Cracks in your basement are a common problem, and when doing basement remodeling, basement crack repairs must be done before finishing the basement. Addressing basement crack and water seepage in basement issues will help avoid any possible water problems and damages. Protect your entire home from any cracks in the interior and exterior parts of your home. Common basement floor cracks can be found on crawl spaces due to water leaks or high moisture levels. 

Foundation crack repairs are a handful, especially when the crack is severe. Basement crack repair is best done by a professional to seal basement floor cracks and ensure that your basement remodeling will have an excellent finish. 

How to detect basement wall cracks

Hydrostatic pressure is the usual cause of cracks in the floor and foundation walls. Usually, pressure from the natural movements of soil surrounding the foundation can cause the concrete to break, crack or split. Whenever it rains, or soil absorbs water, it generates moisture and pressure towards the foundation walls. Settling soil and frost movements create even more pressure, often resulting in cracks.

Locate the top of your foundation wall

Go to the top of your basement foundation wall and check where the basement wall is. Usually, foundation cracks and larger cracks can be found at the foundation wall. 

Scrape out the dirt

Scrape out the dirt using a metal wire brush to expose the basement wall foundation. Scraping out the dirt will help you determine if it’s a basement wall crack or just form lines. Check if it’s a narrow crack, diagonal crack, or horizontal crack when you spot one.

Check for hairline cracks

Once you have cleaned the basement foundation wall, inspect and check for hairline cracks. Some hairline cracks are short and unnoticeable. Make sure to carefully review the crack if it’s a basement wall crack by checking the basement’s inside. If it corresponds to a basement seepage, it is most definitely a basement wall crack.

How to fix basement wall cracks if you find one

Step 1: Prepare the basement wall crack surface

When fixing a basement wall crack, it is necessary to clean and dry the basement wall. Make sure to use a metal wire brush to ensure that the wall is free from small debris. It would help if you also scraped out the crack using a flat screwdriver or a metal pick to remove any fragments within the crack line. Dry out the surface using a heat gun or a blow dryer to ensure no dampness within the basement wall crack.

Step 2: Fill up the crack.

Mix up a crack filler and place it inside a squeeze bottle. Fill up the cracks of the walls with the crack filler as deeply as possible. It is better to let the filler rest for a while to build up inside the basement wall crack. Once filled up, wait for a time to let the crack filler rest within the basement wall crack. Afterward, press using your finger (make sure to wear latex gloves) to fill in the crack. Remove any excess crack filler using your hand.

Step 3: Seal the basement crack.

Once you have filled the basement wall crack with crack filler, it is time to seal the deal. Flatten the crack filler using a putty knife to give the basement wall crack a smooth finish. Flattening the crack filler will also help sink in the crack filler. 

When to call for help in repairing basement cracks

There are small cracks that can be fixed by yourself. However, it would be best to make sure that the sealing is done correctly. If ground pressure presses against the base walls after the patch, the sealing will not prevent the wall from collapsing and leaking again.

Fixing basement cracks are not as easy as applying epoxy over them, primarily when the root cause is unknown. Basement cracks can lead to more severe problems when it isn’t repaired correctly right away. 

Immediately call a basement contractor when you have noticed that the initial fix has not made any progress. A professional should handle foundation crack repairs especially when there are thousands of cracks to eliminate the possibility of foundation damage and collapse. This will also definitely help keep your basement dry and free from water leaks and moisture when a basement contractor handles such basement cracks. Waterproofing your concrete wall will help eliminate the possibility of structural crack. 

How much does basement crack repair cost?

The cost estimate of base replacement is between $350 and $1,350. Tiny cracks in a house’s foundation can cost as little as $350 to repair, while multiple cracks can cost up to $1,350. However, if you’re still struggling with significant structural issues, the overall expense could be more. The cost of foundation repair varies according to the form of foundation, the type, scale, and nature of the damage. 

Since your home is a comfortable environment, seeing a cracking wall, sloping floor, or any hint of a foundation issue may be stressful. Also, can it be an indication of a significant (and more expensive) hazard, but the foundation and structural damages can imply your home’s resale value. On the other hand, a professional contractor will fix the situation, avoid further damage, and make you worry-free.

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