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A masonry-constructed house or building awes anyone with its elegance and timeless look. However, there’s more to masonry construction than its appearance. It has non-combustible material, which means there will be improved fire protection. It also provides extreme resistance against weather, natural disasters, and compressive loads. And if you also plan to put your brick residential homes up for sale, it’s an excellent investment since it adds resale value.

Are you planning to upgrade your home, or just want a repair for an existing masonry work? If you are looking for a team of masonry contractors in Capitol Hill, the search is over! Paragon Remodeling is a trusted and reliable company that only provides high-quality craftsmanship. Your house is in good hands with our skilled crew, whether you need to repair mortar joints or replace damaged bricks or coping stones. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way. 

Your Trusted Commercial and Residential Masonry Contractor Services

Residential or commercial masonry needs? Paragon Remodeling is your trusted commercial masonry contractor. With over 15 years of expertise, we can handle any project from beginning to end. In all we do, we strive for quality and pride ourselves on our craftsmanship. When it comes to your next remodeling or building job, we have a team of skilled professionals ready to help.

Why Choose Paragon Remodeling As Your Masonry Contractor?

Experienced Team

With quality, experience, and knowledge, we can do any types of masonry work you require. We’re a masonry contractor team with over 15 years of experience, and we’ve got your back. You may rely on us and our abilities for brick mortar repair, chimney rebuilding, and even full-service masonry work.

Competitive Pricing

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed at a reasonable and affordable price. Who said high-quality services had to come with a hefty price tag? At Paragon Remodeling, we don’t do anything like that. We are committed to providing each customer with the outcomes they want without going overboard. With our skilled team, you will get more than your money’s worth.

Quality Materials

Paragon Remodeling is the best masonry contractor in town because we use only the best materials in our projects. We do not utilize inexpensive building materials that can lead to costly repairs down the road. Our workmanship and craftsmanship will last decades with minimal upkeep on your side. At all times, we aim to go above and beyond what is expected of us. When you select us as your masonry contractor, you will receive the best service possible.

Nationally recognized

For a firm to be recognized as one of the most excellent contractors in the country, it must have proof that it is trustworthy, skilled, and careful. Aiming for perfection is what we do at Paragon Remodeling on every project! Paragon Remodeling has been recognized as one of the country’s finest contractors by the Qualified Remodeler Magazine for our unmatched attention to detail and high-quality work product.

Our Commercial and Residential Masonry Services

Masonry Restoration

When dealing with old bricks, it’s called “masonry restoration,” where a mason can either tuckpoint or a repoint. The most common cause of masonry repair is water damage, which can worsen with neglect. For example, if water gets trapped or expands, the bricks may fall apart. Because we have masonry repair services, you needn’t worry. We provide exterior and interior stonework and brick restoration services. Our skilled craftsmen can restore your home’s masonry to its former glory or add that special touch you’ve been looking for.

Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are essential for elevated features or a sloping yard to keep the soil stable. It has been developed and built to withstand lateral pressure from soil and soil materials. Paragon Remodeling specializes in retaining walls. Please get in touch with us for any wall repair or new construction. We also provide services including driveway repair, walkway and patio repair, and more.


Because tuckpointing may be done on any brick construction, you can use it to restore the appearance of the home’s original joints by removing old mortar and replacing it with fresh mortar. Despite how simple it may appear, you’ll still need the help of a professional. If you make a single mistake, your entire life might be in jeopardy. To get the best potential outcome, Paragon Remodeling provides superior tuckpointing services. Every job we embark on, we organize our clients’ ideas without sacrificing quality.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Paragon’s premier agent was super knowledgeable about the DC metro area and helped me hone in on my dream home in no time. I’ve already referred them to 3 of my colleagues with great feedback.”

Stacey W.

“While I was looking for tuckpointing contractors online, I came across Paragon Remodeling. Our old house in Washington needed some work to be done and I contacted them immediately. To my surprise, they were very responsive and were able to start working right away. Their contractors were able to finish my tuckpointing job request just in time for my dad’s birthday. Thanks, Paragon Remodeling!.”

Loretta T.

Our Masonry Service Process

Step 1: Repairing damaged mortar

In this process, we remove the cracked mortar, moisten bricks and mortar, and then apply fresh mortar to retain the materials’ structural integrity. Proper pointing is necessary to guarantee that the structural integrity of any building is not compromised over time.

Step 2: Revitalizing brick color

Brick colors are no exception to the rule when it comes to fading. Due to weather conditions, dirt, moisture, and time, the brick’s color fades. Paragon Remodeling will restore the appearance of your brickwork. Scrubbing and vacuuming are done by using high-pressure water. Welcome to the world of stain-proof bricks!

Step 3: Replacing loose bricks

Loose bricks are inevitable because of severe weather conditions, moisture, and more. In this step, we remove the old brick by chiseling away at the mortar around it, then clean the hollow while still empty. Bricks that cannot be saved will be replaced with new ones of equal size.

Masonry Contractors FAQs (Click to Expand)

Masonry is the art of building using stone or brick. Mortar holds distinct materials like brick and stone together in masonry construction. Moreover, Ancient Egyptians utilized masonry to build pyramids by stacking stone blocks on top of one another. This concept is used in architecture in numerous forms, such as columns. Masons use mortar to join stone blocks together.

Aside from client testimonies and past work, a masonry license is required. A license verifies that a contractor has completed all relevant tests and training. If you hire a contractor, make sure to ask if they have a license and insurance. Working with a licensed and insured masonry contractor can make you feel at peace, knowing that you are protected if something goes wrong.

Your home should make you feel safe and comfortable, but with time, your home may become unsafe due to normal wear and tear or simply old age. Paragon Remodeling can assist you with any masonry construction needs for your property. From brick replacement to chimney repair, we do it all. We can also tuckpoint or fix mortar joints inside your walls. Take advantage of our expertise immediately.