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Virginia Roofing Shingles – Got Choices?

A common mistake the homeowners make when getting new Virginia roofing installed is that they fail to take the time to consider all their options. There’s actually a wide range of Virginia roofing shingles available to fit almost any home design and architecture.

Asphalt shingles are the most common and popular (as well as cost effective) option for Virginia roofing projects – they’re perfect for most budget jobs but if you have the means to dig around and play with your options so that your Virginia roofing project starts turning heads then you should look into those other options

Metal Shingles

This runs the gamut from aluminum to copper and tin. These three are the most commonly chosen for metal roofing on Virginia homes. Copper is one of the more expensive choices but it looks amazing after the installation and it’s one of the few choices you can make that actually improves as time goes on. Simple metal shingles in these three styles tend to be lightweight so there’s no worry that they’re going to stress your home. Virginia roofing made from metal can also help your roof stand the season against harsh winters with severe ice build-up. Aluminum is the most cost-effective choice for strength as it’s lighter weight, resistant to corrosion and these shingles are often manufactured to replicate tin.


Due to the design styles of ceramics, many homeowners flock to these designs (Roman, Mission, Flat) for their Virginia roofing jobs. Whether you’re trying to get that Mexican theme or some ceramic imitation that harkens to the wood-topped mountain homes, ceramic Virginia roofing offers a lot of opportunities to mix up your designs. Keep in mind though that while ceramic is beautiful and stylish with all the options, it can be easily damaged by severe weather.


Some people opt to mimic wood with ceramic Virginia roofing shingles, others just get the wood. As far as wood goes, red cedar is by far the most dominant wooden shingle on the market thanks to its natural ability to shed and repel water. Thanks to this, red cedar is also resistant to rot and mold and can withstand most severe weather conditions without taking damage. The major downside is that they are maintenance heavy, so expect to fork out a fair amount maintaining your Virginia roofing.

Regardless of what you choose, a well-maintained roof that is inspected every 5 years and treated properly should give the homeowner anywhere from 20 to 30 years before replacement roofing should be sought for your Virginia home. If you choose not to take care of your roof, you might get luck to push a dozen years on the life of your new roof.

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