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Water in Basement: Everything You Need to Know

Basement water damage can be one of the most destructive things. Having stagnant water in your basement can cause damage to your home and affect even the atmosphere in your basement! If you don’t want this to happen in your home, then here’s everything you need to know from the root cause and signs up […]

Basement Storage Ideas and Tips 2021

Designing your new basement presents plenty of opportunities for expanding storage. From specially designed closets to built-in shelving and off-season storage, your basement remodeling project can improve your living space and bring order to chaos. However, before installing shelves in your basement, there are a few things you should first consider, such as storage design, […]

Basement Bar DIY Guide: How-Tos, Tips, and Design Ideas

Your basement living space will not only play host to countless social gatherings but will also serve as your haven and private space whenever you want to relax all by yourself. Setting up a bar in your basement renovation provides a focal point for these events. However, choosing the bar design that suits your basement […]