There are numerous reasons for building retaining walls, but most people hire a contractor to build these structures to hold back the earth. Retaining wall contractors use concrete, stone, or other building materials to create the features that help raise or lower the earth in your landscape. These professionals can also help you design a system where water will drain between existing landscape features.

A good retaining wall must be strong, stable, durable, and preferably low-maintenance. It should also blend into the surrounding environment. Although many material options are available today, concrete is still one of the longest-lasting. It’s also one of the most visually attractive types of retaining wall. If you’re considering retaining walls, it’s essential to understand all the factors involved before getting an estimate for building this type of wall. 

What is a retaining wall?

Retaining walls are a great way to level out the uneven ground and provide a pleasant environment for landscaping. They typically consist of two or more horizontal layers that have been built up from the ground. The space between these levels will then be filled with soil and smaller stones, rocks, gravel, sand, or dirt, which will hold everything together. These materials also serve as an additional layer of protection against erosion from harsh weather conditions such as wind and rain.

How do I know if I need a retaining wall?

No flat soil to grow vegetation

Retaining walls are a great way to give your yard the flat soil you need for planting vegetation. All you have to do is find an experienced retaining wall contractor in your area, tell them what size of wall you would like, and they will take care of the rest. 

Problems with the drainage

Retaining walls are a standard solution for homeowners looking to solve drainage problems. Retaining walls work by collecting surface water and directing it away from home through a discharge point, typically at the bottom of the wall. 

Possible erosion

Retaining walls are used to protect the area of ground behind them from erosion. These structures can be built with stone, concrete blocks, or other materials. They are typically sloped so that rainwater flows off their surface and does not pool in front of them.

Backyard isn’t separated

Retaining walls help you define the space in your backyard and provide separation from other parts of your yard or landscape. Your slope can be divided into sections with different levels so that each section has its level ground.

Issues with the foundation

Retaining walls are great if you have issues with your foundation, or it’s possible that the ground around your house could become unstable in the future. They can be made of various materials and often serve as a foundation for landscaping, preventing any soil from washing away. 

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Things to Consider When a Hiring Retaining Wall Contractor

Track Record

It is essential to do your research and understand the company’s track record before hiring a retaining wall contractor. The track record will help you determine how reliable a contractor is in carrying out the task at hand.

Customer Reviews

Reviews comment on the quality of work and how satisfied customers are with their choice. They can be a significant factor in determining whether or not you go ahead with deciding to hire someone for employment purposes. Knowing the hazards and exposures involved with retaining wall repair, it’s wise to check background history and credentials before making your hiring decision.

Competitive Pricing

The installation cost of a retaining wall can be high depending on the material used. That’s why you should find a retaining wall contractor who will give you a price for the job. You should also find estimates from different contractors if possible or get quotes from at least three different ones before making your decision.


An insurance policy will protect you from the costs of a retaining wall accident. If your retaining wall collapses or has been damaged by an event, you will have to pay for repairs or a complete replacement if the contractor you chose does not provide insured services.

Benefits of Hiring a Retaining Wall Contractor

Connections to other local contractors

Retaining wall contractors generally know what suppliers will carry the best quality stone, the best-colored stone, or just about any other material desired by their clients. These connections help you find the exact product that you need for your wall.

Best deals

Since most home improvement projects deal with improving the look and comfort of your home, contractors do not charge for their time. Instead, they usually base their fees on a percentage of the materials that they use. Retaining wall contractors get the best deals from wholesale fabricators, which brings down their material cost and, in turn, reduces the percentage charge to you.

Completes the job correctly

We all need contractors from time to time. It is well known that not all contractors are created equal, though. There are a few things you should look for in any contractor if you want your project to succeed. Working with a retaining wall contractor means that you can expect to see the best results from your project.

Delivers high-quality retaining walls

Hiring a great retaining wall contractor will make you feel confident that your retaining wall is going to look good and provide the function it needs to, because the building materials are going to be high quality and expertly handled, and because you’re going to pay for a reliable contractor who takes great pride in his work.

Stress saver

A retaining wall contractor can build a retaining wall in a far shorter period than it would take an individual to do the job. This is great when you consider how long it will take when you construct a retaining wall yourself. In addition, having them handle the project is ideal for most people because it allows them to concentrate on other areas in their lives.

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