Pavers are a popular choice for driveway and sidewalk surfaces. Brick pavers are durable, aesthetically pleasing, affordable, and are available in many different color options to suit your taste. There’s also no need to get down on your hands and knees with a scrub brush every time you want to clean them because you can just hose them off. 

However, despite the beauty that brick pavers afford to houses, there are inevitable problems homeowners will encounter along the way. One of these problems is the cracking of the brick pavers. Cracked pavers are unsightly and can be a hazard to your home.

What are brick pavers?

Brick pavers are a type of paving material made from natural clay and fired in a kiln. Brick pavers can be used to create various designs, such as brickwork or cobblestones. These materials have been around for centuries and continue to be popular today because they provide a durable surface that can withstand heavy traffic and weathering. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and finishes, so you may want to consider your design needs before purchasing them for your project.

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Common Problems with Brick Pavers


Cracks in the mortar that hold the bricks together are one of the most common problems with brick pavers that homeowners might experience. Cracks can be caused by many factors, from the installation process to natural wear and tear over time. If cracks appear in your brick paver walkway or patio, it’s essential to take care of them quickly before they get worse. 

Settling or Sinking

Settling or sinking occurs when water saturates the brick paver below ground level and freezes during the winter months. This causes ice expansion and contraction, which in turn loosens mortar joints between individual bricks until they no longer remain attached to one another. 

Color Fading

Many homeowners have found themselves with brick pavers that no longer maintain their original color. This is usually due to improper installation or years of weathering taking its toll on the material. Exposure to sunlight also reduces their beauty and value.


Every homeowner has a problem with weeds in their yard, which is also true for those with brick pavers. In the summer months, weed seeds will sprout from the mulch or soil that’s been left on top of your brick pavers. Weed roots can also penetrate the cracks and holes in the surface of your pavement, making it difficult to remove them.

How to Repair Cracked Brick Pavers

How much does brick paver repair cost?

The cost of brick paver repair varies depending on the severity of the damage and what needs to be done. However, repairs for a brick paver that measures 1,000 square feet typically cost around $1,950.

Hire a Professional Paver Contractor

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