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Tuckpointing is the process of repairing mortar joints in masonry walls. It is an important part of home maintenance and should be done regularly to keep your home looking its best and to prevent larger problems from developing. 

If you’re in need of a tuckpointing contractor, Paragon Restoration is the company for you. We offer high-quality services at competitive prices, and our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to meeting your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and get a free estimate.

Benefits of Getting Tuckpointing For Your Park View Property

Make it look brand new

If your home is starting to look a little worn down, tuckpointing may be the solution you need. Tuckpointing can fill in any cracks or gaps in your brickwork, and it can make your home look brand new again.

Stop moisture from getting into your home

There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with moisture problems in your home. Whether it’s a leaky roof or water seeping through the foundation, it can be difficult to get things back on track. However, one solution that can help prevent moisture from entering your home is tuckpointing.

Save money

It may seem like a frivolous expense now, but tuckpointing can save you from costly renovation work in the future. In addition, by ensuring that your brickwork is sealed correctly and maintained, tuckpointing can add years to the life of your home.

Increase your house’s overall value

When it comes time to sell your home, you’ll want to make sure that it’s in the best condition possible. One way to do this is by tuckpointing the mortar between the bricks on your exterior walls. Tuckpointing can increase your home’s overall market value and make it more appealing to buyers.

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Stacey W.

“While I was looking for tuckpointing contractors online, I came across Paragon Remodeling. Our old house in Washington needed some work to be done and I contacted them immediately. To my surprise, they were very responsive and were able to start working right away. Their contractors were able to finish my tuckpointing job request just in time for my dad’s birthday. Thanks, Paragon Remodeling!.”

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Factors Our Park View Contractors Consider When Utilizing Tuckpointing

The right masonry services needed

It’s important to consult with a professional remodeling contractor who understands the necessary services and procedures required for this type of renovation project. Paragon Remodeling has over 15 years of experience in the business, so we know exactly what needs to be done to restore your home’s masonry features and enhance its appearance.

How damaged your building is

Paragon Remodeling is an experienced company with experts who can accurately assess any damage and recommend the best course of action. We offer free consultations so that homeowners can get all of their questions answered and make an informed decision about what services they need.

The right mortar needed 

Different types of mortar are needed for different climates, and it’s important to use the right type so that your home is properly protected. Paragon Remodeling has extensive experience in the industry and knows which type of mortar is best for your home.

Tuckpointing Contractors in Park View FAQs (Click to Expand)

The average cost of tuckpointing can vary based on the contractor you choose, the size of your home, and other factors.

Like with any other specialized field, tuckpointing is expensive. This is because it takes years of experience and practice to perfect this skill. If you're in need of tuckpointing services, make sure to hire a qualified professional to get the job done right. Otherwise, you could end up with costly repairs down the road.

Yes, tuckpointing masonry works. Tuckpointing can offer homeowners many benefits, from increased property value to decreased repair costs down the road. So if you're thinking about tuckpointing your home, now is the time!

Mortar joints should be ground out to a minimum depth of 3/4 inch. This allows for proper bonding between the new mortar and the masonry. When tuckpointing is done incorrectly, it can lead to future water damage and deterioration of the masonry.