Whether in the front or back of the house, porches may bring a lot of beauty and coziness to a home. A porch is an appealing space for guests and a fantastic gathering spot for everyone. The porch, which is frequently regarded as an extension of the home’s living space, is where we spend languid summer days, dine alfresco, or curl up in a warm chair to observe nature—the porch, whether formal or more rustic in style, is intended for leisure and pleasure.

In this article, we’ll discuss common problems with screened-in porches and also whether a screened-in porch is worth it. 

What is a screened-in porch?

It’s a wonderful way to extend the living space of your home by adding a porch to enjoy the summer breeze, wildlife, or soothing sounds of birdsong. A common desire for more time outside has led many homeowners to consider enclosing their patios with screens. As a result, living on the porch takes on a whole new meaning when it is shielded from bugs and leaves. Imagine dining al fresco without having to swat flies from your face! It’s possible to use a screened-in porch as a second family room, a place to host guests and spend quality time with your children.

3 Common problems with a screened-in porch

Additional costs

It is generally more expensive to screen on a porch than to leave it open. If your porch is large enough and the screen material you choose is sturdy enough, you can expect to pay more for a screened-in porch than you would for an unscreened porch. The cost of the materials and the labor required to install the screens is also considered. Adding a large screened-in porch to a home may be a time-consuming and expensive undertaking.

Getting a screened-in porch rather than a sunroom is often cited as a cheaper option by others. It’s not the complete picture.

A screened-in porch may cost less than a sunroom to build, but there are good reasons for why. Compared to a screened-in porch, a sunroom is an entirely separate room.

Given the architectural variances, the cost of each will be different. ‘ In contrast, screened-in porches are almost always more expensive to repair and maintain than unscreened porches. Because a screened-in porch is exposed to the weather, it will require significantly more repair and upkeep than a sunroom. As a result, the total cost keeps rising.

More limited views

The views from our porches are a big part of why we want to spend time there. Visibility is an essential concern if you live in a place with expansive vistas of mountains, forests, or the ocean. Depending on the screen material, vision may be limited to a certain extent by screens. Screens may not be the best choice for your porch if you enjoy seeing nature. It would be best if you also thought about how the porch screens will change the appearance of your property. Screening on the porch, especially if it’s on the front of the house, can improve the house’s appearance as a whole.

Higher maintenance costs

The addition of screens to your porch necessitates additional cleaning and maintenance. A damaged screen may need to be repaired or replaced over time. Open porches don’t require as much maintenance, but screened porches must.

Cleaning and maintaining your screened-in porch will be a lot of work, so be prepared. As a result, the porch is exposed to shifting weather conditions. As a result, it will collect dirt and dust considerably more quickly.

The screened-in porch is useless if the panels aren’t cleaned. This is a place for leisure and enjoyment of the outdoors; thus, the panels must be spotless, and the surrounding environment is seen. The screened-in porch is a magnet for dust. If you want to clean the screens, you’ll have to get a hose and possibly move some furniture.

The porch, not only the panels, will collect a lot of dirt from the wind that blows in from the outside. To maintain your screened-in porch, you will need to spend a lot of time, effort, and money on it. A screened-in patio tends to trap dirt, dust, and fallen leaves much more quickly.

Are screened-in porches worth it?

The benefits of a screened-in porch are self-evident for many homes. Aside from keeping out insects and the sun’s brightness, they also block the wind and rain. Privacy is another benefit, as well as a reduction in temperatures. A screened-in porch is an excellent way to protect your family from the elements while also increasing the value of your property.

Of course, the term “worth” is a very individualized one. The advantages of a screen enclosure far surpass the initial expense for people who love spending a lot of time in their outdoor living area. Nevertheless, before deciding if the investment is worthwhile, weighing numerous elements solely from a financial standpoint is necessary.

Screened-in porches are no exception to the rule of individuality regarding home renovations. The cost of a project can be affected by various factors, some of which are more visible than others. However, suppose you’re not an experienced do-it-yourselfer and lack the necessary tools and expertise. In that case, you may end up spending more money than hiring a professional in the long run if you need to do additional repairs.

Adds home value

Screened-in porches pay for themselves in two ways. First and foremost, they are a sought-after upgrade by homebuyers and offer a high return on investment. 

A new screen room can raise the value of your home significantly, so if you plan to put it on the market soon, you’ll likely be able to repay your investment in full or perhaps more. 

Less expensive than a room expansion

As a second benefit, even the most sophisticated screened-in porches are far less expensive than a room expansion or a totally covered porch. A four-season room is more expensive than a screen enclosure, but it’s a better option for people who live in milder climates.

It has ROI

A screened porch or patio’s return on investment is different based on where you live. For example, porches in colder climates often have lower returns on investment than porches in mild climates. Your money will be well spent on a screened-in room extension, with an ROI of roughly 84% on average There will be an average return of $16,800 if your screened porch investment is $20,000.

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