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A screened porch serves as the perfect place to enjoy nature while still having an outlet for all your indoor-time needs. Installing a screened porch in your home makes for a beautiful afternoon reading or napping in comfort. A variety of styles are available to match your personal taste accordingly, you just have to look for the best contractor to suit your needs.

West End is home to some of the best screened porch contractors in town, but if you’re looking for someone who can provide high-quality work at competitive prices then it’s important that Paragon Remodeling be your first stop. Rated as a nationally ranked screened porch contractor, Paragon Remodeling offers a vast range of style and design for your outdoor space. Contact us today so we could get started on creating a custom estimate for free!

What Our West End Screened Porch Contractors Offer

Screened Porch Repair

Hiring our screened porch contractors to repair your porch will be the best decision you’ve made this year. We guarantee that we’ll offer exceptional services and prices, plus leave you feeling satisfied with what’s been done!

Screened Porch Replacement

This is the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor space with a new, customizable screened porch! You’ll be able enjoy summer cookouts and BBQs without pesky bugs getting in between you.

Your new screened porch will be the perfect retreat for you and your family. We take every detail into account, from high-quality materials to skilled craftsmanship techniques so that it turns out just right – without any unnecessary frills!

Screened Porch Installation

The first thing that hits you when stepping onto your new screened porch is how much life it has. With its beautiful frame and colorful panels, this space feels like an oasis right outside of the house. Our team was able to create something truly special for each client with their own individual design ideas in mind; no two people should have exactly alike piazzas. We’re committed not just by size but also aesthetics so every homeowner can find what they prefer best out there.

Top Customer Review for Our West End Screened Porch Remodels

We just had a screened porch built by Paragon and we are thrilled! The process was smooth and the results were even better than we hoped for. Our porch is beautiful, well-made, and perfect for enjoying our backyard view. We would definitely recommend Paragon to anyone looking for a quality screened porch experience.

Alice M.

Benefits of Getting Screened Porch for Your West End Property

Expanded Living Space

With a screened porch, you’ll find yourself escaping the heat or warmth of your home on hot days. It’s also an excellent spot for dining as guests enjoy their meal as well as for relaxing through a breezy afternoon with friends. A screened porch is especially desirable as the right fit for your home.

Insect and Pollen Protection

Spend some time outside hassle-free with a screened porch. Screened porches are great for enjoying the outdoors. They provide protection from pesky bugs and falling pollen, so you can just sit back under sturdy screens with an ice cold drink in hand to de-stress from life’s worries.

Weather Protection

In addition to providing a fantastic area to host guests, screened porches also offer an outdoor space during warm months and add security from harsh winter conditions. The protection they afford is unparalleled with any other type of porch that comes close.

Increased Home Value

Installing a screened porch is one of the best ways to create an inviting and comfortable environment for your family while boosting your home’s value. Thanks to screened porches, a nicely designed exterior space can go far in capturing buyer attention while raising your property value well above the average.

Why Employ Our West End Contractors When Dealing with Screened Porch?

Experienced Contractors

You can always count on Paragon Remodeling for top-notch services. With an experienced team of remodelers that care about every project they do, you know your home will be well taken care of. We’ve been in business for over 15 years so we have all kinds of experience needed to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Competitive Pricing

With so many options of contractors, we’ve built our reputation on providing only superb workmanship to every customer who has entrusted us with their screened porch projects at an affordable price. You’ll get multiple estimates sent straight to your email inbox just seconds after signing up today.

Quality Builds

Creating a screened porch is more than just building an outdoor room. Our designers take the time to customize every space, producing interior designs that are tailored for you and your family’s needs. Hiring a contractor who can work with you from start to finish and using only top-quality materials means no matter where in the process your need arises, there’ll be flexibility.

Nationally Recognized

If you’re looking for a remodeling company with experience, integrity, and excellence, then look no further than Paragon Remodeling. We bagged the top award from the Quality Remodelers Magazine which is a testament to how important our work is so clients will receive the finest service possible.

Contact Paragon Remodeling to Know More About Our Screened Porch Installation Services

If you’re interested in learning more about screened porches, contact Paragon Remodeling today. The team will help with any question. To speak with one of our professionals about installing this wonderful addition: call us and grab your free estimate at 703-426-5550 or visit our website.

Screened Porch Contractor in West End FAQs 

The average price for installing your own outdoor living space ranges from $10,000 to $15,000 depending on the complexity of the project. Additional features cost more but if you value functionality and aesthetics, it is a worthy investment. One great thing about having this type of project done by professionals would be their experience and craftsmanship which can generate optimal results. When you're looking for a custom screened porch, the design and build are influenced by many factors including size, complexity, or scope. You'll want several contractors who can give an estimate so that you know what exactly needs to be done. Enjoying a stunning screened porch while adding value to your home with style and sophistication is the best part of this project.

What kind of material you use for your screened porch can have a big impact on its appearance, but it's not the only thing that needs consideration. Take into account climate and seasonality as well since different locations may experience varying degrees in sun exposure or temperatures year-round. Mesh screens are an excellent choice where harsh weather conditions like snow exist because their open design allows air circulation yet prevents weeds from growing through. The right screen treatments for your porch can help you live in comfort, no matter what time of day it is. If privacy and light quality are important to maintaining a sense of tranquility at night or on weekends when family members come over - then look into solid panels that provide opacity as well as ventilation so everyone has their own space without sacrificing either one.

The life span of your screen porch is reliant on many considerations. The average lifespan of a screened porch is 6-8 years, but this number will vary depending on what materials you use for construction. There's no one magic number though - each type has its own unique story. Investing in a durable, long-lasting screened porch is worth it because you can achieve the perfect look for your home.

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