What is a sunroom?

Sunroom additions are an excellent extension to any house, especially those with amazing views of nature and an open skyline. People typically build sunroom additions for comfort, but as this sleek feature increases in popularity, it is becoming more common in a variety of larger homes.

Sunrooms allow homeowners to make their homes more than just a place to live and survive. The sunroom provides them with the comfort of a gym, a pool, numerous recreation spaces, and other amenities. A sunroom is one of the traditional room additions that you can do at home. 

Are sunrooms worth it?

A sunroom should be one of the featured rooms in your home. Why not add one to your home if it doesn’t already have one? The sunroom is a southern tradition, and nothing beats sitting in your sunroom on a warm summer evening, listening to the gentle breeze through open windows. It’s like getting a little piece of heaven right here on Earth. 

Getting a sunroom addition is dependent on the wishes and expenditure of the homeowner. A sunroom addition can provide you with invaluable personal enjoyment, cozy space, and lifestyle value.

Reasons Why Adding a Sunroom to Your House is Worth It

Convenient Relaxation

Where else in your house can you unwind in a peaceful, relaxing environment? With the freedom to close off the rest of the house and build a completely separate room, you can read, meditate, or do whatever you want in your quiet time. It is an essential living space if you need a private room for yourself. 

Natural Beauty

Many sunrooms have a lot of plant life, which adds to the calming atmosphere and serves as a work of living art that can be enjoyed all year. A little study into when the plants bloom during the year is a good idea to ensure that different plants are blooming at various times during the year. Plants placed directly outside the sunroom often attract more attractive wildlife, such as birds and butterflies. 

Entertainment Room

Don’t you think such a lovely and enjoyable room needs to be shared with your family and friends? A sunroom is ideal for quiet tea parties, but it’s also appropriate for more formal occasions. Almost any day worth commemorating can be kept in the natural splendor of your sunroom. Additional space for entertaining guests is never a bad idea. 

Extra Living Space

Wouldn’t having a different place to get away from it all be a great idea if you live in a house with many people? Even if there aren’t many other people around, you’re bound to have a few extra chairs and maybe a small table that would look great in a brand new sunroom. This supplemental space is great for big families.

Value of Equity

The use you get out of your sunroom might be enough of a bonus, but home improvements are a bonus in and of themselves due to home equity. If the home’s value rises due to the addition, it will quickly pay for itself. You’ll thank yourself one day, perhaps in the future, for having the foresight and insight to employ a general contractor to finish your beautiful new sunroom. 

You’re not only investing in the future when you install a sunroom, but you’re also having a room with endless possibilities. Your sunroom will serve as both a practical part of your home and a delightful place to spend time.

Best Sunroom Addition Designs and Ideas

The words “sunrooms,” “sun porches,” and “sun lounges” all refer to the same thing. Whatever you name it, we’re talking about supplemental space with many windows and sometimes even a glass roof called a conservatory that lets in a lot of natural light. 

Sunrooms are typically attached to the south-facing side of a house; the more south-facing exposure you can get, the more light and warmth can enter the room. 

If this definition appeals to you, you may want to reach out to a reputable sunroom contractor to help you build your custom sunroom addition! Here are the best examples of sunroom designs and ideas that you can do.

Sunroom for Parties

Sunroom for Parties

Sunrooms are usually spacious. This is the perfect space to host parties of all kinds! Private parties can be easily celebrated in your sunroom additions. The best thing about this is that you have the perfect view for your guests. 

You can set up long tables and decorative chairs if you often have lunch or dinner events. Another design idea is to include a dance floor area for dance parties. 

Small Square Sunroom

Small Square Sunroom
Photo Source – Pinterest

If you want to have a sunroom but are trying to be a minimalist, a small square regular sunroom is ideal. This would still give you a sunroom and space for whatever you may use your sunroom for.

You can use this as your living room or dining room extension. Place a couple of sunroom furniture and sunroom blinds to make your small square sunroom look nice.

Mansard Sunroom

Mansard Sunroom
Photo Source – Pinterest

Sunrooms don’t have to be on the ground floor. Suppose your loft has supplemental space. Set up a Mansard Sunroom using double pane glass panels. This will give you a nice view of your area. It will also save you a lot of money if you want a sunroom addition. This custom room addition can brighten up the house.

Greenhouse Style

Sunroom Greenhouse Style

This sunroom design is an essential living space for those who enjoy growing various house plants that need a lot of light. Because of the inclement weather, it is not always possible to position the plants in an outdoor space. 

A custom-built room, mainly if it’s a four-season sunroom, solves this issue. With vibrant flowers and comfortable sofas, you can turn the sunroom into a relaxing retreat. Your afternoons will undoubtedly become more pleasurable, as will your nights spent under the stars. 

Sunroom with Fireplace

Sunroom with Fireplace
Photo Source – Pinterest

Having a fireplace within the four-season sunroom is a great idea for cold winters! This will not only keep you warm but can also be a place to bond with your family and pets. You can place an electric fireplace or a temporary space heater if the neighboring area is not a fan of the real thing. 

Winters will be warmer with a fireplace area in your sunroom addition. This supplemental heating and add-on living space is a great addition to your original house.

Sunroom Spa

Sunroom Spa
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Another sunroom option is a spa area. An indoor sunroom jacuzzi will give you relaxing vibes. You can also modify your sunroom as a spa area if you want to have a massage after taking a dip in the jacuzzi. You can set up a tanning bed to enjoy the sun. This would be a great recreational space for people who love to go to the spa! Installing some blinds to provide shade in a warmer climate will be fantastic.

