It has been difficult during the past few years to keep up with all of the changes that have taken place in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, DC. These shifts include the development of a continually morphing restaurant scene, which has brought a profusion of fresh and exciting new dining options with it. Let’s have a look at many of the most impressive ones, shall we?

The United States Supreme Court and the United States Capitol Building are both located on Capitol Hill. During the day, the neighborhood is full of people who are engaged in the process of developing and interpreting laws. These people include senators, justices of the Supreme Court, law clerks, and staffers working on Capitol Hill. 

Because it is home to a number of restaurants that are recognized all across the country for their exceptional cuisine, the historically significant area also has a reputation for being a culinary hotspot when the sun goes down. On Capitol Hill, foodies may find one of the most renowned chefs in the District of Columbia, in addition to a string of eateries along Barracks Row that are not to be missed.

1. Rose’s Luxury

The restaurant that has been awarded a Michelin star plays to its strengths by offering meals that are so popular that they have been on the menu since the very beginning. One example of this is the pork lychee salad. Rose’s makes light of this information by offering a salad called “NOT the pig and lychee salad,” which consists of Brussels sprouts, prosciutto, and Campari hollandaise sauce. This is a wonderful place to make a reservation for shared plates, and it also features a rooftop garden. Each person at the table decides on their own “choose your own adventure” strategy and brings two meals to the table to share. It is a well-known “Rose’s at Home” brand spinoff that offers home-delivered dinners consisting of three courses.

2. Ambar

Ambar is a restaurant on Capitol Hill’s Barracks Row that serves traditional cuisine with a contemporary spin. Its menu features meals from all around the Balkan Peninsula. This is an opportunity to sample one-of-a-kind foods like Ambar’s stuffed sour cabbage and flatbreads prepared in a Balkan style, and the small plate format makes it easy to share food with others. Diners come to this location thanks in part to the restaurant’s “Bottomless Balkan Dinner” and “Unlimited Brunch” menus, which allow them to consume an unlimited amount of food and alcohol. Get an unlimited stream of meals and drinks for a single price ($49 for dinner and $39 for brunch), provided that everyone at the table is on board with the idea. This implies that for brunch, we will have poached pear waffles and egg BLTs, and for supper, you should have sliders and shrimp skewers.

3. The Pretzel Bakery

Located in South Capitol, the Pretzel Bakery can be found tucked away on a charming corner surrounded by historic row homes. Because it is so singular and delicious, this restaurant has to be featured in our guide to the top restaurants in the Capitol Hill area despite the fact that it is less well-known among tourists than it is among the neighborhood’s residents. The Philadelphia-style pretzels at The Pretzel Bakery are known for being very chewy and soft, and they are prepared from scratch each and every day. Visit this establishment for a quick snack, and while you’re there, order the morning sliders. These bite-sized sandwiches feature bacon, egg, and cheese all over an everything pretzel roll.

In need of a snack? They offer pretzels  that consist of a cinnamon-glazed pretzel with a pinch of salt. Imagine a cinnamon-glazed donut, but in the form of a pretzel that’s so soft, it almost melts in your mouth. You can grab a dozen pretzels and take a walk around the neighborhood to see a different side of Washington, DC, or you can eat your pretzel in their adorable shop.

4. Ted’s Bulletin

At Ted’s Bulletin, a restaurant created in the style of a classic American diner, you should get ready to experience what it’s like to be taken back in time. Breakfast is provided all day long at Ted’s, giving customers the opportunity to indulge in fan favorites such as the breakfast burrito, corned beef hash, or a stack of pancakes. Meatloaf, country fried steak, and “the sloppiest joe” are examples of some of the most classic dishes that can be ordered for lunch and dinner. Then, if you want something sweet for dessert, you should try making a homemade pop tart or shake.

5. The Duck & The Peach

In addition to serving wines from all over the world, this restaurant captures the ethos of the farm-to-table movement that originated in California. The roasted chicken would bring tears to the eyes of Ina Garten. Also, don’t forget to spare some room for dessert. The most recent creation of pastry chef Rochelle Cooper is a chocolate milk pie that has the appearance of a work of art and tastes just heavenly. Consider going to its chic sibling restaurant next door, La Collina, for exceptional Italian cuisine such as dry-aged beef carpaccio and arancini Bambini, as well as grapefruit-accented negronis served by the pitcher.

6. Montmartre

Taking its name from the famous peak that offers breathtaking panoramas of Paris, a casual French restaurant, Montmartre, can be found just across the street from Eastern Market, the most important food and art bazaar in Washington, DC. Customers are able to take in the quaint ambiance of the area from the terrace located in front of the establishment, while the interior is bright and airy. On the Hill, one of the best places to go for brunch is Montmartre, which offers a scrumptious eggs Benedict dish that comes with salmon. Peach and mango mimosas are two of the beverage options available.

7. Caruso’s Grocery

Despite the fact that it didn’t open its doors until 2021, this sit-down restaurant is part of The Roost food hall, and everything about it, from the chicken Parmigiana to the seats that are a little bit worn, is designed to evoke the atmosphere of a classic “red sauce establishment.” It would be a mistake to pass up the mozzarella en Carrozza, which consists of stringy cheese mixed with sliced bread and roasted garlic, lemon, and herb puree before being battered, fried, and slathered in tomato basil sauce.

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Capitol Hill is one of Washington, D.C.’s most vibrant and eclectic neighborhoods. Located just east of the United States Capitol Building, the neighborhood stretches from Union Station on the west to Lincoln Park on the east. While best known for its political history and associations, today, Capitol Hill is also home to a thriving culinary scene, with some of D.C.’s most celebrated chefs and restaurants calling it home. If you’re in town and looking for a great meal, be sure to check out some of these amazing eateries. And if you need roofing services while you’re in the area, be sure to get in touch with a professional roofing contractor, like Paragon Remodeling – we’d love to help!