A broken pane might be a pain in your head right now, but if it’s not solved immediately, it may cause worse damages in the future. It doesn’t just impact your home’s curb appeal, but a broken piece of glass may also result in inefficient windows.

To replace your window glass, there will be different factors you need to consider- the overall cost of the project, labor costs, tools to use if you are going to do it yourself, type of glass, and more. Remember that window glass replacement is not always easy peasy; the window technology just keeps innovating. So if you would instead call for help, make sure that the company offers comprehensive repair services.

This article may give you some guidelines that may or may not answer your window glass replacement queries.

Can I just replace the glass in my window?

Most homeowners are confused about when to replace an entire window or if they should just replace the glass. Fortunately, yes, depending on your window problem. You must check your windows first before taking any action, and if you think that complete window replacement is not necessary, you may do so.

You may also opt for the D-I-Y route when replacing your glass windows, and the steps will also be discussed here. However, suppose you don’t want to risk the quality window panes and quality customer service in exchange for an affordable replacement process. In that case, you may reach out to a trusted and high-quality window replacement company.

Telling signs of when to replace window glass

If you still can’t decide when to replace your window glass, you may check if any telltale sign listed below has happened.

Panes cracked

You can see if there is a crack or a hole in your windowpane, and you would want to fix that problem immediately to avoid future problems. However, if you are tight on your budget and only the glass is broken, you don’t need to replace the whole window; new panes of glass would do.

Broken Seal

If your window seal has moisture in between the pieces of glass, that’s one way to tell if you have a broken seal. This problem results in foggy window panes, and you would not want that. Expect that your window will not be insulating enough due to these broken seals.

Condensation remains

No matter how much you try to clean your window glass, marks remain. Without having this issue fixed, you may encounter problems in the future, like decreasing home curb appeal.

How to replace glass in house windows

There’s no doubt that you can do the replacement yourself; you may follow these steps to DIY your glass replacement windows:

Step 1: Take off glass shards

Do this with protective gear, and start taking off the glass shards by wiggling and pulling them out. Tapping the glass with a hammer would be best to create a new break line.

Step 2: Remove glazing and old putty

You have to be very careful when removing the pieces of glass, metal glazing, and putty. A heat gun is also recommended to soften the old putty.

Step 3: Prepare the frame

It would be best to clean the frame with a vacuum or with a damp rag. To also keep the layer of putty stick securely, you may want to apply linseed oil to the rabbet.

Step 4: Get Measurements

Getting the height and width sizes of the opening is a must to know if the replacement fits. It is also recommended to do a test-fit first before taking any actions.

Step 5: Apply putty

Use a putty knife to press the glazing compound into the rabbet’s corner. Make sure to pin firmly, creating a thin putty bed. You may also paint the putty if you prefer.

Step 6: Apply putty to glass

Roll putty fairly first to make it a rope, and then use your thumb to press the putty against the glass and frame.

Step 7: Finishing touches

Smoothing putty is a must, and removing the vinyl stop is also recommended to avoid cracking it. Remove the glass lastly.

Step 8: Place glass

Before placing the replacement glass, test if the new pane fits first; after that, put the replacement pane carefully as you can not undo the process. 

If these steps are too hard to follow, you may contact reliable window pane repair services to give you solutions to your window glass problems.

Different kinds and options of window glass replacements

It is crucial to know every glass type to know which would fit into your house’s design and your personal taste. If you are overwhelmed with all these window guidelines and don’t know which type of glass to choose, you may scroll down to find out about the different types of glass.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is built with strength preventing the window from shattering if it breaks. This is recommended for houses located in a hurricane or storm-prone areas.

Float Glass

Float glass can be easily broken, making it dangerous. It is made from molten glass that takes the shape of large glass panels.

Obscured Glass Windows

If you are more of a design person, this type of glass would be the best for you. It has designs and features- beveled or etched. However, it doesn’t allow too much light into the room. This is good for a room that needs privacy.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is made after the float glass through annealing. But this one is much stronger than float glass. It can still break, though.

Low-E Glass

If you are looking for a glass type to block harmful UV rays, Low-E glass windows could be the best option for you. It is also a good heating material.

Insulated Glass

Insulated glass is energy efficient because it prevents your windows from losing heat. It is usually used in double- or triple-paned windows.

How much does it cost to replace the glass in a window?

The glass costs vary depending on its features and size. And different window styles also affect the total price of the replacement glass project—the glass costs per square foot from $13 to $100. The most affordable window glass replacement you could get is a double-glazed glass ranging from $3 to $6, while the most expensive one is a plate or flat glass from $25 to $100 per square foot. Labor is also a factor in the price; a glazing project would cost around $15. Standard single-pane windows cost at least $50, while for a double-pane window, it would cost from $100 to $800, depending on the type of glass. Overall, your glass replacement project might range between $108 to $403.

Refer to the tables below for the pricing:

Cost to replace broken window panes

Glass Price Table
Data from Home Advisor

Type of Glass price range

Glass Price Table
Data from Home Advisor

But if you are going to Do-It-Yourself, you may refer to this list for the materials and tools you might need:

  • Pliers
  • Work gloves:
  • Glass cutter
  • Putty knife
  • Paint
  • Putty
  • A pane of glass to fit
  • Paintbrush
  • Chisel
  • Glazier points
  • Heat gun
  • Wire brush
  • Tape measure
  • Linseed oil

You may get to spend around $100 to $200 if you don’t have these materials on hand. But remember, anything that is not installed correctly may cause future damage. It would be best to talk to the glass specialists or a window replacement contractor.

Other ways of replacing Home Window Pane

If you are tight on your budget and can’t spend more money on your replacement project, you can replace yourself. The steps on replacing your windowpane are written above, and you will just have to read it thoroughly to succeed.

However, if you think that is too much work and are not confident that you can do it right, you may call for help. You may set an appointment for your repair services or call for emergency repair services, which is a same-day service.

Need help replacing window glasses? Call a replacement window contractor

If you think you can’t DIY your replacement window glass, you can always call for help! A trustworthy company will give you affordable replacement windows and the most perfect solution to any of your window or home problems. You reach out to a reliable replacement window contractor to know how many options for a replacement you have!