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Build the Deck of your Dreams in Adams Morgan

There’s no better way to enjoy your outdoor space than with a deck! Decks offer the perfect spot for relaxing, reading, or hosting an elaborate party. Building a deck is one way you can maximize your outdoor space and make the most out of it. Decks come in so many different shapes, sizes, and designs. There’s a deck to suit any need – whether you want something simple or highly specialized, durable, or elegant.

Hailed as a nationally recognized deck builder in Adams Morgan, Paragon Remodeling offers custom-made decks depending on your envisioned design. With more than 15 years under our belt, we can turn your outdoor living spaces from drab and dreary into something extraordinary. Transform your space with us by connecting at 703-426-5555 or via our website and seize a free quote today. 

Services Our Deck Builders in Adams Morgan Can Provide

Deck Installation

Hang out with nature and enjoy a scenic view through installing a stunning deck in your home. Adding a deck accentuates your home with a unique personality. At Paragon Remodeling, we can provide you with a multitude of designs and features to suit your lifestyle. From elaborate parties to outdoor cooking, we can propose the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic of your choice.

Deck Maintenance

The key to having a beautiful deck is taking care of it. Paragon Remodeling produces high-quality service that will keep your wood surface clean and looking its best at all times with our top-notch maintenance services, no matter what type or size your deck is. We offer the best protection against the wear and tear from weathering elements. Whether you have a sturdy or lightweight material composition for your deck, our trusted experts will always give you the royal treatment.

Top Customer Review For Our Deck Builders in Adams Morgan

“Didn’t know what to expect when we decided to build a new deck out for our home. Short and simple, Brian is the man. If you want a deck installed then ask for him at Paragon Remodeling. Was so pleased the minute i spoke to him. He went over the plans with me in detail. Made sure I was on board with what he was doing.Kept me in the loop the whole time. It was all good quality, and looked beautiful in the end and took just days to get it all built. Brian really took his time and made sure i was pleased. The deck came out perfect. I couldn’t be happier.”

Frank L.

Benefits of Installing a Deck for Your Adams Morgan Property

Extended Living Space

Having easy access to the outdoor space is one of the key purposes of a decking area installed in your home. Enjoy the indoor-outdoor experience with a deck that can offer a comfortable ambience and outdoor lifestyle. With installed decks considered as the trend nowadays, acquiring one is definitely a worthy investment.

Built to Last

The decks made by our skilled builders are long-lasting due to the effort and craftsmanship poured into every detail of the plan. The wood or composite materials used for the flooring or walls are treated with preservatives to produce a sturdy deck against inclement weather conditions. With us, you can reap the long-term benefits of installing a deck for your home.

Boost Property Value

A deck installed in a home adds not only a personal touch of the homeowner but also increases the property’s value. If you’re looking to increase the resale value of your home, adding a deck is an excellent way. A lot of homeowners look for great outdoor spaces to chill with nature or cook out with guests. When you have a deck, it’s a competitive edge among home sellers.

Why Hire Our Adams Morgan Builders To Install Your Deck?

Most Trusted Deck Builders

At Paragon Remodeling, we are passionate about building decks and other outside spaces, offering exceptional services to our clients. If you need help with your next project, we are one call away to transform your vision into reality.

A Worthwhile Investment

We have the experience you need. We can help put your outdoor living area in perfect condition with our high-quality deck building services which will save money while ensuring that it lasts through all seasons. Valuing cost efficiency, every minute detail is worth every penny.

High-Quality Results

Constructing a decking area is a significant investment. You can trust Paragon Remodeling to provide you with expert service on any size project and advise about what type of materials would best suit your design of choice. We offer quality work at an affordable price so that our customers have the best experience possible.

Nationally Recognized

With more than 15 years of deck building experience, Paragon Remodeling values quality and customer satisfaction. This is manifested after the company received national recognition as a Top Remodeler by Qualified Remodeler Magazine. Our team of proficient builders are experts in all types of building outdoor living spaces. We honor your feedback in every step of the process since it’s vital to the project’s speedy completion. So if you need to install a new deck, give us a call today!

Contact Paragon Remodeling to Know More About Our Deck Installation Services

Decks are a great way to enjoy different seasons all-year round. Paragon Remodeling can help you find the perfect addition and connect with multiple deck builders who want their services connected as well. Call us today at 703-426-5555 or check our website for more information about getting an estimate.

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Deck Builders in Adams Morgan FAQs (click to expand)

The cost of installing a deck can vary depending on several factors but the project typically ranges between $20 - $50 per square foot. The breakdown consists of the labor costs and decking material. Adding more features will cost more but if you value aesthetics while not compromising quality, we have different designs that can fit your taste.

The quality of your deck is highly dependent on the composition of the wood material used. Choosing the best wood from the beginning is essential for longevity and durability. Although the wood’s appearance can be a factor for consideration, even the costs and quality of the material are added into the mix. For moisture resistance and an organic feel of your deck, cedar is the optimal choice. If you can go economical, a pressure-treated wood can perform the job. Consulting with skilled experts for your wood material is important to arrive at an appropriate decision.

The average lifespan of a deck is typically between 10-15 years but this is reliant on the quality of the wood and the level of craftsmanship. The right maintenance of your deck will push this range even longer. However, harsh weather conditions can reduce the deck's life expectancy. As such, implementing a regular maintenance schedule of your deck can make it last longer.