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Will Your Virginia Siding Help With Energy Efficiency?

It only makes sense that homeowners want to save money on their heating and cooling bills. You also want to be comfortable inside your home at all times of the year. When it comes to replacing the siding on your Virginia home, does this choice matter to overall energy efficiency? It’s important to consider which type of Virginia siding best suits your tastes, but don’t discount the properties that are unique to each type.

Outlining Siding Options

Maybe you are planning to replace only a portion of the siding, in which case you will need to go with a similar product (or at least one that compliments the existing siding well). But when you are investing in a complete replacement or tackling an addition the options are wide open.

You could install vinyl siding, a popular and affordable alternative that also boasts the benefits of being low maintenance and long lasting. But vinyl likely has the least insulation value of all siding types. Make sure that you are installing this product onto a stable flat surface that has been properly covered in house wrap.  Without a solid wrap against the effects and infiltration of wind, rain, snow and sleet your home will be inefficient and at risk of serious damage. Mold, mildew and other water damage are a result of contractors and DIY enthusiasts that have skipped this step. Plywood or other sheathing products must have a solid wrap free from tears, rips and other gaps in order to maintain efficiency.

Other options include natural wood siding and fiber cement board. Both present a distinct appearance and carry a much higher price tag than vinyl. Wood and fiber cement (a mixture of wood fibers and cement dust made to resemble wood with less maintenance required) will offer a higher insulation value for your home, but only when installed and maintained correctly.

Professional Installers

One of the most important factors for ensuring energy efficiency is the installation of your Virginia siding. A trained professional will be able to measure and prepare the materials properly, install them with care and include all of the finishing touches that make your home tight and efficient. Gaps, cracks and holes in the siding will create drafts and cut down on the comfort level inside – increasing your heating and cooling costs considerably. When you are investing in a project it pays to make sure it is done right and a professional will help you get there.

This is especially true when dealing with fiber cement siding. Dangerous and difficult to handle due to the composition of the product, fiber cement siding is not recommended for a DIY job. Wood siding is simple to handle, but when gables, dormers, trim and corners are involved even simple wood siding layouts can get the best of you. Hiring a pro will save you time and ensure a top quality finish backed by a service warranty.

Although you want it to look good, Virginia siding also has an impact on the level of energy efficiency in your home. Be sure to choose the best product, install house wrap underneath and call on the services of a pro to seal up your home in the best possible way.

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