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A sunroom is an excellent addition to your home. A sunroom provides plenty of natural light and makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors all year long, even when you’re cooped up inside due to inclement weather. In addition, they provide an aesthetically pleasing alternative to standard windows that can help make your house look more inviting. However, to achieve all these befits, a sunroom should be built by an experienced contractor. Otherwise, there will be a lot of problems along the way.

At Paragon Remodeling, we understand that many different aspects of the home renovation process can be daunting. Therefore, we strive to make your experience as straightforward as possible by only using quality materials for our projects. From start to finish, you can rest assured knowing that we will take care of all of your needs with the highest level of expertise and professionalism, so you don’t have to worry about any details!

What is a sunroom?

A sunroom is a type of room that you can build onto the exterior or inside of your home. The construction process varies depending on the builder and what you want in your space. Some standard features include floor-to-ceiling windows, skylights to let natural light in, and high ceilings for added height. Sunrooms are often used to extend your living space because it offers square footage than other types of rooms like dens or bedrooms. They can also be used as a place where you spend time reading, studying, eating meals with friends and family members, crafting projects such as painting ceramics or sewing clothes – pretty much anything!

Benefits of Adding a Sunroom to Your Home

Brings More Natural Sunlight

A sunroom is a great way to bring the outside in. It brings more natural light into your house by capturing and reflecting it, and its vibrant colors create a welcoming environment that’s perfect for both entertaining and relaxing. 

Increases Energy Efficiency

A sunroom can increase the energy efficiency of your home. A sunroom will reduce heat loss in the winter because it acts as an insulator and reflects heat into the room. In summer, a sunroom blocks direct sunlight to keep your house cooler.

Expands Living Space

Sunrooms add a whole new dimension to the living space of your house. You can use them for many different purposes such as an office, extra bedroom or entertainment room. Sunrooms can be built in any size and shape, but usually, they are rectangular or square with windows on three sides.

Boosts Property Value

Homeowners in America can recoup an average of 47% on their home’s Sunroom addition and get back about $73,000. This is despite them paying just under $80,000 for installation. This suggests that there may be some significant cost-saving opportunities within sunrooms themselves.

Why Choose Our Sunroom Builders in Washington DC

Top Contractor

Paragon Remodeling is honored to have been chosen as one of the best contractors by Qualified Remodeler Magazine. We are qualified, experienced, and committed to providing homeowners with a beautiful new space that they will be proud of for years to come.

Good Reputation

The Paragon Remodeling team is a well-respected and trusted provider of remodeling services. Our professionals have been providing quality service to our clients for over 15 years, and we have a good reputation in the industry. 


As a full-service remodeling company from design to finish, we work with homeowners looking to renovate their homes or add to them. With various experience and expertise at our disposal, you can rest assured that we will complete your project on time and within budget.

Quality Materials

To ensure that our customers get the best quality materials, we only use high-end products from top manufacturers. Our remodeling projects will leave you feeling confident that your home has been renovated by professionals who care about your satisfaction.

Hear About Our Work From Top Customers

We didn’t have a very big project as we had done a lot of the deck installation on our own. The only left to tackle was a curved stair railing and step project that I just didn’t feel comfortable doing. After working with Paragon Remodeling we were very pleased. Our curved stair railing project was manufactured and finished beautifully and installed on schedule, and with no hiccups or surprised. We had to do a little landscaping tear out to get it in which I wasn’t happy about since I had just had the landscaping done around the deck but it’s a small price to pay to get the job done right. I pleaded a little with Steve at Paragon to find some way to build out the stairs without damaging the landscaping but he said he couldn’t do it, and refused to do anything to cut corners. I can respect that. OVerall It was a great experience to work with Steve and the guys he brought out. We will definately hire Paragon again if we have other projects, especially knowing that they won’t take shortcuts and will do it right the first time.

Andrew H.

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If you are looking for a high-quality sunroom installation company in Washington DC, look no further than Paragon Remodeling. We have over 15 years of experience providing beautiful and functional outdoor living solutions to clients all across the area.

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