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When it’s Time to Remodel the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most personal spaces in a home, and we spend a fair portion of our time there preparing ourselves each morning and evening. It makes sense that we would want our Virginia bathroom to not only feel warm and inviting, but also help preserve our mood – not poison it.

Fortunately, when you work with a certified Virginia bathroom remodeling company, they can help ensure that the choices you make are appropriate for your living space and the plumbing that is already established in your home.  Consider some of these tips to help make your bathroom remodel in Virginia a success – to make sure that get what you want the first time around.

1. Keep the layout efficient

No matter how you design your bathroom, you still have to work around the constraints of plumbing, drains, water lines, etc. Floorplans fall into 1, 2 or 3 wetwall plans. While the most cost-effective design is to have a single wetwall, it’s the most limiting. A two wall layout gives more flexibility, such as having the sink and toilet on one wall and the bathtub on another. The three wall layout is obviously the most versatile, complicated and expensive. By selecting a certified Virginia bathroom remodeler you can avoid costly mistakes and layout complications

2. Choose the Right Sink

When designing a Virginia bathroom, careful consideration is often paid to the sink. When it comes to bathroom sinks, the vessel unit takes home the pageant crown. These are the most dramatic style enhancements when mounted on a furniture-style vanity.

When considering a sink, you have to take the time to think about how often your sink will be used and whom will be using it. For high traffic bathrooms, expect a lot of excess water laying about. In cases like this, integral sinks that mesh with the counter are often the wisest and most economical decision because it’s easy to clean up around the sink.

3. Design a Bathroom Lighting Plan

The focal point of lighting in a bathroom should be the mirror. Because we stand at attention before a mirror, there should be adequate lighting all the way around. Ideally, a light on either side of the mirror and one about. This eliminates shadows on the face and provides adequate lighting for other tasks in your Virginia bathroom.

If you’re more concerned about style or mood, consider ceiling mounted lights that hang (chandelier) or pendant lights. Keep in mind that if you have an enclosed shower, it’s helpful (and safer) to install a vapor-proof downlight to illuminate the wash space.

4. Make a Statement with the Tub

The other focal point that should be considering during a bathroom remodel in Virginia is the bathtub. The style of a tub can have a powerful impact on style. There is quite a variety on design when it comes to tubs ranging from modern art-deco to vintage tubs with a claw-and-ball feet design. Choose a tub based on your needs (soaking tub or whirlpool?) and find a style that blends well with the flow of your Virginia bathroom remodel.

5. Pamper Yourself with Amenities

You can make any bathroom an in-home retreat with just a few extra features. Occasionally we have to indulge, and there aren’t too many ways that are better than creating a place to lock the world out. To make a space like this your own, there are a few features you can consider to take your bathroom from utilitarian to pamper-palace.

· Any gas fireplace gives the immediate sense that this is a luxury spot built for lingering

· Heating build into the floor can completely eliminate that cold chill post-soak or in the early hours.

· Electronics (safely) installed can make your master bathroom such a cozy and comfortable place you’ll never want to leave. Amenities like a flat screen, sound systems, or a beverage center.

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