Seattle’s Capitol Hill area is one of the city’s most well-known. For good reason, the area is known as “Seattle’s coolest neighborhood.” This neighborhood is positioned on a hill overlooking Seattle, Washington’s capital city, and there are numerous parks in the area.

It’s the heart of the city, the heart of the United States government, and a hub for locals and visitors. A number of districts sprouting up around Capitol Hill due to its unusual mix of federal and local attractions. 

To help you plan your next trip to Washington, DC, whether it’s for a long weekend or a few hours, we have compiled this ultimate Capitol Hill bucket list of places to see,and things to do in this vibrant and ever-changing neighborhood.

1. Take a tour of the U.S. Capitol

The U.S. Capitol Building is one of the world’s most iconic buildings, serving as the seat of American democracy. The building, with its enormous white dome, is a symbol of this dynamic legislative body and national monument and has endured fire, rebuilding, restoration, and enlargement throughout the years.

Visitors can visit Capitol grounds and listen to stories and viewpoints on Congress, lectures on democracy’s precepts, and anecdotes about the building’s construction. Gain knowledge about instances, both celebrated and controversial, that have taken place on the premises. Know the significant turning events in America’s history and how the everyday goings-on in the Capitol are critical to the nation’s state.

See the place’s architectural splendor and politicians wandering the halls, and make appointments to watch Congress in session where you may see your lawmakers in action.

2. Walk on over to the Library of Congress

In the nation’s capital, the world’s largest library provides a unique historical and literary experience. The Library has around 40 million books in approximately 500 million languages, seven million music scores, six million maps, fourteen million photos, and four million audio recordings.

The Thomas Jefferson Building’s interior is a visual gem thanks to its Gilded Age architecture. Explore the library’s featured exhibitions and tours that focus on the library’s extensive collection once you’ve finished snapping images for your social media. 

In its original form, it was intended to act as a resource for members of Congress; today, it serves as both. Aside from this, the John Adams and James Madison buildings are also part of the library.

3. Escape into the green world of the U.S. Botanic Garden. 

More than one million people visit this live plant museum each year, and they learn about the value of plants to not just humans but the entire ecosystems of the planet. Gardening seminars, concerts, culinary workshops, and other activities are regularly scheduled.

At the United States Botanic Garden in Washington, DC, you’ll find a wide variety of themed gardens and a conservatory. This botanical garden, one of the oldest in the United States, provides a wide variety of unique species and displays to choose from.

The botanical garden’s plants and wildlife will appeal to visitors of all ages. Over a million people come to the garden each year. To get the most out of your time there, plan on spending many hours wandering the numerous gardens and learning about its history.

4. Have a drink at the Dubliner Restaurant and Pub.

The Dubliner, which opened in 1974 as part of a long heritage of Irish pubs on Capitol Hill, has become a Capitol Hill landmark. Lobbyists and lawmakers who enjoy socializing and chatting about the day’s events congregate at the bar during lunchtime.

Live Irish music, from compelling jigs and ballads to energetic reels, fills the air once the sun goes down. Besides Guinness Stout and Auld Dubliner Amber Ale, the Dubliner is the only place in the country to get Guinness Stout.

The Dubliner Irish Whiskey, a mellow mix, is one of their amazing collection’s 100 finest Irish whiskies. Fish N’ Chips and Irish Beef Stew are two of their most popular dishes, but they also provide a wide variety of other traditional Irish fares, including their chef’s daily specials.

5. Enjoy What Eastern Market Has to Offer

Eastern Market is a historic marketplace that has been in continuous operation since 1873 and is a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike. In 1971, it was designated to the National Register of Historic Places and survived a fire in 2007, making it one of the few remaining historic public marketplaces in Washington, D.C.

Take a stroll around the South Hall Market’s main hall, which is stocked with vendors offering everything from meats and cheeses to pasta and honey to chicken and deli products to baked goods and flowers. There are even more vendors from around the region selling brilliantly colored produce from different states on weekends in the plazas and streets of the city.

Handmade items by local artists include wood carvings, sea glass, stained-glass jewelry, bath salts, massage oils, photographs, and sketches.

There are numerous live bands playing various music as you stroll the market.

6. Visit Spin Cycle

A visit to a record store in Seattle is a must for any visitor to the city. Spin Cycle is your one-stop-shop for physical copies of your favorite music, video games, and movies. Spin Cycle is a fun way to kill time while you’re out and about window shopping.

You may find everything from old punk rock songs on vinyl to used DVDs and Blu-rays and games for every platform under the sun. For those looking for a piece of nostalgia, the staff is informed and courteous and can help you locate even the most obscure films, music, and other forms of media.

7. Have a Cup of Coffee at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery.

An Instagram-worthy 15,000-square-foot Starbucks Reserve Roastery features a gorgeous interior that sells uncommon coffee mixes and brews. There’s even a little coffee library on the premises. Shanghai, Milano, New York, and Tokyo are the other four Starbucks Roasteries throughout the world.

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