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Paragon Remodeling has been providing quality masonry services in Northern Virginia for over 15 years. We are committed to delivering the best customer service and workmanship possible, while meeting your budget requirements. Our team of experts will make sure you get the most out of your home remodel project. Whether you’re looking to add value or simply want to update your space, we can help! 

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Masonry Contractors in Northern Virginia Provide A Variety of Work

Masonry restoration involves different steps, depending on the material to be restored. At Paragon Remodeling, we restore masonry by removing the old materials and replacing them with brand new ones that look exactly the same as the original bricks. The final part of the process involves applying the ASTM test method to the new bricks to ensure that they match the physical characteristics and qualities of the old ones.

Retaining walls can help manage ground slopes, soil erosion, water drainage, and such. They are often made to provide a definitive border to areas of your landscape where they are needed most. They are called retaining walls because they serve to support soil laterally, retaining it at different levels on both sides. 

A retaining wall can benefit your home in many ways. Aside from it being aesthetically pleasing, it can also help prevent erosion and flooding, as well as stabilise a sloped land and keep its soil in place.

Tuckpointing is a masonry pointing style that involves using two different colors of mortar to change the appearance of mortar joints. Its process includes removing a part of the deteriorated mortar, filling the joints with new mortar, and then applying a thin line of putty in a contrasting color right down the center of the joint.

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Paragon Remodeling has been in the business since 2006

Our experienced masonry contractors will help you get the best results on your next home remodeling project. With over 15 years of experience, we know how to do it right and give a definite guarantee that this is the last masonry job you’ll have for some time. Our contractors have been in residential construction since 2006 which means they’re more than qualified to finish any renovation or new construction with excellence every single time!

We are recommended by people in the industry

Paragon has been listed as one of the best remodelers in America by Qualified Remodeler Magazine for years. We have perfected our craft and are always committed to providing service that is second-to-none.

Paragon Remodeling, which was founded back in 2006, is still going strong today and continues to be sought after by people looking to remodel their house.

Masonry Contractors in Northern Virginia FAQs (Click to Expand)

Masonry is a construction method characterised by the use of individual units such as brick, tile, and stone. This technique involves binding individual units together with mortar to create a durable structure that does not easily wear down over time.

Yes, it is important to make sure that the masonry contractor you hire is licensed to operate in your state. It also helps to ask about any certifications they may have, as that will help you gauge their level of expertise. Remember, finding a qualified masonry contractor isn’t just about finding someone to complete the job, but to get the job right.

Here at Paragon Remodeling, we offer an extensive list of masonry work. The types of masonry we perform include laying bricks and blocks, tuckpointing, cement repairs, cement coatings, restorative water-proofing of concrete foundations, retaining walls, installing decorative limestone, heritage restoration, and more.