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Own a Custom Patio in Foxhall Terrace

The homeowners are turning to indoor-outdoor living as they want an area where their house can be connected with nature without having too much space dedicated. Installing a stunning patio outside your backyard will do just that, providing the perfect place for leisure and relaxation while also giving you room enough to entertain guests.

At Paragon Remodeling, we can convert your envisioned design into a quality patio. Our team has over 15 years of experience tackling all types of patio projects in Foxhall Terrace. Whether you need a new patio or just want some advice on how best to build yours today, call us at 703-426-5555 for your free estimate or visit our website today.

Services Our Patio Contractors in Foxhall Terrace Can Provide

Patio Installation

What’s better than spending time outside? Not a whole lot! But with our patio installation, you can enjoy the outdoors while still getting some fresh air and sun to absorb all the Vitamin D. You won’t have to miss out on anything – even if it’s just having dinner with friends or playing games in your free moments. You’ll never be stuck inside the house when there are so many options available for enjoying life’s great treasures on your patio.

Patio Maintenance

Your patio is a place that you should take care of. Paragon Remodeling will ensure its surface stays clean and looks good as new with our top-notch maintenance services, no matter what type or size your outdoor space may be. We’ve got all of it covered by professionals who know the importance of your outdoor space. A beautiful backyard oasis doesn’t happen without proper attention being paid beforehand so rest assured knowing that we’ll look into it.

Top Customer Reviews for Our Foxhall Terrace Patio Remodels

Paragon Remodeling did an amazing job on our patio! They were very professional and took care of everything from start to finish. The end result was exactly what we wanted and more. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great remodeling experience.

Jana M.

Benefits of Installing a Patio for Your Foxhall Terrace Property

Have a Functional Outdoor Space

Investing in a beautiful patio space will add value to your home. Spend time with friends and family at the grill, playing games inside or outside of your beautiful patio space. You can read a good book while enjoying all it has to offer!

Add a Decorative Touch

You can make your home’s design statement by implementing features like shade structures or furniture arrangement patterns on top of pavers that will keep you comfy during those warm summer days. In conclusion, your beautiful backyard oasis isn’t just practical; there are plenty of creative opportunities when designing one too – so get inspired today.

Promote an Active Lifestyle

Eat breakfast and then spend time outside under covered patios to soak in the vitamin D from the sun’s rays. With patios, the spaces act as transitions from one environment to another to promote a healthier lifestyle. A patio can make adapting an active lifestyle a whole lot easier because of the space it provides.

Boost Property Value

Patios are a great way to add value and character into your home. Not only will you have an amazing space for entertaining guests or relaxing with nature, but it can also help increase the resale price of your property. If adding something personal is on top of your list this year, consider getting a patio to make your home attractive to investors.

Why Hire Our Foxhall Terrace Builders To Install Your Patio?

Most Trusted Patio Builders

The first step to creating a captivating patio is knowing what you want. Paragon Remodeling is passionate about building patios and other outside spaces. We offer exceptional services to our clients, transforming visionary designs into reality regardless of the project’s size and complexity.

A Worthwhile Investment

When you need a new patio, consider our company. Our high-quality building processes are efficient and will save you money for years to come. This ensures that your investment is worth every penny for every aspect of the project.

High-Quality Results

To create a patio is to invest in your home. You can trust Paragon Remodeling for expert service on any type and size of the project and advise about what type of paver material would best fit your design preferences, as we offer quality work at an affordable price.

Nationally Recognized

Don’t trust your outdoor space to just any company. Paragon Remodeling has been recognized as one of the best companies for patio construction. With more than 15 years of experience, we’ll make sure that you get a quality product with quick turn-around time and top-notch workmanship in all aspects from design through installation. Cementing our credibility in the field, we’ve received national recognition as a Top Remodeler from the Qualified Remodeler Magazine.

Contact Paragon Remodeling to Know More About Our Patio Installation Services

Paragon Remodeling is excited to help you create your perfect patio. We’ve helped many people make the most of their outdoor space, and we can’t wait for your turn next! From design all the way through installation, we’ve got your back so that every detail meets your approval. Connect with us at 703-426-5555 today or view our website for your free estimate.

Patio Contractors in Foxhall Terraces View FAQs 

The prices for patio installation vary depending on the size, material used, and scope. In general, the cost for patio installation ranges from $8 - $50 per square foot. A small covered area can be as low as $800 while other structures may go up to more than $11,000 due to additional features and accents that cost more.

If you want your patio to be both enjoyable and practical, it's important that the design reflect this. The cheapest way of building a patio is through the use of bare concrete without any installed covering. Though durability may last for the short-term, if the budget fits, it’s definitely worth a shot.

There's a lot to consider when choosing between concrete and pavers. For instance, the type of material will affect how long your patio lasts. Plain concrete can be cheaply replaced when needed with new ones if they acquire cracks in them over time whereas paver finishes offer higher durability and flexibility regarding design but are quite expensive at first.

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