Your home is your safe space, but what if a hurricane arrives? Can your windows withstand it? Hurricane-proof windows might not sound convincing, but they are real. Hurricane Windows are built to receive severe impact during storm season.

Hurricane-impact windows can either be both tempered glass and laminated glass or one of the two. If you are in the South Florida area, especially in Miami-Dade County, you might be needing some form of protection from storms.

What are hurricane-proof windows?

Hurricane Windows could be like any standard window with the same frame construction, like aluminum, vinyl, wood, or steel. Hurricane-Resistant windows could protect you from storms hurling through your house.

Hurricane-Resistant windows are made from shatterproof material, most commonly, Polyvinyl Butyral, but some manufacturers opt to use Polyethylene Terephthalate, as it is a more substantial material. Some manufacturers also add some layers of glass because some cities may have specific thickness requirements.

Do hurricane-proof windows work?

Unlike standard or traditional panes of glass, a hurricane impact window has a special shatter-resistant glass that is applied on both sides of the window panes that prevents any damage to your house. Hurricane Window frames could be built by materials using aluminum, vinyl, or steel frames. Impact-resistant windows could withstand strong winds up to 200 miles per hour.

The scenario is, there’s an intense hurricane going on, but you have your Hurricane windows installed, then debris comes flying, hitting a window. Your window won’t break because of the shatter-resistant film in between your glass planes. You can expect a crack, but it won’t result in severe damages.

Signs you should get hurricane-resistant windows.

You may be thinking about whether to replace your current windows with storm windows every time a hurricane arrives. Your standard glass windows can’t protect you from extreme weather conditions, mainly if you are addressed in Southwest Florida. If you can’t decide whether it’s worth it or not to get Impact, Hurricane-Resistant Window, you may continue scrolling down to know more.

You reside near the coast in Florida.

Florida is the most common hurricane-prone state in the States of America, which is the sole reason why you need to make your windows hurricane-proof. You may not be able to sleep soundly during a hurricane knowing that at any moment, your interior has been damaged.

You feel unsafe during a hurricane.

If you feel uneasy and uncomfortable at your home, it might be because you are anxious about damages to face after the hurricane. The added layer of laminated glass in hurricane windows will give you extra security and protection.

Damaged windows

Who wouldn’t replace a damaged window? These windows are in need of immediate replacement, primarily if you are located in an area prone to storms. It would be best to install hurricane-proof windows to prevent any property damage or worse injuries.

Benefits of having hurricane impact windows

Hurricane Impact windows are extraordinary windows with protection from any storm damage. The PVB-treated glass layer is responsible for keeping the window intact.

Here are the benefits that you may not get from ordinary windows:

Protection from storm

Storm-resistant impact windows might be expensive, but it’s a guarantee of your safety. It acts as your protective shield during extreme weather conditions like hurricanes. A professional window inspection is also conducted to check if your windows qualify and notify you about any functionality issues that may come in the future. With that, you can sit and relax at home.

One installation only

If you opt to install impact glass, there are no other things needed once the installation started. The only necessary maintenance is to clean the windows regularly, unlike hurricane shutters, where you need to install and uninstall during a hurricane warning.

More energy efficient

Hurricane-proof windows are designed to reduce the heat gain during summer and retain heat during winter, which means lower energy bills. Especially with Energy Star Efficient impact Windows, they have low emissivity properties.

Improved Security and Protection

Impact windows that are correctly installed can give you the ease of being at home. No matter how hard anyone attempts to break into your home, they will fail. This type of window provides the highest level of protection.

Reduced noise

Noise could be an annoyance, especially if you are trying to concentrate. But with Hurricane Windows, worry no more. These windows are extra-thick, with layers of glass, a layer of film, and sealed frames, which means lesser noise could come inside.

More UV protection

A traditional glass might not protect you from UV light, but this impact glass will. Installing hurricane-resistant windows will lessen your exposure to direct sunlight and harmful UV rays. It might be expensive, but it’s worth the price.

Enjoy insurance discounts

Insurance companies consider impact-resistant windows are a form of protection, and homeowners who have it installed are offered discounts and reductions to insurance. 

How much do wind and hurricane-proof windows cost?

Different cost factors affect your Hurricane-window installation projects, like frame materials, window construction, glass choice, and more. You also have a wide range of styles to choose from, like double-hung, casement, and more. The average window costs run between $675 to $2300. The major cost factor would be the installation because you might have to spend around $85 to 550, depending on your style. 

The average high-impact window costs around $110 to $350, while genuine hurricane-resistant windows could make you spend up to $55 per square foot. Overall total could also be depending on your chosen window sizes; a 24″ x 30″ is around $110, while the biggest, which is 60″ x 96″, is around $325. Aluminum Hurricane windows are the most affordable choice you could get, which is about $160.

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Other things to consider when installing hurricane strength windows

There are different things to consider before installing your hurricane impact windows other than costs and materials. Knowing these things may help you weigh the pros and cons of having a hurricane-proof installed, leading to healthy decision-making.

Hurricane Window Brands

If you cannot save too much money to invest in high-quality brands, you may go for the brands that offer affordable impact windows. Larson could be your best choice because they offer $340, but if you are not tight on your budget, you may go for other brands like Pella, which offers $1630 for a single installation.

Local building codes

Homeowners must oblige with the state’s requirement for windows. If you are addressed in South Florida, it is necessary to have impact-resistant glass and window frames to protect homeowners from flying debris.

Wide Range of Styles for Windows

This might not be new, that you should also consider your hurricane window style first before jumping into buying. Knowing this could make you save up for more if you have a specific type in mind. A hurricane-resistant sliding window is one of the most expensive options you could get The price ranges between $1000 to $4000, while the most common styles, double-hung and single-hung windows, cost around $335 to $1700.

  • Picture Windows or Fixed Windows: around $240 to $1600
  • Architectural Windows: approximately $380 to $2100
  • Horizontal Windows: about $565 to $1375
  • Casement Windows: about $680 – 1450

Window Construction

Of course, there are extra construction costs you must consider. Usually, a hurricane-resistant, stormproof window has two panes of glass with a layer to improve the strength—materials in between matter. For example, a layer of ethylene-vinyl acetate costs more than the regular Polyvinyl Butyral. But what makes a premium hurricane windows require a combination of the two and a layer of Polyethylene Terephthalate.

Hurricane Level Resistance

Since multiple hurricanes strike your state, this should be one of the factors you need to consider. It would be best to install hurricane-proof windows that can withstand the most substantial possible hurricane.

Hurricane Window Cost

Knowing all the possible cost factors and other installation cost factors will help you anticipate the budget you might be needing. The cost per window varies depending on the style and material used. It is recommended to buy locally manufactured windows because you will be getting a cut on tax.

The Durability of The Window

Hurricane-proof windows are required to go through an inspection and testing to challenge their durability. If the windows you are planning to install have met the standards, rest assured that they will be for the long run. A hurricane-proof window that passes the durability test will be an excellent investment, so make sure you check this first.

Need help in getting hurricane-proof windows for your home? Talk to a replacement window contractor.

You might feel a little overwhelmed with all these guidelines for windows, but working and collaborating with a reliable replacement window contractor might be the best solution. They will find and create solutions for your window problems. Also, working with a trusted replacement window company will save you time and effort because they will do these things for you!