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Basement Remodel Cost 2021

A finished basement provides extra living space in your house and an organized, convenient storage area. Moreover, even though basements do not add square footage, a finished basement increases your house’s marketability if you decide to sell it. Therefore, including your unfinished basement in your house improvement project will give you a high return on […]

How to Deal with Molds in Basement

Molds are found everywhere and usually grow where moisture is available. In homes, basements are generally where molds are found. This comes from the fact that basements are damp due to the trapped moisture in the area caused by poor ventilation. While molds are generally non-toxic, microscopic mold spores are still known to cause respiratory […]

Water Seepage In Basement: What to Do and How to Fix It

Heavy rain pounds against your windows, making you wrap your blanket a little tighter around yourself.  While this rain may give you the perfect time to curl up with a good book or movie, the heavy rain is nature’s assault on your basement. The worst part of this assault is that it’s a slow and […]

A Guide To Basement Insulation

Insulation plays a vital role in your basement remodeling project to create a cozy and comfortable living space downstairs. However, this component needs to be done right, with the proper materials installed correctly. Ensure your basement contractor follows these tips on insulating your basement to get the most from your remodeling project.  Why is basement […]

Basement Remodel Ideas, Plans, and Tips: 2021 Guide

The basement is one part of the house that often has practical purposes such as doing the laundry, working on small random projects, or just a space for dumping and storing stuff. Little do we know that the basement can be enhanced to so much more. Basement remodeling is one of the new trends. We […]

Low Basement Ceiling Ideas Guide

If you’re looking for low ceiling basement ideas to transform your space, then you’ve already done a great job in finding this article. Getting a low ceiling basement to remodel can be tricky if not started with the proper knowledge of construction. This is why we created this article to better equip you on how […]