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Virginia Home Improvement – Recession Proof Remodeling Ideas

As we’ve previously discussed about topics pertaining to remodeling in Virginia, home improvement is necessary to maintain the best home possible and keep out the elements year round. Virginia home improvement strategies are vital to keeping your home structurally sound no matter the time of year.

The economy has put a dampener on Virginia home improvement projects unfortunately. That’s why we’ve put together some recession-proof ideas for your next remodel

Upgrading Your Siding

The better your siding, the longer it will last.While the upfront cost might make some cringe, it’s well worth the investment since that siding is also shielding and protecting the rest of your home.It can be one of the best investments you make toward preventative maintenance in Virginia.Home Remodeling Magazine put out a report stating that installing fiber-cement siding can recover up to 88% of installation and construction costs in added resale value and the money you save in maintenance over time.

Enhancing The Bathroom

Though it’s one of the smallest rooms in most houses in Virginia, home improvement in the bathroom can create a substantial difference in the final sale value of a home. The bathroom is one of the prized areas for a lot of people and improving and remodeling the bathroom can recoup as much as 73% of construction costs in that final sale. Think of the money you waste on leaks, inefficient shower heads and toilets and old mirrors that fog over forever – it’s easy to see why people love a fresh, newly remodeled bathroom.

Better Flooring

People love the feel of plush, soft carpet as much as others love the knock of elegant hard wood on the floor in Virginia. Home improvement remodeling to lay down those new floors is an excellent, long term investment in your home. When you consider that traditional carpeting has a life expectancy of about 8 to 10 years in primary traffic areas, and hardwood has a life expectancy of 100 years or more you can easily see why wood is the right choice for your next Virginia home improvement project.

The Favorite Room In The House

Not the living room and not the dingy old basement. It’s the kitchen. People love to have a beautiful kitchen in their homes. Virginia home improvement contractors can make that easy by either touching up the kitchen or performing full on remodels. While gutting the kitchen and reinstalling everything new can really make your home shine, a few improvements go a long way as well. Consider new fixtures, perhaps new cabinet faces. Maybe some new trim or a new countertop. You don’t have to do everything at once and they all add value at a small cost.

People try to stick to that motto of “if it aint broke don’t fix it” but in the recession it’s been more like “just don’t fix it”. In Virginia, home improvement can’t be left to the side. Without proper remodels to tend to general maintenance issues you can end up with bigger problems on your hands, with a depreciation in value being the least of your worries.

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