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Virginia Siding Contractors – A Top Choice For Vinyl Siding

Giving your home a new paint job, windows and landscaping aren’t the only ways to spice up the outside of the home. Virginia siding contractors can work wonders in making a home look like new with a new siding installation. As far as home improvement goes, it’s one of the most cost effective updates to dramatically improve the appearance of any home.

While once upon a time there weren’t that many siding option to choose from, which left a lot of Virginia homeowners stuck with wood or cheap metal, today there are more options than ever to get your home customized both inside and out. The most popular option on the market today is Vinyl siding.

More than 70% of prefinished siding that’s being installed today is made of vinyl primarily because the product is durable, affordable and constantly undergoing improvements thanks to technology. Over the years, customization has been made easy by wider color and style varieties along with improved durability making it a widely-used option for home improvement.

Vinyl siding actually looks very similar to horizontal wood siding but won’t require anywhere near the same amount of maintenance.The convenience creates a large draw as well, as the new vinyl siding can be placed right over new siding or solid sheathing.

Vinyl won’t rust, corrode or suffer the same ill-effects of other metal siding. It will however become brittle over a long period of time due to cold exposure and the fact that it’s manufactured from PVC. Otherwise, vinyl is one of the sturdiest siding choices with a long lifespan.

To ensure that the vinyl siding being installed in each home fits the style of the home, many manufactures also supply additional millwork that is crafted to decorate around the siding, used primarily with doors and window surrounds, corner posts and more.

A huge benefit is that vinyl siding won’t even need to be painted because the color goes completely through the material – it’s not a surface coat.Homeowners with vinyl siding appreciate that there is no peeling, flaking or even scratch issues in the surface that might show a material beneath.

The style of the material used in vinyl installed by a Virginia siding contractor also won’t dent like metal siding, so your home will be protected from accumulating dents caused by severe weather, rocks kicked up from passing vehicles or lawnmowers or that ball you hooked at the house while practicing your drive.

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