Sunroom Gym

Sunroom Gym
Photo Source – Pinterest

A sunroom gym is perfect for people who love to work out! You can use the treadmill here with a lovely sunny or starry view. Even if you don’t have a view, sunshine and fresh air are preferable to artificial light and air conditioning. The size of this sunroom will overwhelm you, but you can customize it to your liking. Ensure the appropriate flooring to avoid any floor scratches from the equipment. You can also set up a meditation area if you love doing yoga.

Things to Consider When Planning Sunroom Home Additions

Location of Sunroom

When it comes to sunroom addition, the location is the most critical consideration. People who live in the north should consider placing the sunroom on the house’s southern side. When you get home from work, the sun will be shining into it, allowing you to make the most of it. Otherwise, if you live in the South, you’ll want it on the northern side of your house to keep it from getting too humid in the afternoon when you’ll want to use it. Either that, or you’ll have to add a cooling system to the mix. Take note of your location’s climate. You need to check if you need a four-season or three-season sunroom.

Materials Used

Another essential factor to remember is the materials used to build your sunroom. While many of today’s sunrooms use vinyl with aluminum supports, you might not find it aesthetically pleasing or that it does not complement the rest of your house. Sunrooms can be made out of almost any material, but the one thing to remember is to choose your windows carefully. You can ask your sunroom provider if you need any guidance.

Windows with a high UV rating are one of the most common options for a sunroom. In other words, you can relax and enjoy your room without worrying about getting a sunburn. Just be sure to use high-quality materials because you’ll want your room to withstand the stress of being used often by you and your family.

Size of Sunroom

Another consideration when constructing a sunroom is the scale. You want the sunroom to be an extension of your living space, but if it’s too big, it won’t fit in with the rest of your house and will look out of place. When it’s too cramped and too crowded, it’s not going to be very enjoyable. Most people agree that a 15-by-15-foot sunroom kit is the best size, particularly if you want to use it as a year-round space and spend money heating it in the winter. 

If you plan for a sunroom addition, you can discuss all of these issues with your home addition contractor. The room’s location, materials, and size will influence how important it becomes in your life. Furthermore, if you ever plan to sell your house, you can rest assured that the sunroom will provide just enough extra appeal to ensure that your home does not sit on the market for long. You will also discover that, if done correctly, your sunroom will provide you with a substantial return on your initial investment.

How much does it cost to add on a sunroom?

The cost of a sunroom usually ranges between $20,000 and $80,000. Several factors determine the expense. If you want an enormous sunroom with more customizable options, you’ll have to pay at the top of the price range. In comparison, a smaller, less personalized space would bring the sunroom cost closer to the lower end of the scale. Take note that a building permit should also be part of the sunroom construction costing.

Tips on How to Use Sunroom Additions in Your House

Sunrooms are a fantastic addition to any home, particularly those with great outdoors and an open skyline. Sunrooms are typically built for relaxation, but as this elegant addition increases in popularity, it’s becoming more common in larger homes. 

Sunrooms enable homeowners to make their homes more than just a place to live and exist. They can use the sunroom to access a gym, a spa, various entertainment areas, and more. 

Here are some great ideas for using your sunroom to liven up your life and start doing something fun with the space around you.

Double as a play area

There’s no better way to keep kids interested in the outdoors than to get them outside, to begin with. Unfortunately, that option isn’t always available, particularly when the weather turns bad or it’s simply too cold out. A sunroom will provide children with exposure to the natural environment as they play indoors (even on a sunny day). Many parents, especially grandparents, choose to convert their sunroom into a large playroom. Not only can they enjoy nature from the comfort of their own home, but it also keeps their toys in one place. This space for family, especially the kids, is a true room addition.

A place for the pets

Although few people confess to catering to their pets’ every wish, you’d be shocked how many people have sunrooms dedicated to their pets. Providing a bright, accessible oasis for animals to bask in the sun is a beautiful gift to give a pet, but it’s also a brilliant idea for people who go away often and leave their pets alone. They’ll get the sunshine and natural exposure they need for safe play and energy in a sunroom.

To get in shape 

Sunrooms can help us take a break from our hectic lives to enjoy a little bit of nature, mainly when the weather is terrible. Those spaces, however, aren’t just for sitting and relaxing. Many homeowners have transformed it into a relaxing space for yoga, weight lifting, or other cardio activities like boxing or treadmill running. There’s nothing like being able to enjoy the outdoors while working out in the comfort of your own house.

The spa treatment 

Yes, there’s something to be said about how soothing nature can be, and you can enhance the experience by outfitting your sunroom with spa-like luxuries and amenities. Hot tub, tanning bed, foot spa, and daybed are all available. It’s your space; how do you want to unwind?

Pure entertainment

We all have an entertainer inside of us, and we all want to have a good time. The sunroom is a fantastic place to play games. You can put everything you need to complete your entertainment pad from a big screen tv, a pool table, and video games. Nothing beats a good survival horror game in the dark, with only the glass of your sunroom separating you and the night.

Don’t know what to do with sunroom additions? Ask a home addition contractor for help.

There are endless possibilities in constructing a sunroom addition. The costs for sunrooms may be overwhelming, but they can never replace the comfort that they can provide you. If you need help on starting your four-season or year-round sunroom, reach out to a home addition contractor to build your sunroom addition dreams! 

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