What is a Garage Addition? 

A garage addition is as straightforward as it sounds. It’s adding a facility that can house a car. But it doesn’t end there; like every other American household, your garage addition can serve as a storage space and an investment! An additional functional room will surely add up to your house’s value. So if you want to do a garage addition project, then you come to the right page because we’re telling you all about additional housing for your cars and how you can ensure that it will give you monetary benefits in the future too! 

How to plan adding a garage to your house?

So how do you plan the addition of a beautiful garage to your home? All you have to do is ask yourself these three questions: 

What size of garage would you like? 

Consider the size and amount of vehicles that you need to store. Are you in need of something spacious to store a minivan or a small truck? If not, then you can go with a build with a lower ceiling. You should also know how many cars you need to store. Ask your contractor to build you two or more additional garages if needed. 

What will you store in the Garage? 

After considering what type and how many cars you will store in your garage, the next thing to discover is how you can maximize the space you want to add. Ask your contractor to add a few shelves or cabinets for your maintenance tools, outdoor sports equipment, or anything you can store to save space. And oh, don’t forget to make it something fun and creative, like a pullout drawer that pops up just when you need it! 

Do you want a Detached or Attached Garage? 

A detached garage is an additional space that’s built outside your home. The advantage of having a detached car garage is the amount of space that you conserve. For example, you want to build other home addition projects soon, a detached car garage doesn’t have to get deconstructed to give way for the work. This will save you not only a workable land area but also money for building in the future. A detached car garage also serves as a home away from home! Who knows, you might want to put up some benches around it where you can relax and get a different atmosphere in the comfort of your vicinity. An attached garage, on the other hand, is cheaper to build. You don’t have to spend so much money to fix electric connections and other things that need to be checked when starting from scratch. This type of garage addition gives you easy access to your car; connect it through a door in your home – this is totally advantageous during the winter as you don’t need to expose yourself to the cold to get to your vehicle. The type of garage addition that you want highly depends on your preferences, so make sure to explore what you need! 

Detached Garage
Detached Garage
Attached Garage
Attached Garage 

Once you’ve answered these three fundamental questions, you now have a good grasp of what you need and how you want it to be. Make sure that you have your answers in mind or on your phone notes to help guide you in executing the project. 

How much does it cost to add to a garage? 

In the US, the cost to add a garage varies depending on your location and the amount of customization that you want to achieve. The Housing Forum estimates a cost of $40-$50 per square foot for a basic garage, addition costs averaging to a range of $9,600-$12,000 for a single garage and $15,200-$19,000 for a double garage. 

Factors to consider when building a garage

Zoning Laws

Zoning laws in your area govern your garage building project. Research your zoning laws, local codes, and permits, and ensure that your home project is within the allowed provisions. These laws vary per state, so make sure that you visit your local planning department or do some research for planning purposes. If you’re still not confident about a building decision, then you can always ask a contractor to put up the garage that you need. 

Size and type of Garage 

Will you house a big van in your garage or a sedan-type vehicle? Are you getting an attached or detached garage? How about the roof height? Know the specifics of your garage project from roofing material to space for storage, keep in mind what you really need and want. 

Garage contractors 

While building a garage may seem like a necessity in all houses, it’s not your basic household repair. If you’re building a garage addition for your home for the first time, it’s best to consider looking for a trustworthy and experienced garage contractor to get the job done for you. Getting a contractor will give you guaranteed results and a quality garage that’s done in impeccable time. 

Best Garage Addition Design and Ideas

One of the best things about getting a home addition is that you get to choose and design a new amenity in your house! However, choosing which design can be pretty fun and confusing, so here are the top types of garages to help you find the best one that will suit you. 

Traditional Style Garage Plan 

Your traditional style garage is a two-story garage addition with a lot of bonus space and by a lot. You can transform the second level of the garage into several other rooms and additional storage spaces. This type of detached garage can house up to three cars from your sleekest sedan up to your heaviest RV with a wide driveway. If you want another home a few meters away from your home, then a detached traditional style garage plan will surely work for you. 

Craftsman Garage Design

Looking for something more stylish and functional? Then the craftsman garage design is great for you. This type of design is created to harness a lot of natural light resulting in a more defined feature and vibrant color, which translates to a great atmosphere in your garage. This type usually features a double-car garage. The Craftsman Garage design is made to convey intricate details, great driveway design, and well-chosen materials – much like a building done by a craftsman. It’s usually rustic in look and uses high-quality materials like a wall of stone, so if you’re up for that, then you better put this in your options.

Prairie Style Garage Layout

Are you planning to house three or more cars? Then you might be up for the Prairie Style Garage Layout. This type of layout allows more cars and less storage making it possible to house several vehicles in this garage design. This type also allows for extra space plus an area for a workshop. If you own several vehicles or are just passionate about cars and repairs, then this style is great for men or women like you. 

Prairie Style Garage Layout

Traditional Garage and living space 

If you want your garage addition attached to your home, then the traditional garage and living plan is for you. Through this design, you can easily have access to your garage, typically through the kitchen. However, if better access to your garage seems like the right thing for you, then you should go for a traditional garage attached to your home. This type usually allows a two-car garage addition and an option of adding an extra one. 

Tips and Tricks to Remember in Designing Garage Additions

Safety factors

Safety should be a priority when building a garage addition. Make sure that you plan to have enough storage space to store hazardous chemicals and sharp tools. You can also use automatic garage doors that will close immediately to isolate the area in case of a leak. Safety factors are essential in keeping your garage safe and tidy to avoid things that can hurt you or your vehicle. 

Sloping slab

Use a sloping slab as your flooring. Concrete provides a sturdy and functional surface for your vehicles. In addition to this, a sloping angle will avoid water stuck in your garage, protecting your garage from water problems as well as your vehicle. 

Reach out to a professional home addition contractor to help you with your garage additions

If you want to have a high-quality garage addition, then our contractors are just the right people for you! Our more than 15 of experience in building garage addition to homes all over the country earned us the trust of our clients to make their dream garage projects.  We use high-quality materials and have highly skilled builders on our team, so we’re sure that we give you the best service out of your hard-earned money. So whether you’re planning on building a detached or attached garage, give us a call, and we’ll handle the additional construction steps. Get your garage addition done by multi-awarded experts in a home addition. Contact us today! 

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