Being a homeowner comes with the huge responsibility of maintaining your own property. Having your property for decades, you might not know, could not be as efficient as it was before. Building a retaining wall is one of the ways you can keep your property safe. Not only does it add aesthetics, but it also provides protection and prevention from harmful flooding, landslides, and erosion. You might get some peace of mind after a retaining wall installation.

In addition, a well-constructed retaining wall may be the answer to your need for a driveway, shed, or patio. You can also convert your graded hill into a plateau with the help of the retaining wall. If you are concerned about your foundation and want to know how you know if it is necessary to have a retaining wall. Continue reading.

Signs You Need a Retaining Wall

A retaining wall does not only give stability and a great foundation to your home, but it can also be the reason why your house looks extraordinarily pleasing. Retaining walls are everywhere, and you might be overlooking them without knowing what their uses are. And maybe, you might not know that your property is in dire need of one.

Here are a few signs that you need a retaining wall:

High risk of erosion

Are you in an area where you need downhill erosion to be controlled, or do you want to prevent soil erosion? Then you might need one. Retaining walls are built to avert serious situations like dirt or soil falling down and out from under your house.

You need to control the flow of rainwater

Heavy rainfalls may cause more danger to you as they can get into your basement and erode your foundation. However, if you have a properly built retaining wall, you might no longer worry about the water runoff as it will flow around your house and go into the drainage system. Also, it will provide more stability to your property since it prevents water from eroding.

You need a land extension

Are you in a sloped area, or are you longing for extra flat land where you can utilize it and make it a patio or additional parking? The answer would be to install a retaining wall since it can make a huge difference because you can make usable land on slopes.

With this, you may use the flat area like a garden to grow your greenery. 

Aging retaining wall

Make sure you are keeping in mind that your property over time gets damaged. As it ages, it may not provide the same stability, protection, and uses as it used to provide. Fortunately, you can have your existing retaining wall checked, and your professional landscaping contractor could share and suggest what needs to be done.

You are in a flood-prone area

If your property is at risk of flooding, then it is necessary to install a retaining wall. Wall techniques such as retaining walls can help protect your yard from flooding as it is built with drainage stone that has qualities to prevent water from building up and letting them flow properly. In addition, you will no longer wake up to muds, and you will no longer worry about floods ruining your property.

You are worried about your foundation

Without a retaining wall, your property is at risk of erosion, which you do not want to happen. But also, it can damage your foundation since the soil close to the surface and deep below it are affected by soil erosion. Your property’s stability could be jeopardized because of the gaps caused by soil erosion. In addition, these gaps also allow water in, which may also cause you more trouble in your foundation.

You want an additional seating

The top of the retaining wall is perfect for extra seating, especially if your house is not that spacious. It looks appealing and at the same time useful since your visitors can use its top to sit and chat with each other.

Add more beauty to your property

You can creatively separate your backyard by installing a retaining wall. Or you can just build a retaining wall to add aesthetic appeal to your home. There are different retaining wall design options you can choose from, such as timber walls, natural stone (which are the most gorgeous stones you will ever see), or a concrete wall.

You want to increase your property value

If ever you are planning to sell your property in the future, you can install a retaining wall to increase its value. Homeowners usually want a space of their own to feel safe and at ease, without getting worried about erosion, earthquake, or flood. Also, it proves that your home is secure. Furthermore, retaining walls add aesthetics to your property, which means they also add value.

You live on an uneven land

You may still consider installing a retaining wall even if you are not facing a hill. A retaining wall helps level your land into multiple terraced sections, which is useful, especially if you live on top of a mountain. A retaining wall might be an excellent investment that may also give you extra flat land to use for a garden or basketball court.

Need help with retaining walls? Call an expert

There’s no other like how quality landscaping contractors provide high-quality wall services. So, if you are confused about the things mentioned above, you can call a reliable contractor to know about your options. Remember that only a skilled and trusted contractor can provide you with the highest quality retaining wall. 

Calling an expert may help you in different ways, they can give an explanation as to why you need a retaining wall, they can also give you options you can choose from, and lastly, they can give you suggestions regarding designs that suit your house perfectly. Furthermore, a contractor may also give you a free estimate to prepare your budget for your wall project.