Even if you have no intention of selling your house, the condition of your roof has a substantial impact on its overall market value. Adding a new roof might increase the value of your home more than the perennially popular bathroom remodel. If you’re considering replacing your roof, it’s probably time to do so. However, before you begin replacing a roof, consider a few things.

Things to Consider When Replacing a Roof

Roof replacement is neither something to be taken lightly nor a job to be put off. In the event you feel your roof is approaching the end of its lifespan, you should first carry out some easy checks.

Roofing Material Options

In addition to personal preference, your choice of roofing materials is frequently influenced by your region. For instance, in some locations, metal roofing is popular due to its fire resistance, yet in others, the typical home types may require a tile tool with a Spanish influence. The roof pitch (angle) also influences the roofing materials that can be used. Wood shake shingles, for instance, are excellent for higher-pitched roofs but not for flatter, low-pitched roofs.

The most prevalent residential roofing options include

Asphalt composition shingles

These are inexpensive and easily available, but their flat appearance detracts from their appeal. This is by far the most common type of roofing material.

Wood shakes or shingles

These shingles are pricey, but they’re worth every penny. They’re not the ideal option if you reside in a fire-prone location.

Metal Roofing

Steel and aluminum metal roofs have been increasingly popular in recent years because of their extended lifespans and fire resistance. Because of their endurance, these roofs may be more cost-effective in the long run, despite their high initial cost. Raised-seam panels and imitation composite shingles are among the metal roofing choices available.

Slate roofing

This is an expensive and hefty option for a high-end, visually appealing roof. Slate roofs are incredibly slippery and difficult to repair after they’ve been damaged.

Composition slate

These recycled rubber-based synthetic tiles are becoming increasingly popular. However, they are significantly lighter and more durable than slate and other forms of stone tile.

Clay or ceramic tile

It is still common in Southern California and Florida to see red tile roofs, although they are quickly being replaced with metal and composite materials that look like Spanish tiles. Ceramic tile is no longer the only option when it comes to fire resistance, but other roofing materials are now on the market that is both lighter and more durable. Since it is essentially a 16-inch-long cylindrical cut in half lengthwise, this type of roofing shingle is known as the “half-barrel”.

Once the old roof has been removed, an installer can apply an additional layer of ice and water shield to the eaves to protect against water leaks caused by ice dams in cold weather.


An entirely new roof requires a lot of noise. When you’re having your roof replaced, you need to accept that it will be noisy. There isn’t any other option.

You may wish to consider working from a different location during the replacement if you are a remote worker. If you’re traveling with young children, you might want to think about spending the day somewhere else.

You should let your staff know ahead of time about the potential noise issues so that they can prepare and work from home if needed.

Staying away from home while your roof is fixed might be a good idea.


It would help if you never trusted an unskilled handyman or roofing plumber to undertake the installation or replacement of your roof. Your roof must guide water away from your home and into the gutters and runoff to prevent water from entering your property. In order to achieve the greatest results, only work with certified Roofing Contractors.

As previously mentioned, a roof isn’t something you’ll be changing on a regular basis. As a result, it’s critical that you work with the right commercial roofing contractor. Make sure to get a few quotations before making a final decision. Inquire about the experiences of close family and friends or your immediate neighborhood and make a comparison. Before signing a contract with your future roofer, be sure they have a valid license and insurance.


While price is a significant factor in any purchase choice, it should not take precedence over other factors such as value and return on investment. Quality products and installation should be included at a reasonable price.

Make sure you know what’s included in the price when you get quotes. Does it cover all of the roofing materials, including nails? Does that include everything from procuring permits to set up any necessary inspections? Is it possible to remove the existing roof and install the new one? Is there a project manager included in the deal?

Investigate any additional costs, such as fixing the wood sheathing that’s been rotting beneath the shingles, to see what happens in those cases.

Roof Removal and Disposal of Debris

Your old roof is made up of a lot of stuff, so you can guess how big it is. Your contractor should handle the removal and disposal of any additional waste. You can’t just put the old roof out on the street and expect the city to pick it up for you.

Before the work begins, discuss whether the existing roof will be removed or if new shingles will be placed on top of it with your roofing contractor. You don’t want anything bad to happen.

DIY or Hire Out

Despite the fact that some people try to save money by re-roofing their own homes, this is rarely the case. Often, it’s advisable to use a professional and reputable contractor in your region. Reroofing your home would be a significant project for a weekend warrior, and it would also be costly. We strongly advise you to leave this task in the hands of the experts.

Choosing the Right Contractor

It is crucial to have a great experience if you hire the correct contractor. A smart starting step is to look around your neighborhood and see if you can find out who installed the roofs you like. Several online sites are also worthwhile explorations.

The Better Business Bureau, Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, Homefinder, and simply checking Yelp and Google reviews are some of the most credible sources to cross-check. Before choosing a construction company, verify that they have the proper insurance and credentials. Hold them responsible for clearing up any nails or debris they drop on your lawn when they’re done working.

Reading the Paperwork Carefully

Pay attention to every detail and ensure that the products utilized and the replacement costs are included. If there are any problems, make sure you fix them before signing anything.

For your personal safety, ensure sure your contractor is adhering to the local construction code. Verify that the contractor’s insurance covers the project and that all necessary permits have been obtained.

When Is It Time to Replace Your Roof?

Like every other part of your home, the roof was not built to survive indefinitely. Repairing minor roof damage may be possible in some cases, but a new roof will be required if the damage is severe enough.

You need to know what to look for in order to determine if you need a new roof. If your roof is nearing or has already reached the end of its useful life, it is time to replace it. There are a number of issues to consider at this time. Cracked or broken shingles, leaks, damaged flashing, moss growth, and a depressed roof are all examples of these problems.

An asphalt shingle roof’s life span can range from 10 to 30 years, depending on a variety of circumstances, including local climate and environmental conditions.

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Replacing your roof is a big decision, but it’s one that can be made easier by getting the right information. At Paragon Remodeling, we want to make sure you have all the facts before you start your project. Get in touch with reliable roofing contractors today to learn more about the things to consider when replacing your roof and how we can help make the process as smooth as possible for you.