Masonry Repair in Maryland

Masonry repair is the process of getting rid of cracks and problems with masonry that have been damaged. Masonry is often used in many different situations to create beautiful buildings, stone houses, and other structures. It’s a natural building material that dates back hundreds, if not thousands of years. This is because it is affordable, resistant to nature, and lasts for many years.

Paragon Remodeling offers custom masonry solutions for your home. So whether you want to improve the appearance of your fireplace, patio, or foundation, we can help. Our services are reliable, affordable, and long-lasting.

Our Masons in Maryland Fix Damage on Different Materials


Stones have been an integral part of human history. All great civilizations have left their marks on history by building majestic stone buildings and sculptures, which are still standing today. Our masons use delicate techniques to cut these stones and shape them to fit in different architectural designs.


Because we’ve been specializing in masonry for many years, we can efficiently complete brickwork that most others can’t. We also give you advice on what to do with your bricks after we lay them. We are ready to serve you whenever you need us.


Paragon’s masons are experts in working mortar – one of the most old-fashioned trades. This may surprise you since Paragon is a high-tech company. But Paragon’s masons use old techniques and hand tools to do 21st-century jobs. They mix their mortar and lay brick, blocks, stones, and concrete in ways that solve your current problems.


Concrete is a complex material to work with. It’s heavy and messy and hard to get right. Anyone who’s remodeled will tell you that. There are companies that specialize in concrete work, though, and Paragon Remodeling is one of them. In addition, our masons have a great deal of experience working with concrete. Hence, you can count on us for the perfect job.

Signs You Need Masonry Repair Work on Your Maryland Property

Bowed Brick

Bowed bricks can be a sign of masonry repair work that is needed. The bow in the brick may be caused by poor construction or by settlement in the soil. A bow can also be caused by the normal expansion and contraction of bricks made from clay and shale in humid or freezing weather. Unfortunately, bricks are not well suited to the constant expansions and contractions associated with freeze/thaw cycles.

Vertical Corner Cracks

Vertical corner cracks are a common sight in buildings. The cracks occur where masonry walls meet each other such as at stair landings, door and window openings, and corners of chimneys. If it gets large enough to split the mortar joints near a corner, a vertical crack can weaken the wall and cause it to fail.

Mortar Deterioration

Over time, the mortar in brick masonry changes from a strong, solid mass to crumbly powder. Many variables cause this deterioration in masonry. Rain, wind, and snow attack the mortar over years of service and cause damage that eventually leads to significant issues and failure.

Get in Touch with Maryland’s Finest Masonry Repairmen

You’d be hard-pressed to find a similar team with a better experience in the region than Paragon’s, and we are confident that none of our competitors can provide you with the same level of expertise and workmanship that we can. This expertise, plus dedication from our team, results in a premium finished product that will last for decades to come.

Masonry Repair in Maryland FAQs (Click to Expand)

Masonry repair is worth the expense if you need additional insulation or are interested in paying for a more aesthetically pleasing building exterior.

Masonry repair is how cracks or other structural problems are dealt with using brickwork, cement mortar, plastering, and masonry units. Masonry structures require continuing maintenance to remove water and contain further deterioration.