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Indoor-outdoor living is an increasingly popular trend, and you don’t need a fancy space to make it happen. There are several ways that homeowners have found success in linking the two spaces (indoor and outdoor)—patios. Patios offer their own special place where people can relax and chill. As long as your house has access outside, the creative possibilities for your patio are endless.

If you want to create the perfect backyard oasis for yourself, Paragon Remodeling is here with our extensive experience in building modern and stylish patios in Capitol Hill. With over 15 years of expertise and national recognition, we can help design spaces that are both functional and attractive. Don’t hesitate; request free consultations today by calling at 703-426-5555 or visit our website and grab a free estimate today.

Services Our Patio Contractors in Capitol Hill Can Provide

Patio Installation

Your installed patio can offer more than just an opportunity for fun and friendship – it’s also a great way to escape from life’s worries. When desired, a patio can be a space for getting some fresh air and performing fitness-related activities for a healthier lifestyle. With a patio, one can enjoy scenic views of nature while basking under sunlight.

Patio Maintenance

If you want a beautiful patio, it’s important to take care of your outdoor space. Paragon Remodeling offers top-quality maintenance services for any size or type of patio, keeping the surface clean with quality materials against weathering conditions. We always apply TLC in treating your patio to look at its best at all times.

Top Customer Reviews for Our Capitol Hill Patio Remodels

Paragon Remodeling did an amazing job on our patio! They were very professional and took care of everything from start to finish. The end result was exactly what we wanted and more. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great remodeling experience.

Jana M.

Benefits of Installing a Patio for Your Capitol Hill Property

Have a Functional Outdoor Space

Having your own backyard patio will allow you more time outside during summer months. A patio also provides some relief from rain or snow in wintertime (adding a bonfire area can be a functional feature). Patio installation for your home expands your home’s living space, making it the perfect spot for hosting parties and playing games.

Add a Decorative Touch

Your patio doesn’t have to be plain and just functional. With creative options like selecting the right shade structure, furniture or paver designs can make your space beautiful and attractive while being functional for all sorts of activities in which it will serve its purpose well. Make your home stylish and full of character through installing a patio.

Promote an Active Lifestyle

Patios are great for people who want to eat their breakfast in the morning, get some sun during breakfast time, and do light stretching exercises if they have an upcoming workout plan. Spaces like a patio can make it easier to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Boost Property Value

Custom patios are one of the most practical and easy projects you can take on. They will not only provide an excellent space for entertaining guests but also add more value to your home! Homeowners gravitate towards homes with additional features. With a custom patio, it can highlight your house’s competitive edge among others.

Why Hire Our Capitol Hill Builders To Install Your Patio?

Most Trusted Patio Builders

We include everything you need to turn your patio or backyard into an inviting space that is both creative and functional. For the best experience possible, our team of experienced patio builders is one call away from making your dream come alive. Our previous customers rave about how much they love their custom designed outdoor living areas. We want you to experience the royal treatment too.

A Worthwhile Investment

The patio is your outdoor living room. It’s where you spend time with friends and family, so it should be perfect for all seasons. We can work with you to make sure this space offers everything that makes summer and winter enjoyable, from cozy fire pits to comfortable furniture- without any hassle whatsoever from construction delays and additional costs.

High-Quality Results

As a leading patio contractor, Paragon Remodeling offers expert service on any size, scope, and type of project that you may request from us. Until the end, we can build your custom patio and guide you still towards the perfect material for your design needs, all at an affordable price!

Nationally Recognized

With over 15 years of experience, Paragon Remodeling is an industry leader in outdoor living spaces. Our team has received national recognition as a Top Remodeler company by Qualified Remodeler Magazine for providing premium service to our clients throughout the country. That’s why we commit and dedicate ourselves to quality service, always caring about your feedback and will do everything to make sure the project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Contact Paragon Remodeling to Know More About Our Patio Installation Services

The perfect addition to your home will be waiting for you at Paragon Remodeling. Whether it’s an outdoor living space or just maintenance for your patio, our team can help design and install the right solution with ease. Dial 703-426-5555 today or visit our website to grab your free estimate.

Patio Contractors in Capitol Hill View FAQs 

If you're looking for an outdoor living space that will add value and increase the curb appeal of your home, then consider investing in a patio. The cost can vary depending on materials used as well size constraints but in general, patio installation can cost between $8 - $50 per square foot. A small covered patio can range from $800 to $11,000 for complex designs.

Building a patio can be done through installing concrete floors without the covering. This can be likened to the usual outdoor courtyard but can satisfy the typical definition of the space. The cost efficiency of this patio construction is quite economical. With just concrete and one worker, you can have a beautiful outdoor space that will last for years to come.

Pavers are the way to go if you want a cheaper floor in the long term. But, concrete is also durable and pays itself off with its initial price tag upfront. One can go with pavers if cost efficiency is the top priority.

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