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Virginia Home Improvement – Settling on a Wet Bar Countertop

If you think the surface of your basement wet bar is just a place to rest a drink, you need to think again. It is the beautiful skin of your lounge. It’s the area where your bar meets the rest of your basement. With you Virginia home improvement plans, you’ve created a downstairs living space fit for a king – now you need to finish it with a beautiful layer on the bar. Ask any bartender about the importance of her countertop and it’s a good bet the answer involves a lot more than just a place to rest the elbows.

Granted there’s a big difference between the layout of a commercial pub and the wet bar in the basement but it’s helpful to know how the design of a commercial pub is handled. Your basement bar likely won’t be nearly as large but you’ll find that a well-designed wet bar in your basement will share very similar designs to a commercial pub.

When a professional contractor hired for Virginia home improvement comes in to design and build your wet bar in the basement, one of the first things they look at is placement. This placement takes into consideration the angle of the building, entrance and exit, lighting and natural light, etc.

For your basement pub, you likely don’t need to conduct such a thorough survey but the placement of your bar is still very important. It can directly affect the overall ambiance of your downstairs living space. Just a few inches in one direction or the other can mean the difference between casual comfort and frustrating movement as you maneuver around the wet bar.

The material you use is equally important in the production and installation of your bar. Countertop are available in a wide variety of materials but you don’t want to use the same countertop you’d apply to your kitchen or bathroom. A Virginia home improvement contractor can lead you through some of the better, more appropriate choices for your wet bar countertop.

Wood is a good choice for most bars because it’s warm and inviting. It does however require a lot more care and maintenance. Granite, marble or other stone work is a classic choice but it’s far more expensive. Tile is common as well when done properly. Metal is one of the more inexpensive choices and a bit more contemporary. It’s also easier to clean. The material that’s right for your wet bar often takes a lot of factors into consideration including budget, intended use and the extent of abuse the surface will take.

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