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Build the Deck of your Dreams in Park Place

Homeowners are always looking for ways to expand their property and make the most of every square inch. A deck is an excellent place from which you can enjoy your backyard, whether it’s reading on one side or hosting parties on another. You’ll love how much more living space this addition provides without taking up any valuable ground. After all, the best decks are the ones that can fit your needs.

Finding the perfect deck for your home can be difficult. If you’re looking to get a custom-made design that is made with high quality and affordability in mind, then look no further than our deck builders who offer spectacular decks in Park Place at an affordable price. To build your own unique deck, call us at 703-426-5555 or visit us online today to get your free estimate.

Services Our Deck Builders in Park Place Can Provide

Deck Installation

With Paragon Remodeling, we can design your very own backyard oasis that is both functional and beautiful. We offer an array of designs to suit any lifestyle with our many features and pieces, constructing the best version of the deck that can meet your needs and wants.

Deck Maintenance

Your deck is one of the most important features in your house. It can make or break it when guests come over, so you want to make sure that they are always impressed with its beauty. Paragon Remodeling provides high-quality service by keeping our customers’ wood surfaces clean and looking great at all times through our top notch maintenance services.

Top Customer Reviews for Our Park Place Deck Remodels

“Didn’t know what to expect when we decided to build a new deck out for our home. Short and simple, Brian is the man. If you want a deck installed then ask for him at Paragon Remodeling. Was so pleased the minute i spoke to him. He went over the plans with me in detail. Made sure I was on board with what he was doing.Kept me in the loop the whole time. It was all good quality, and looked beautiful in the end and took just days to get it all built. Brian really took his time and made sure i was pleased. The deck came out perfect. I couldn’t be happier.”

Frank L.

Benefits of Installing a Deck for Your Park Place Property

Extended Living Space

The outdoors is often considered to be one of the places with the most activities in a home. Whether relaxing or hosting guests – having easy access to the outdoors makes life easier with everything right at hand. With an installed deck, you can easily start lounging around with comfort and convenience within reach.

Built to Last

Invest in a durable deck for your home today with our skilled builders. The materials used, such as wood or composite material, are professionally treated against inclement weather conditions to make sure it lasts longer than other types of construction out there.

Boost Property Value

Installing a deck has become an excellent way to increase a property’s value. Not only does it provide homeowners with a personal touch, but also gives them more reasons for entertaining guests or relaxing in nature outside of their home. If you want that competitive edge when selling your house on resale, then having a deck constructed is key.

Why Hire Our Park Place Builders To Install Your Deck?

Most Trusted Deck Builders

Look no further than Paragon Remodeling for your next outdoor space. With our vast experience in building decks and our roster of satisfied clients, we can help you create the perfect ambiance in which to enjoy life. Our team is passionate about building outside spaces – whether it’s a deck that needs remodeling or installing.

A Worthwhile Investment

We have the experience you need. Our team of experts is here to help put your outdoor living area in perfect condition with high-quality deck building services that will save money and ensure it lasts through every season, all while being cost efficient.

High-Quality Results

Our team will work with each client for their custom-made designs suitable for their taste. Providing the finest service possible, every decking area project has been made sure to undergo quality checks until the client is satisfied. We deliver not only a promising build but also first-rate results.

Nationally Recognized

As a deck-building company with over 15 years of experience, Paragon Remodeling knows what it takes to build your dream space. We’ve been named as the Top Remodeler nationwide by Qualified Remodeler Magazine, so you can feel confident knowing that our team will provide excellent service on every project they undertake for you. As a leading remodeling company, we take pride in the said achievement because it’s evidence that you can always rely on Paragon Remodeling for high-quality workmanship with customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Contact Paragon Remodeling to Know More About Our Deck Installation Services

The great thing about decks is that they allow you to enjoy different seasons all-year round. From outdoor gatherings to relaxation sessions, a deck is an extension of your lifestyle. Paragon Remodeling can help find the perfect addition and connect you with multiple deck builders who offer high quality services. Call us today at 703-426-555 or check out our website for more information on getting a free estimate.

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Deck Builders in Park Place FAQs (click to expand)

Installing a deck is an affordable, quick and easy project to upgrade your home, costing 20$-$50 per square foot. The breakdown consists of material costs as well as labor for installation. But adding more features will result in higher prices depending on the complexity of the design. If you're looking to compromise between quality and aesthetics, then we have different designs just right for your taste.

When choosing the perfect material for your deck, it is important to consider not just what you want in terms of appearance or durability but also costs and quality. Cedar has been found by experts as being resistant against moisture while still providing an organic feel that will appeal down pat. If economical factors matter more than anything else, then pressure-treated wood may be a suitable wood - this choice does come at some cost. Before committing yourself entirely on any one decision, consider how much time or money can potentially go into maintaining the deck once completed.

Your deck is a great investment that you should take care of properly. The lifespan of your deck is dependent on both its quality and craftsmanship. A poor installation or neglect can reduce the average lifetime to less than 10-15 years (which is considered as the deck’s average lifespan). To make sure that harsh weather doesn't damage your deck too quickly, take some time each month for maintenance such as a sealant application where needed. A regular maintenance schedule will make sure it lasts longer and stronger, so skipping is a no-brainer.