Adding space into your home is often done when you want to extend your living area or you want to increase your home’s value. But is it really the right thing to do? If you’re wondering whether a house addition project is the right home improvement step then better keep reading because we’ll tell you how to achieve a successful home project in just a couple of minutes of reading! 

How to plan a home addition

So where to start with your new home improvement project. When planning for a home addition, you have to set several things before rolling them out. Here are 3 things that you MUST include in your plan: 

Set your budget

Before you even consider home renovation, you have to determine the resources you want to shell out. By doing this, you can prepare for the vision that you have in mind. In addition to this, your contractors will also be able to align their service according to your capacity and required outcome. A house addition blueprint usually costs around $3,000-$5,000 depending on the area that you will be modifying. An added cost to the total will also come from the materials that you will be using for the construction. If this sounds pricey to you, don’t worry there are ways to cut down costs included in this article so read through. 

Browse through your options

Make the most out of your dream project! Make sure that a house addition is what you really want to do. Allow yourself to a few trips to the hardware store, check for several material choices in terms of colors, material, etc. Take your time in evaluating your choices in design, after all this is a lifetime investment you will make! 

Consult the experts

Get tips from people who have had their homes extended before. Ask friends, workmates, or anyone in proximity about getting a home addition. Start with their reason for getting a home addition up to the specifics like the budget they spent, materials, or if they can refer you to any contractors. It always pays to ask. If you’re the first one to get home remodeling among your peers, then you can go directly to experts to keep you guided. 

Do your research

While asking the experts might be the best thing to do, it’s not a one size fits all solution. You will also need a little background not just for a house addition project but in all other home remodeling projects. Learn more about the procedures done, the materials, and their advantages and disadvantages, and find pegs that you can show your contractor for inspiration in building your home remodeling projects. Nothing beats a knowledgeable and involved client. 

How much do home additions usually cost? 

Plans in the form of blueprints cost around $3,000-$5,000 including all other fees for the building plan. Add the cost of the materials and the labor – these factors will also increase your cost. The national range is about $22,500-$74,000. 

What are the cheapest ways to plan adding onto house?

There are several things that make a big cut to the value of your home addition project. We list three things that can possibly tip the cost scale. One is the permit. You might think this is negotiable but it’s not. Just think of how much it will cost you when you’re caught breaking the rules. You might even get forbidden to do any home remodeling plans! Permit fees depend on the rules in your state and the size of your home addition but worry not as it will not really hurt your purse. Property taxes are another factor that can raise your fees. The basic rule is that the more the bedroom, the higher the property tax it will most likely require. Lastly, you can also lower your costs by checking and trimming down your list of materials, it’s highly likely that you’ll find something to change into a cheaper material with less cost.

Frequently Asked Questions When Drawing Plans for Home Addition

Where can you build? 

Carefully evaluate where you want to add your space. A home addition might seem like a great option now but once you gauge what you really need along with the guidance of professionals, you’ll realize other possibilities and options that will perfectly fit your addition needs. So to answer where you can build, there’s no one answer but the best thing you can do is to carefully assess your needs with professional guidance. Need someone to help you figure out the right location of your home addition project? Get in touch with our trusted contractors today! 

What features do you want to add to your current living space? 

Sky’s the limit on this one! Do you want a new play area for the kids? An additional bedroom to accommodate more guests and visiting family members? How does an extended kitchen with a walk-in pantry sound to you? You can add anything that your family needs. Consider a home addition a smaller version of building your home and you’ll see a lot of things that didn’t cross your mind before. Some things you can do maybe an additional playroom for the kids, a home office, additional bathroom, a sunroom, etc. 

How long does it take to build a home addition? 

The duration of building a home addition depends on factors such as the budget, materials, design, and the number of laborers commissioned to do your project. In estimate, a 300 to 320 square feet addition takes about six weeks to make. 

How will you contend with the existing grade? 

Leveling the added portion of your home needs support to ensure safety. A way to do this is by installing retaining walls to change the grade or designing stacking additions that can complement your existing foundation. If you need help in this aspect, you can always have professionals to decide and do it for you. 

Should you match the exterior finish and roofline? 

Yes, most of the time. But it also depends on factors like the homeowner’s preferences and their budget but most often than not, homeowners opt to match their newly added space to their exterior finish for visual coherence. 

Tips in building home additions

Set your objectives before you start the project

Identify your needs before anything else. Do you need to extend your living space or you want to have a nice cool additional feature for your home? Once you’ve narrowed down your needs, you can carefully plan the execution of your home addition project, the easier it is to navigate to your plan and see the cheapest and effective way to do your dream project, plus, you make the job a lot better for your contractors because your objectives also serve as their roadmap for the project. 

Always find ways to cut down cost

Your dream home project does not have to be that costly. Look for content about home addition on the internet or in magazines, research for dupes, and low-cost versions of furniture. Be smart about your spending, especially for a renovation project that has a relatively high cost. 

Make sure you check all permits

Don’t let your projects get interrupted by problems that could’ve been avoided by just simply working on protocols. Make sure you get all the necessary papers and documents signed before your construction. 

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Home Addition Design Ideas

Add customized touches

If there’s one principle where home addition is built it’s that it came from a personalized demand. So make sure that you add customized touches. How does painting your home addition with your favorite colors sound like? How about adding a piece of special furniture? Make sure that you make it an extension of your home and personality.

Use pre-fabricated add-ons 

Not only are they faster to install but they’re also quite cheaper! Don’t forget to check out pre-fabricated options if you want to cut down on cost or construction time. There are a lot of features in prefabricated house materials like energy input for fireplaces and the likes. 

Ask a professional home addition contractor for any more questions about home addition planning

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