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Why Using Virginia Realtors Is the Best Method of Selling Your Home

In a tough real estate market every dollar counts. Whether that dollar is related to the price of your home, the closing costs or the realtor fee, most homeowners are on the lookout to save money on their real estate transaction. Selling your home on your own without the help of Virginia realtors may seem like a good idea to save money, but this transaction may cost you much more than when handled by a qualified professional.

What a Realtor Offers You

Hiring a realtor will often cost you four percent of the sale price. But that cost will cover a wide variety of services that you literally cannot get from any other source. From legal advice and rock solid paperwork for offers and closing to the marketing that will bring buyers through the door, an industry professional has the network and knowledge that you need.

When the real estate market is hot all you need to do is minimal marketing with a sign and an online listing. But when the market is flooded with properties for sale homeowners simply do not have access to the tools required for a quick and profitable sale.

Going on Your Own May Cost You Money

Virginia realtors generally charge a flat fee that is a percentage of the sale price. This is all that you will pay and motivates the real estate agent to negotiate for top dollar. On the other hand, selling the home yourself means there is no limit to the overall cost.

You will be in charge of the fees for any website listings, as well as signage. Your family will need to run all open house dates, answering questions and providing any and all relevant information. If that doesn’t lead to a sale, you’ll also need to spend the time and money necessary to draw in more potential buyers. And this can get expensive. Very expensive, depending on the amount of time your house is up for sale.

Because the average homeowner has not been trained in real estate transactions and the applicable laws, mistakes can easily be made when a realtor is not involved. Sure, you may save money on the realtor fees, but when a law suit occurs after the sale was handled incorrectly or you end up making monetary concessions for errors, those fees can seem insignificant in comparison.

Consider the Value

Instead of counting each dollar and looking for shortcuts, why not consider the value of certain costs? The realtor fee is a significant expense, but the services offered in exchange are extremely valuable. These services will sell your home quicker, keep your stress level low and help you avoid mistakes that are easily made when homeowners go it alone.

The limit on these fees are another attractive feature, meaning that no matter how long your home is on the market, the fees are set. If, for some reason, your current real estate agent does not get your home sold, once the contract is up you can shop around for another agent. Look for an experienced professional and rest easy, knowing that your money and your home are in the capable hands of Virginia realtors.

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