Masonry Tuckpointing Contractors in Northern Virginia

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Tuckpointing is the art of removing and replacing bricks to make mortar joints look good. The mortar joints won’t be straight and regular-looking if you just build a wall out of bricks without tuckpointing. 

If you’ve never hired a tuckpointing contractor in Northern Virginia before, it’s hard to know which tuckpointing service to go with. If the contractors you hire don’t pay attention to detail, they may end up doing a sloppy job.

Paragon Remodeling Company is one of the best tuckpointing service providers in Northern Virginia. Tuckpointing can increase the curb appeal and help you save money on energy costs. If you choose Paragon Remodeling as your contractor for tuckpointing service, you will be paying only for an excellent service that will increase your home’s value.

What is Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing is a way of using two contrasting colors of mortar in the mortar joints of brickwork, with one color matching the bricks themselves to give an artificial impression that excellent joints have been made.

How Our Northern Virginia Contractors Handle Tuckpointing

Step 1. Remove mortar joints

The first step in tuckpointing is to remove the old mortar. We usually use an angle grinder, as it is less time-consuming than using a hammer and chisel.

Step 2.  Remove dust and debris

Using a masonry brush, we remove the dust and debris from the ground-out mortar joints. If the dust is too thick, we use a high-pressure air nozzle to do the job.

Step 3. Mix new mortar

Once the ground-out mortar joints are already clean, we mix the new mortar to make sure it matches the existing color of the brick.

Step 4. Fill the joints

Once the mortar is ready, we begin to fill the joints with the new mortar. In doing this, we start with the horizontal joints first.

Step 5. Smoothen

After applying the mortar to the joints, we smooth it to achieve a flat-looking surface. Depending on your request, we may also give it a slightly indented look.

Step 6. Make straight lines

When the new mortar starts to harden, we use a straightedge and a tuckpointing tool to make straight lines in the center of the joints. To make it look neat, we make sure that the lines we produce are as straight as possible.

Top Customer Reviews on Our Tuckpointing Contractors in Northern Virginia

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Stacey W.

“I just wanted you to know how impressed I am with the crew’s hard work and attention to detail while they were installing my new windows. They obviously take a lot of pride in their job and have gone above and beyond my expectations in making sure I am happy with the final product from room to room.”

Jason F.

Tuckpointing Contractors in Northern Virginia FAQs (Click to Expand)

Tuckpointing has often been used to hide the evidence of wear and tear on buildings, whereas it is an essential part of good masonry in its proper form. For old structures made of brick, tuckpointing involves re-pointing mortar joints that may have been damaged and allow water into the structure.

Tuckpointing can last for 25 to 30 years, depending on your region. If you live in an area with heavy rainfall and humidity levels, you may need to tuckpoint more often. Moreover, the quality of mortar used in tuckpointing can affect how long the work will last. If you use good mortar, your brickwork will likely remain in good condition for longer than if you use poor-quality mortar.