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Virginia Kitchen Tidbits: Save Space With A New Dishrack

When you’re considering adjustments to your Virginia kitchen in terms of remodel and renovation, most people don’t really consider ways to save counter space – particularly when it comes to doing dishes.  While a lot of modern homes are equipped with dishwashers, a dish rack can still be extremely beneficial to help keep your kitchen clean and organized.

Now I’m not referring to a cheap counter top plastic model from Wal-Mart, those still leave a mess on your counter.  The plate rack might be a simple device to help streamline your kitchen you still need to find the right one that fits your space needs.

Most inexpensive ones that are easily purchased in most stores hold a few plays but don’t usually accommodate mugs and silverware very well.  If you have a number of people eating with you or you host a dinner party then you’ll probably have more than one load of dishes for your washer.  The results is doing some by hand, and you want a drying system that’s going to be effective – one that also affords easy cleanup.

For people with a cramped kitchen, just putting a counter top dish rack in won’t work – those folks need their countertop space.   That’s why there are other ways you can get your dishes to try with  just a touch of creative remodeling.

The first is the in-cabinet rack, where your dishes stand within the cabinet on their edge, as if they were in a dish rack.  This keeps the plates from touching, allowing them to dry properly while excess water or droplets can run off of the dishes.  Moisture gathering systems can be put in place in a variety of ways at the bottom of the cabinet to ensure that excess water is dealt with and isn’t left to stand, mold or destroy the wood of your cabinets.

Another option, if you have limited cabinet space, is a drawer option either in a cabinet or in a cart within your kitchen.  The dishes can be stood on end, like in a dish rack, and left in the drawer of the cart until they dry completely.

Either way, if you’re a homeowner concerned about getting spots on your dishes from natural drying, there are ways to install and setup heated or electric drying within the dish racks so that your dishes dry more quickly with no left behind residue and water spots.

Racks can be fashion in a number of ways, with some ready to install in both wood and metal – while others are built from scratch using very simple plans.  Should you lack the drawer or cabinet space for a dish rack to manage your dishes, then consider mounting a wall dish rack in your kitchen.  You can get the same effect and, depending on how decorative your dishware is, may find that you have a regular conversation piece in your Virginia kitchen while your dishes are drying.

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