpointing to keep your home safe and looking beautiful.

Brickwall Tuckpointing

One way to help maintain your home’s structural integrity is by having brick wall tuckpointing done. Paragon Remodeling offers this service to help homeowners keep their homes in good condition. Our experienced professionals will carefully repair any damage to your bricks and mortar, ensuring that your home remains structurally sound.

Residential Tuckpointing

If you’re like most homeowners, you take great pride in your home. Naturally, you want it to look its best at all times, and that includes keeping the mortar between the bricks in good condition. Luckily, there’s Paragon Remodeling to help with residential tuckpointing. We’ll work diligently to restore your mortar and keep your home looking sharp!

Commercial Building Tuckpointing

A critical aspect of commercial property maintenance is tuckpointing. Paragon Remodeling offers professional tuckpointing services for business owners. Our experienced professionals can do comprehensive tuckpointing services for all kinds of spaces, from small offices to large warehouses.

Historic Building Tuckpointing

Paragon Remodeling is your go-to service for keeping your historic building beautiful and sturdy. We specialize in fixing the old mortar, ensuring the structure remains secure while preserving its classic charm. With us, your building’s history and future are in safe hands.

Why Employ Our Washington, DC Contractors When Dealing with Tuckpointing?

Expect a fast response 

We pride ourselves on our fast response times and quality workmanship. Whether you’re looking for a small update or a complete renovation of your historic building, we can help transform it into the space you’ve always dreamed of.

Work with knowledgeable and experienced contractors 

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and experienced contractor in tuckpointing, you should consider Paragon Remodeling. We have over 15 years of experience in the industry, and we’re dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality workmanship.

Fire Safety Experts

Our contractors are experts in all aspects of fire prevention and protection. We use the latest technologies and procedures to ensure that your home or historic building is safe from fires, and we’ll work with you to create a custom fire protection plan that meets your needs. 

Affordable Rates

While there are many reputable companies out there, some charge a premium price because they work with a middleman. At Paragon Remodeling, we cut out the middleman and offer affordable rates for our high-quality services.

Our Tuckpointing Services

Chimney and Fireplace Tuckpointing

Brick Wall Tuckpointing

Residential Tuckpointing

Commercial Building Tuckpointing

What our Clients Say About Us

“Paragon’s premier agent was super knowledgeable about the DC metro area and helped me hone in on my dream home in no time. I’ve already referred them to 3 of my colleagues with great feedback.”

Stacey W.

“I just wanted you to know how impressed I am with the crew’s hard work and attention to detail while they were installing my new windows. They obviously take a lot of pride in their job and have gone above and beyond my expectations in making sure I am happy with the final product from room to room.”

Jason F.

How Our Washington, DC Contractors Handle Tuckpointing

Step 1: Remove mortar joints

The first step in tuckpointing is to remove the old mortar. We usually use an angle grinder, as it is less time-consuming than using a hammer and chisel.

Step 2: Remove dust and debris

Using a masonry brush, we remove the dust and debris from the ground-out mortar joints. If the dust is too thick, we use a high-pressure air nozzle to do the job.

Step 3: Mix new mortar

Once the ground-out mortar joints are already clean, we mix the new mortar to make sure it matches the existing color of the brick.

Step 4: Fill the joints

Once the mortar is ready, we begin to fill the joints with the new mortar. In doing this, we start with the horizontal joints first.

Step 5: Smoothen

After applying the mortar to the joints, we smooth it to achieve a flat-looking surface. Depending on your request, we may also give it a slightly indented look.

Step 6: Make straight lines

When the new mortar starts to harden, we use a straightedge and a tuckpointing tool to make straight lines in the center of the joints. To make it look neat, we make sure that the lines we make are as straight as possible.

Paragon Remodeling provides Masonry Tuckpointing Services in the following Washington, DC areas:

Tuckpointing FAQs (click to expand)

The average cost of tuckpointing can vary depending on the size of your house, the severity of the damage, and the contractor you choose.

Tuckpointing is a specialized trade that not many people know about. It is expensive because it requires a high level of skill and knowledge to do it properly. That's why it's important to choose a contractor who knows what they're doing if you need this service done on your home. Improper tuckpointing can cause extensive damage, so it's best to leave it to the professionals.

Masonry mortar joints are one of the most important parts of a masonry wall. They are designed to have a minimum depth of 3/4 inch and should be filled with mortar that is of the same color as the brick or stone. To ensure that your walls look their best, it is important to follow these guidelines when creating your mortar joints. Failing to do so may result in an unattractive wall and could also compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Yes, tuckpointing masonry works. Tuckpointing offers homeowners many benefits, such as increased property value, improved insulation, and decreased repair costs. If you're thinking about renovating your home, don't forget about tuckpointing! Yes, tuckpointing masonry works. Tuckpointing offers homeowners many benefits, such as increased property value, improved insulation, and decreased repair costs. If you're thinking about renovating your home, don't forget about tuckpointing!

The longevity of tuckpointing can depend on a variety of factors, including the climate, quality of work, and the type of mortar used. Generally speaking, tuckpointing on a historic building can last around 25-30 years. However, it's crucial to note that this is a rough estimate, and the actual lifespan could vary. In wetter climates or under certain conditions, the mortar in your wall may need replacement more frequently.

After tuckpointing has been completed on a historic building, regular inspections are key to maintaining its condition. It's recommended to check for signs of wear or damage annually, especially after harsh weather conditions like heavy rain, snow, or frost. If any degradation or loose mortar is noticed, it needs to be addressed promptly to prevent further damage. Additionally, keeping the bricks or stones clean and free from harmful substances like mold or mildew can also help prolong the lifespan of tuckpointing.