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25 virginia bathroom remodeling apps

Tackling a Virginia bathroom remodeling project can be hard work. You have countless decisions ahead of you, along with several to-do lists, receipts to pay and schedules to coordinate. Whether you...

26 virginia sustainable home additions

Wise homeowners plan out major home improvement projects, looking to enhance their home and increase property value without breaking the budget. But many consumers want to include healthy, environm...

27 virginia basment bar

Your Virginia basement living space will play host to countless gatherings and also offers a private space to relax. Perfect for both families and couples, building a bar in your basement renovatio...

28 northern virginia deck entertainment

Warm weather provides countless opportunities for outdoor entertaining. From backyard barbecues to a sunny Sunday afternoon brunch and any event in between, avid entertainers love to throw parties ...

29 virginia bathrooms renovating questions

Virginia bathrooms come in a wide range of sizes, styles and layouts. If you’re planning to renovate the bathroom, be sure to go over these three important questions and achieve the size, style a...

30 virginia additions existing space

Creating a seamless living space requires careful planning and an expert eye. Virginia additions should complement your existing home, not stick out like a sore thumb. But details like paint, floor...


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