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Tuckpointing is the process of repairing mortar joints between bricks or stone masonry structures. It involves the removal of deteriorated mortar and replacement with fresh mortar. Tuckpointing is often used to correct problems such as moisture intrusion, loose bricks, or cracked stones. Although it can be a time-consuming process, tuckpointing can add years to the life of your masonry structure. 

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How Our Friendship Heights Contractors Handle Tuckpointing

Step 1. Remove mortar joints

The first step in tuckpointing is to remove the old mortar. We usually use an angle grinder, as it is less time-consuming than using a hammer and chisel.

Step 2.  Remove dust and debris

Using a masonry brush, we remove the dust and debris from the ground-out mortar joints. If the dust is too thick, we use a high-pressure air nozzle to do the job.

Step 3. Mix new mortar

Once the ground-out mortar joints are already clean, we mix the new mortar to make sure it matches the existing color of the brick.

Step 4. Fill the joints

Once the mortar is ready, we begin to fill the joints with the new mortar. In doing this, we start with the horizontal joints first.

Step 5. Smoothen

After applying the mortar to the joints, we smooth it to achieve a flat-looking surface. Depending on your request, we may also give it a slightly indented look.

Step 6. Make straight lines 

When the new mortar starts to harden, we use a straightedge and a tuckpointing tool to make straight lines in the center of the joints. To make it look neat, we make sure that the lines we produce are as straight as possible.

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Tuckpointing Contractors in Friendship Heights FAQs (Click to Expand)

The average cost of tuckpointing depends on several factors, including the size of the building, the amount of repair work that needs to be done, and the location of the building. Generally, though, tuckpointing costs range from $5-$25 per square foot.

Tuckpointing is a skilled trade that not many people are familiar with. It's one of the more expensive home repairs because it requires specialized knowledge and equipment. If you require this service, be sure to hire a professional to do the job correctly. Otherwise, you may end up paying for it twice.

Yes, tuckpointing masonry works. Tuckpointing not only strengthens the wall but also seals any cracks or holes that may have developed, making the home more energy-efficient and preventing water damage. Additionally, properly maintained tuckpointing can add to the curb appeal of your home and increase its resale value.

Mortar joints are an essential part of any masonry structure. They help keep the bricks or blocks in place and provide a watertight seal. Mortar joints should be ground out to a minimum depth of 3/4 inch, and it’s important to use the right type of mortar for the application.